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Уроки Мудрости с Дэвидом Уилкоком 30 сезон 2 серия
Геометрия растения и волновая космология



Расшифровка на англ.
Скрытый текст:
I'm David Wilcock.
And this is "Wisdom Teachings."
The ascension prophecies have this mysterious enigma about the idea of human levitation.
What if we can find the secrets to understanding how this may be possible in the plant kingdom?
If there are provable examples of plant anti-gravity, how can we then take those physical principles and apply them to greater cosmological forces?
Is there a secret geometric key in how plants are growing that may explain why this anti-gravity is happening?
And is there a way ultimately that we could harness this technologically and possibly with our own consciousness to achieve this greatest of all ascension dreams?
Those are the quest ones we're going to be answering in this week's episode of "Wisdom Teachings."
I'm very excited about this concept of plant anti-gravity because to me it's so obvious.
I was driving home yesterday after taping the previous episode, and I see all these trees.
I'm looking at them, and I'm saying, my god, it's all around.
They're hiding right out in the open.
And we know that liquids go up these very tall trees and make it to the leaves.
And yet, that's something we never really think about.
So what we have been talking about here is a game changer because it's very similar to the idea of Isaac Newton sitting under the tree.
And of course as you have all heard, he has this apple fall down and hit him on the head.
And in the process of that happening, he then recognized that a force had to be involved in why that apple had fallen and how it ended up hitting him on the head.
And that force he called gravity.
So apples were falling all along.
Gravity had been working just fine.
But nobody had actually noticed what was really going on.
So now we're talking about anti-gravity.
And its actually the same thing.
Wagner simply looked at the conventional model
and saw that something was wrong. You can t explain away what is going on by the mainstream view.
So in this episode, we're going to go deeper into exactly what he discovered because there are some very curious scientific principles that we can find when we go deeper.
And it gets into this very interesting idea that the energetic fields that are causing this anti-gravity to happen are tuned geometrically.
And that fits perfectly with the mode that we've been espousing throughout all of this show since the beginning.
We've been talking about sacred geometry almost from the very first episode.
It's a major, major theme here.
So that geometric aspect is a very curious one because what I am interested in is the idea of whether or not we can emulate nature and create things that literally do not have any moving parts just like a tree.
I mean, they move slowly but not anything fast.
And if we could emulate the structure that's doing this, the actual shape and structure of those trees, could we, in fact, get an anti-gravity generator without anywhere near the trouble that we would expect to have'?
This is a really cool idea also because, again, it's biological life.
And if we can prove that biological life is experiencing anti- gravity then that suggests that the laws of nature do allow for levitation under certain circumstances.
And perhaps by actually teaching you how this works, I am helping to engage that ascension process.
Because remember, a lot of the laws of physics are based on belief.
That's one of the aspects of consciousness science that's so interesting.
When we believe something, t makes t possible.
So the more of us understand that anti-gravity is real, the faster we're all going to be able to get to the point where we can actually levitate.
Might sound crazy, but when you talk to these people on the inside and various black programs like I have, such as Pete Peterson, this is a well-known fact.
If more of us understood this f more of us believed this and just knew the science that was there, it's going to happen a lot faster.
So now let's go back and review a little bit of what we heard in the previous episode in order to set this up.
But we're going to go way beyond that because Dr. Wagner's science is much deeper than what you heard in the previous episode.
This again, is a picture of Dr. Orvin Wagner.
And he lives in Tennessee.
And he came out with this really amazing site darkmatterwaves.com
And it's kind of sad because nobody ever really picked up on this.
Here's a guy that was a Caltech professor for five years.
But for whatever reason, he retired from that and decided to go back to Tennessee and found his own p ant research division.
And as we talked about in the previous episode, one of the things that he found that was really cool was that if he chopped an ax into a tree, that there was a signal of alarm that would show up as an electrical spike that would travel through the tree at three
feet per second and would travel through the air at 15 feet per second, alerting the other trees.
So it's not as fast as light speed at all But it's also not an electromagnetic field.
Radio waves do not travel that slowly.
So he's coming into this strange understanding that he must have found some new type of law of nature, which he called W-waves, and of course, the Russians have a ways called distortion fields.
And because nobody can really agree on a name, I went with source field because I believe this is the source of matter, the source of energy the source of consciousness, the source of biological life itself.
They're all interconnected.
So what we were getting into... the really cool part was how he knocked down this conventional hypothesis of sap flow going up through trees, which again, as you can see here, is called the cohesion tension hypothesis, this idea that the reason \ why sap goes up is
that there's evaporation happening through these stow mates at the top.
