Адама из Телоса через Ли Кэррола на горе Шаста 19 июля

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Адама из Телоса через Ли Кэррола на горе Шаста 19 июля

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Greetings, my beautiful children, I am Adama, and we have expected you.
You sing the lullaby in my language that we expected, I want you to pay attention no e-mail of Birbage from any human being or channeling for any human being would awaken the city that I represent.
I am Adama , you see me as male I am NOT , I have a collective consciousness about multi-dimensional city filled with energy, waiting to be released at a time capsule to you - it is beautiful, it is filled with maturity. let me tell you let my test as you would say, for we've been here a long time waiting for this, and we know that there is only one way for this, what we call the Guardians, to release the information, there is only one way, and that is to hear our native language and songs song by humans because this was never written, this was never to be discovered.
It doesn't exist on planet, it had to come, had to come from human Akash had remembered. And we needed it - it would be the signal and the sign, it would be proof that is happening - that the only, the only proof that would be satisfactory you have come to seek to us.
Let it be known that the mounting has heard it, is ready - out will pour at the appropriate time and be placed through the planet's that needs to be out will pour the beginning of the maturity you need the elegance of conscious that you need, it is gonna start in humans who are least resist it. and those will be those who are young who have not made up their mind whether this is silliness or whether it's three. and outward flow then the abundance of the maturity we have for you, and it will be given in what ever scenario of time you create of receipt ability and resilience!
As you sit here , listen "I am Adama" - I'm sitting here.
I know things I will tell you things on this planet right now, right now, there are things taking place as you see here where the old energy which is you to leave the building and watch the news and say "it can't be real, because look what's going on the planet!"
There are pockets of old energy that know about this mountain, and that will create pockets of disruption at so that you will believe that is not true, that they don't have chance , they don't have chance - not with you here.
Do you understand what it must feel like for us?
This collective consciousness to hear you with your DNA singing in our language lullabies in our mothers have sung to us?
Thank you, finally it is time, I am Adama, thank you.