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Собираем на перевод аудио ченнелинга Крайона(Ли Керролл)

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Собираем на перевод аудио ченнелинга Крайона(Ли Керролл)

Перевод будет заказываться на сайте http://advego.ru у профессионального переводчика, по стоимости 0.8 у.е. за 1000 символов. Из расчета, что 1 мин аудио равна 800 символам. После этого перевод будет выложен в свободный открытый доступ.
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Чен с субтитрами

главный "The Recalibration Scenario" будет выложен на сайте Крайона, как и из Куско, Перу? Вероятность велика.
Скрытый текст:
I know you are
even before we begin you know that
are you aware of the community? that is with me and you. have you ever really
thought of this first time to listen to the channel perhaps I challenge you now
disCERN what you're feeling? is that the man or is it more?
we have a community,you and I. humans and spirit are one there's a piece of all that is
creative and you come into a room and there's a show at this stage and you
feel you're listening to something you're not you're participating if you
really understanding your participating
you not just listening to a teacher
for the energy and your's,for the energy and me... twenty-six year... we've been telling you
about this relationship, 26 years we've been telling you what to expect why we
came what it's all about. and even before we begin I challenge you to feel us, you not just
looking where are you
perhaps it's all you want to do right now you want to look and examine you
want to hold yourself apart go-ahead free choice dear ones
but if you let yourself go
you know that I'm about hearts . that 's the use for metaphors for all it is a love, for the consciousness of compassion compassionate action all of the things
that you've described , and way way beyond that which is even human and that's what
we're about, the collective consciousness that here's this message those in the
room I say we are entangled and united and powerful
there's an elephant under the table that's a phrase that is used to say that
there is an energy that is here that no one is speaking of actively, as we speak
of it
not too far from here unspeakable sorrow and event which is fresh in the minds of
those who live in the area and the entire world
so many questions about why how what to do what it is what it is not - and most of 3d and
when you turn on your news all you hear is radio of 3d for the way show is
no better, there is something you can do
there is a pro active energy that you can have it already been mention I'm
gonna revisit this again
proximally twenty years ago we gave you the first messages of kryon there are
those in the room who are even their simple simple messages of what was
first message that I gave to this planet was that there would be no armageddon
there would be no end of the world know world war three millennium and beyond
was going to be different that any profacy see yet ever heard of your
mainstream spiritual sources
whereas for years you were told there would be an ending it would be done and
that's because that consciousness of the planet had started to move even twenty
years ago we saw it
and the same all same old of war in conquering and hate at killing which
dark to move off the peg of human nature repeating itself and something else was
being born, 10 years later we gave you information about a new kind of child
coming in it should have been a precursor of your understanding hey
this is a new consciousness kids are different
gotta start there and it did. all this was so fresh so primary so it didn't recognize
really what it may mean. we gave you a very cryptic message
way back when , we told you there come a day when they would be potential
consciousness wars higher consciousness versus lower conscious
simple something he'd never seen before those vibrating higher against those
vibrating lower , I said it to you had many didn't understand ,now we're calling
it the shift. in 2012 I told you that you had opened a box that could not be
closed but the shift was a party to such a degree that you were releasing light
light on the planet
and we told you it's more than esoteric there would be science involved there
measuring it has to do I said with a magnetic grid, i am magnetic master now you
don't watch magnetics of the planet is not just eight Gio physical attribute it
is part of the posturing of your thinking , in order for human nature to
shift off of its big same all , a history repeats a human nature that
differ grows up till now , started moving off their pared earlier enough so that
we could see it coming as we have in other planets and come and tell you it
was ominously president he was coming it was coming at four twenty years we said
it's coming and it's here it's here
2012 we told you I said when you release light there's only so much room for the
dark light quotient it when you start releasing light of this planet that
there are those that way show are you were starting to think higher and a
consciousness that wants higher things doesn't want war who sees that there are
who sees that there are better ways that they compete with an old energy want to keep it does same.
community how could this be there are some who cry out and say I read
priorities wrong is wrong there's no shift here is only sorrow here at a
horror here is this
there once you are in the Battle of dark at like this is the new energy on its
way to becoming something it never was before
welcome to the shift it's different than you thought there are still those who
are metaphysical oriented who are in that land of sunshine
who believe that some kind of a flashpoint will happen everything comes
to zero point and everything is just beautiful
not on this planet work for you are we do about it would you doing the chair
where you sit about it
the news right now a little what are you going to do about using real pray for
those who are left behind I'm gonna pray for the souls of gonna give energy and
we think higher thoughts and they look at you and don't know what to do about
don't get esoteric stuff in a group rate we're praying to do not know
what do you do about ? I would like to examine for those who don't think that
anything special. human being listened to me have any of you ever been frustrated
enough in front of your computer to crash it ?have any of you ever put out a
light ball because of your consciousness at that time or your frustration or
anger ?my partner drains batteries when he channels. ninety percent of every
channel he ever done there's a wire connected to his microphone
battery in, long ago
he takes off his watch he drained batteries battery that he is with deer
on his person is drained let me ask you how? are you crashing your computer how
are you putting out a light bulb Power draining the battery is it too spooky
for you to look at this for the right now
and answer is - consciousness over physics, there is something that you have that he's
actually that is remarkable that is powerful and it changes things around
what happens when a room this decides to have compassionate action for
a group of people that aren't deep sorrow will be for long time right now
what can you do ? the answer is so much. they're in your community right now you
may not know their names all you have to do is turn your eyes upon them right now
and give them the compassion of the creative source, they are feeling it
you don't need frustration creators unity hatred to create energy could do
it with compassionate action ,that's real I don't let anybody tell you it is it
and so would you decide to same energy you decide to break you were doing
something and you're doing it and a mult-D way that has been
proven to work ,dear ones ,you're close to this, particular community let me tell
you what I'll disablement? you know when I'm gonna say if you're afraid
they've won I said again
fear will disable your power, completely takes it to 0, even takes it up modest
numbers here
don't let the dark side win! light is spilling out on this planet and is
pushing the darkness back together
don't you find it strange that any young person anywhere would be able to be
recruited to an evil source and you'll see what's wrong with them understand no
I'll tell you there's a switch that is turned, light or dark and the group
men is very clever disguise the difference
many of them who arrived find out too late that dark army is here, I told you
it was coming it is here, I gave a channeling at Cuzco Peru on what to do about it in
very clear terms it's going to be published soon as well doesn't have to
do with bombs
I'll tell you something you're not gonna believe it or not gonna believe it
light is winning - what happened here in this community is proof as a witness
happened otherwise they need to assemble this fight back they're losing battle
they're losing the battle because light is winning they would never ever have
done these things it wasn't coming to head and I told you you win
Kryon, when it is been over? Answer: when you start been not afraid of it, there's more listening than you in this room
the way shoulders are the ones who are working in a higher vibration I use the
term loosely and I'll tell you why later when I told him what has to happen next
can happen right where you see you got some power here
more than you know, to push the darkness back, that's message simple . when we talk more about recalibration it's gonna be
tonight he just a who's here I know who you are do you know why should I be
who see magnificence of the chairs power
passive on this day
those who need it right now they will be better for it
and so it is