And that is pulling up the water like a straw sucking water up through the bottom from the glass.
So then he said that we are using a completely different experimental approach to understand what's happening here.
We cut tiny holes in the tissue that conducts the sap, which is called xylem.
And then we placed these or small gravitational detectors or accelerometers inside the holes, as you see here.
So again there is no actual sap flowing over the gravity detector.
So this cannot be due to capillary action.
It cannot be due to a siphoning effect at all.
And there is no reason whatsoever why if the sap is moving up through the tree around this hole that you would get a gravitational nullification effect inside the hole.
The only explanation for this that actually works is anti-gravity.
And it's funny because how much have we really progressed since the time that the apple fell on Newton's head?
It wasn't too much longer before people understood gravitational acceleration, which means that as an object is falling under the influence of gravity that it will keep going faster and faster, meaning that the farther it falls, the heavier the impact will be when
it hits the ground.
So that's all known.
But we only found the downward force and the main thing that we have not understood much to our detriment, as I said last time, is that there is an upward force as well.
And so I do believe that the secret is that if you can nullify the downward force, if you can screen t out somehow, then the only one that is left is the upward force.
So I'm not actually saying that the tree itself has some kind of anti-gravity structure that just is actually pulling the sap up.
What I'm actually saying is that the tree is screening out the downward pushing gravity force, thus leaving the upward pushing force, which a lot of these scientists are calling levity.
The levity force is the only one that's left.
There's nothing interrupting the levity force, therefore, the water goes up.
And again, you put a gravity wave detector in there.
And as we said before, he found this astonishing reduction in the overall amount of gravitational pull inside.
The accelerometers isolated from the tree tissue indicate there are forces present when the sap is flowing that at least partially cancel gravity to facilitate vertical sap flow.
Similar forces were found to facilitate horizontal sap flow.
And he said this discovery limits the application of the usual cohesion hypothesis. And these results were published in '92, '95, as well as '96.
And he has that in his references And he writes about it in his, or book "Waves of Dark Matter' as we said before.
So the other real big key here is what he said about the percentage.
Gravity-like forces provide a good explanation for sap flow up tall trees.
These forces appear to complete the cancellation of gravity and other resistance to the flow of sap.
So see that's the same idea.
He's saying gravity cancellation, not that it's ant'-gravity effect per sec, but the normal effect of gravity is nullified.
And then the sap is able to rise by the forces that are then left over.
So these forces appear to complete the cancellation of gravity and other resistance to the flow of sap and can be changed as necessary to accommodate the needs of the plant.
The forces found may be related to moving standing waves.
And then he talks about this.
We're going to get a lot more into that in this episode as I promised.
So now this is where it gets interesting.
This is the title of the paper Gravity Responses and Wave Behavior in Whole Plants."
And here's the big shot.
Measurement of the gravitational field within small holes in the xylem using tiny gravitational detectors or accelerometers-- and he also tried hanging weights in vertical holes and leaning trees seems to indicate a reduction in the gravitational field in vertical
trunks of up to 25% while the tree is at near maximum sap flow.
So not only is he putting gravitational wave detectors in there, but he's actually hanging little weights in these holes.
And then they weigh less.
And that's supposed to be impossible.
But t wouldn't be impossible if there was a gravity shielding effect inside the trunk of the tree.
Now you say, well 25% isn't really enough.
But then he goes on to say that's only because there's a hole.
If you don't have a hole there, it's going to be a sealed effect that's much more powerful.
Also, forces were measured in horizontal roots, which indicated assistance to sap flow.
I attribute these forces initially to moving standing waves producing the forces.
The gravity- like force is measured apparently were just a small indication of the real gravity-like forces involved because of the disturbance of the plant tissue in placing tiny measuring accelerometers.
So what he's really saying here is that this is a complete anti-gravity effect.
But with the hole, you re losing the full impact of it.
It's sort of like f you're letting air into a vacuum, you don't have a vacuum anymore.
You want to have that gravitational vacuum.
But the air as it's getting in- and there's that hole in the shielding of this trunk.
Now you're not getting the full anti-gravity effect.
So this is really amazing.
And again, driving home after work yesterday, thinking about all this and looking at all these trees, and they've been doing this the whole time just like apples were falling off of trees before Isaac Newton noticed that it hit him on the head and said, oh, that must be gravity.
Now we have a credible scientist telling us anti-gravity is accelerometers and the distance of the involved in the sap going up.
The brass shielding of the accelerometers and the distance of the accelerometer from the tree tissue indicated that the forces were gravity-like and not based on the Casimir effect or Van der Waals forces.
So essentially, it's not electromagnetic.
It's got to be something gravitational.
Now this is where things start to get pretty weird and pretty interesting.
He discovered that there is an inverse relationship between the actual temperature in the outside word.
And that would be what you see over there on the graph that the y-axis on the far right, notice this says temperature degrees Celsius.
And then notice at the bottom that it says the hours from midnight on August 1, 1991.
And what you're seeing here with the control, of course, at the bottom is that you have one graph at the top.
And it says temperature in degrees Celsius.
So there you're seeing a graph where the y-axis on the right measures what you're seeing.
And then the graph on the bottom where it says gravity decrease-- notice that that is tethered to the axis on the left.
So you got two graphs with two different axes put together here.
But what's so interesting is that as the temperature goes up, the amount o anti-gravity goes down.
At least that's most o what's happening here.
So you can notice here that as the temperature is rising look at the graph, starting on the left, and watch it go up.
It goes all the way up to 28 degrees Celsius.
And at first, the gravity decrease is going up, where it goes all the way up to minus 22 on the left.
But then as the temperature keeps soaring, the gravity decrease goes down.
Then if you keep watching the temperature graph as it goes to the right, the temperature drops all the way down to 12 degrees Celsius.
And then as it does, the anti-gravity effect absolutely surges to minus 20, all the way from minus 4.
And this is a happening over the course of just a few number of hours.
So this is like nighttime and daytime.
So that's what you got to see here is that as the temperature goes up, you're going into the day.
And then as the temperature goes down, it's getting cold because it's nighttime.
So this is really interesting because for some reason the anti-gravity effect works better at night when the sun is down.
That's when you're getting more of the sap apparently flowing up through the tree going into the leaves, replenishing them while they're not under the sunlight.
And then during the day as the sunlight is striking the leaves, the plant apparently is now shifting most of its emphasis into photosynthesis.
It's actual y generating food from the sunlight based on the sap that it had stored in itself during the night.
And that makes sense that it would run in shifts.
But it's also possible that the sunlight itself also has some kind of energetic component that reduces the effectiveness of the anti-gravitational field.
So the plants may be just taking advantage of this very natural aspect of how the universe works.
And there's other data that shows this as well.
For example, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, the famous Russian scientist who discovered torsion fields the sunlight seems to scatter these fields to a degree.
So this may also be why certain people, including myself, who are tending to be more intuitive like to stay up at night because the same fields that create anti-gravity actually also break consciousness and intuition.
So some of the best time to be intuitive, to be creative is to wake up in the middle of the night when you have much more of this energy available to you.
And that is a fact that I've had for a long time. do segmented sleep, where I'll sleep like four or five hours, get up n the middle of the night.
That's when I get my best work done.
Then I go back to sleep.
And I knock out another two or three hours after that.
So I want to read some of the specific details now from Wagner's abstract because this is going to get us deeper into the discoveries and how it relates to geometry, a very important point we need to get into in this episode.
This paper presents data that lead to the conclusion that waves are a major factor in plant growth, and the waves are interacting with and are referenced to gravity.
So they are gravitational waves.
The observed waves behave somewhat like sound waves in resonating tubes, where there are standing waves indicated by discretely spaced, relative y wide charge locations on short blocks cut from live trees.
What the heck does that mean?
Well, take a look at this graph.
Again, it's a little odd.
It takes a little time to explain.
But what he's doing now is he is looking at various spacings of trees where electrical current appears.
And what he finds is that these certain electrostatic frequencies keep showing up on these trees in very nicely spaced horizontal intervals.
Now notice that these numbers also are in hertz.
That's numbers o vibration per second.
And they're all the harmonic numbers.
You got 24, 32. 40,48,60,80,96.
These are numbers that have a lot of divisors, right?
And that's harmonics.
If you can divide a number in half...
like 24 becomes 12, right?
But then you can divide 12 in half.
That's 6 and 6.
You can divide 6 in half.
That's 3 and 3.
So 24 could be a whole bunch of threes, a whole bunch of sixes, two twelves, et cetera.
And then you a so can do other divisions of it as well.
So the more ways you can evenly chop up a number, the more vibration the number has.
And this is one of the great ancient secrets that we find in so many of these mystery school teachings where they're really interested in these harmonic numbers.
Those numbers are actually alive.
Those numbers, because of how they divide up, carry a vibrational frequency in them.
And so this is showing that the trees actually have these very curious areas where electricity has these harmonic patterns.
And what he's saying is this is the result of waves that are affecting the tree and affecting its anti-gravity properties.
And those waves are all around us.
It's that the trees shape harnesses that.
And so the electricity is showing up where it does because the tree has become like a tuning fork for these very interesting waves.
It's a real y cool theory.
Apparently plant internodal spacings this is the area between growth nodes are related to these charge spacings.
And he analyzed thousands CO of spacing measurements between plants to see that internode spacings do demonstrate wave involvement by their harmonic behavior.
Electronic measurements confirm the wave frequencies.
Now what he's talking about here is -
and you're going to see this in a minute -
He's looking at the actual... part of what he looks at is the growth angles of branches.
What angles do the trees create branches coming off of?
And is there any deeper significance to that?
And what he finds... and you're going to see this in a minute - that they always seem to be in five degree increments.
And so he believes that there is some sort of geometric energy field in gravity that actually does have this five degree partitioning.
Wei, look at what's going on here.
Think about all the numbers that we've seen showing up in the angle measurements of sacred geometry.
We have 15 degrees.
Those are all multiples of five, right?
We have 30 degrees.
We have 45 degrees, a 45 degree angle.
Then it goes on up from there, where you have 60 degrees, 90 degrees.
All of these sacred numbers are in divisions of five degrees.
There's nothing in between.
All the best harmonic stuff, all the best harmonic angles fit this pattern.
So at some point in the future, it should be possible to have a much deeper understanding of the actual fields that are involved in this.
But if you've been watching this show in previous seasons, then you remember what I was telling you about geometric biology.
You remember how we were saying that the DNA molecule, the double helix, actually wraps over the surface of this 12-sided pentagonal ball called a dodecahedron.
It is perfect.
And then we saw how the 20 amino acids or the 20 corners of a icosahedron or dodecahedron depending on which guy you're talking about, and that the four basic nucleotides, A,C, T and G, are like a tetrahedron that can move around inside.
That's protein synthesis.
So if that underlying geometric [aw is involved in the coding of life and the coding of how things grow, then guess what, it's going to continue to be there as the tree expands.
You're going to see geometric fields on much larger scales because the whole entire system is based on harmonics.
So this really to me is mind blowing stuff.
Angles that branches make with the horizontal or vertical appear to be predominant y integral multiples of five degrees.
There it is.
The growth of reaction wood tends to confirm this effect.
So now what you're seeing here is just part of his scientific research where he's showing you where these tree branches are growing, what angles they're growing at.
There's a little b t of play there between 20, 25 and 30.
But for the most part, the pattern is incredibly consistent.
So don't get me wrong, there's going to be some other geometries as well.
It's not like it's only ever going to be in five degree intervals.
And you can see around the 60, for example it's not perfect.
But it's a surprisingly, surprisingly regular pattern.
And then here is one where he's looking at a tree called an alder on July 1, 1996.
And he's looking a the number of samples just means how many different branches are actually at this particular angle.
And what we see is that by far the largest number of these branches are all on these five degree interval points.
So this is really, really cool.
Because what he's doing is he's saying.
OK there's something going on here.
There's some kind of energetic force.
And it relates to cosmology
The data demonstrate that vertical wave velocities are generally greater than horizontal velocities by integral multiples of some basic velocity.
So that just means that he's believing that this is a vertical wave more than a horizontal wave because of the ant -gravity effect.
And the speed of the wave seems to increase as you go vertical.
So this is very much in train with gravity because gravity s a vertical force.
So these geometric forces tend to want to go vertically as well.
It's very, very cool.
Internodal spacings get larger on average due to increasing wave velocity as the angles that a branch makes with the horizontal increases in steps to the vertical.
Fiber cells often get longer in a similar manner.
So there, again, what he's saying is that the spacing gets larger as the wave speed goes up.
So he literally believes that the space between the nodes is a function of the speed that this wave is traveling.
And the more you go into the vertical, the faster the wave goes.
Spacings converted to frequency and branch angles demonstrate wave behavior and gravitational interaction.
The vertical to horizontal velocity ratios and the measurement of velocities indicate that this wave is directly related to gravity.
Very, very cool.
The data confirming wave behavior connected with gravity are obviously referenced to ed to gravity appear to be unlimited.
The waves demonstrated here might be some type of gravity waves since they are obviously referenced to an otherwise tied to gravity.
Now another really interesting thing that he did is to take tubes of dust and rotate them.
And that's all it is.
But he believed that if these waves really existed and that they're all around us exerting this subtle pressure, which again is a lot subtler than gravity - gravity just pushes us down.
This is a much more difficult thing to measure.
So he says, what if I take a tube of dust, see where the dust goes?
And sure enough he saw this wave behavior.
And sure enough, he saw this wave behavior.
So take a look at this.
Now he's looking at 15 different dust tubes.
This is August 15, 1998.
You can see what it looks like there at the bottom.
And then he's looking to* see where the piles of dust actually gather as it keeps rotating.
And sure enough it's in exactly the same spots.
Now in this case, you are seeing that it's frequency in hertz down at the bottom.
So that's different than he angle relationships.
But if you look at this carefully and you read everything that he says, it's not just about frequency.
It's also about the spacing.
It's about where do the dust particles collect and how does that actually equate.
And it does.
It's very cool because the same spacings that are n the branches show up in the dust, showing this's something that's all around us.
So related to the idea of ascension, related the idea of levitation, that's really interesting.
Because if you could, tap into this geometry and remember, you're made from that geometry at the genetic level.
So if there was some way for us to harness this force to tap into it, it would be very, very handy.
Now at the very end of this episode here, I just want to get through his cosmology so that we don't have to start another episode just on this.
Again, we'll wrap it up here.
Take a look at this now.
This is very cool how he expanded it.
It's just called article.html.
All-Pervading Waves Suggest Universal Control and Communications" was published 1996.
And he said, in the past nine years so that goes back to what, 1985, '87 I guess.
He has analyzed these waves that seem to pervade everything.
These waves seem to interact with ordinary matter and they control where charge appears.
They displace matter meaning levitation.
They organize life, and they actually provide a means of communication.
Remember how the plants were screaming.
These waves may travel many times faster than light under the right conditions since they are not electromagnetic.
I have detected organized signals coming from my W-wave detectors that may have originated from deep space.
That's very cool.
These waves might also provide for action at a distance under the proper conditions, meaning you could make things levitate with them.
That's the really interesting part.
The format on and stability of our solar system and it is macroscopic structure of the whole universe seemed to be provided by these same waves that he discovered.
If you measure how gravity is nullified in plants, as well as their other interactions with gravity, there is the possibility that if you knew how to apply these waves, you could control gravity.
That is so exciting.
These waves also seem to provide a template or pattern for how life develops.
And thus life develops in spite of the law of entropy where everything is supposed to break down.
But life does the opposite.
So he says here the second law is a physical law that says when the system is left alone, it breaks down disorganizes.
But that's not what life is.
Life gets more organized.
So he said, I present some of my 1996 data showing that plants tend to grow at certain angles to the gravitational field, which is another example of how these waves are working.
These versatile waves may explain many controversial anomalous phenomena that we know about on Earth such as people doing dowsing, telepathic communication, acupuncture, person-to-person healing, plant communication, plant to human communication, and other strange phenomena.
This work suggests to me that these phenomena may be feasible as what he's calling W-waves.
And I totally agree.
In 1990- this is what I wanted to get to here.
In 1990, I proposed that the sunspot cycle is due to the oscillation of slow moving waves in the sun.
This is very cool.
Because he said, if the waves traverse the sun's radius over the course of 11 years, that would mean based on the circumference of the sun that those waves travel about one meter per second.
This velocity is close to the velocity I observed for W-waves traveling through salt solution filled wood samples, as well as the velocity that they go through in live plants.
I later identify the waves here as the same species of waves as the waves operating plants.
So that's a very psychedelic kind of thing to see.
As you may know if you look at the sun, depending on when you're looking at it, it could look very, very quiet.
There's no stuff on the surface.
It's just one color.
[t's very calm.
it's like a surface of a lake that has no wind.
It's totally pristine.
That would be the bottom of the solar cycle.
But then over the course of 11 years, and this is very consistent it is always 11 years the sun ramps up.
And you see all these sunspots.
You see all these solar flares.
The surface is literally churning.
So his theory is that there's some kind of wave inside the sun that rotates around the interior.
And t takes 1 years to do that.
So it starts with nothing, rotates the 11 years, gets to the top point.
And again the speed of rotation is the same as the speed that these waves move through trees and plants.
That is so cool to me.
Because what he is doing is he's taking something that we found in biology and he's applying it to a universal law.
A couple more things here the planet surrounding the sun are p aced such that their distances from the sun is a most doubled for each succeeding planet.
The same is true for Jupiter and Saturn.
This looks like the work of a wave phenomenon where the wave velocity increases exponentially as it travels away from the sun or planets.
As the wave medium itself is decreasing, these waves would be slow moving as they start out from the sun.
And they speed up as they keep moving outward.
I hypothesize that the sun or planets is oscillating with a period close to that of the sunspot cycle, different for the planets, producing its own standing wave pattern.
This pattern placed most of the planets because they're matter collected at the wave nodes.
The sunspot cycle period appears to vary because sunspots appear much by chance.
But there likely is an underlying regular oscillation as he's suggesting.
I call my view of the universe wave cosmology.
This viewpoint solves many problems.
For example, the solar system is stable, meaning the planets don't crash into the sun, because there's a wave that the sun is creating that holds the planets in the nodes.
So here, again, the nodes are actually where the planets are located.
Because it's so cool to see how a plant-based very strange anti-gravity wave phenomenon could be applying to sunspot activity.
And again remember, if even his little tubes of dust can collect in certain piles and actually develop the electrostatic charges that he was looking for and the umps in the positions that he was looking for, all this stuff about! the branches on trees growing in five degree intervals, it's amazing.
And I'm stunned that nobody has ever really seen what he did.
But he does believe that be picked up by the mainstream.
And I think that's true.
So what we're going to do now is we're going to expand our discussion of anti-gravity in the plant and animal kingdom.
And in the next episode, we're going to be digging into the insect kingdom in particular.
So in order to start this out, we're going to be looking at some very fascinating research by Dr. Viktor Grebennikov on something called the Cavity Structure Effect.
This is very similar to the effect of the pyramids.
So if you've watched those episodes in the past or if you've seen any of my stuff on torsion fields and Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, this is going to be very comfortable for you.
So we're going to have one episode of that kind of material, maybe even two.
And then we're going to get into some absolutely stunning examples of levitating insects.
That's right, anti-gravity happening in the insect kingdom.
So there's a lot more to come here.
I'm David Wilcock and this is "Wisdom Teachings," bringing you the information you need that will set you free.
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Анонс. Возвращение "Раскрытия" с Дэвидом Уилкоком и Питом Питерсоном. Скоро. 1я серия 4го сезона. Только у нас будет распечатка и на форуме раскрытие. Ждите

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Я сегодня очень устала - эмоционально устала. Я ощущаю и вижу, как много вещей вокруг меня рушится ~ во многом это подобно старому привычному ботинку, который больше уже нельзя носить. Я так долго позволяла себе это. Стремление к новому и переменам присутствует всегда.

Так придерживаюсь ли я прежнего курса? Остаюсь ли я в том же доме, в котором я видела себя после всех переходов?

Происходит ли этот переход? Есть ли изменения в воздухе?

Я говорила об этих темах так долго – политическом хаосе и предполагаемых изменениях (аресты, новые системы и так далее), а также Событии... Я растрачивала свое сердце на многое в своей жизни - и теперь я чувствую, что начинаю выглядеть идиоткой. Женщиной, кричавшей "волк" - спустя некоторое время...

Я могу принять, что, может быть, меня хорошенько разыгрывали. Если это так, то что?

Мне нужно найти новый путь для себя. Подумайте об этом логически. Когда бы я ни следовала зову своему сердцу: "О, что принесет мне радость??"- давайте скажем так, что это у меня не складывалось профессионально. От слова ВООБЩЕ. Конечно, когда я делала системную вещь – работу на других ради пропитания - мне тоже приходилось идти на это. В 2002 году мой друг сказал мне: "Нужно мыслить нестандартно. Приходят новые способы существования и жизни”.

Так и делала. И пока мне удавалось сводить концы с концами, я едва ли преуспевала. Я пишу. Я играю на пианино. Именно этим я и занимаюсь. (я могла бы летать, если бы у меня были крылья и такие способности – ха!), и оба эти занятия, чтобы быть процветающим, преуспевающим, вы должны продать – и у вас также должны быть хорошие связи. Я никогда не была готова продавать, и у меня также нет связей ни какой сфере деятельности. Я все еще ищу свой собственный путь, хотя и испытываю все тот же результат: никогда не открывающаяся передо мною закрытая дверь.

Когда я сегодня оплакивала своего партнера, пытаясь не разрыдаться, а вместо этого выходить из чистого сердца, которое испытывает сильную боль из–за этого продолжающегося опыта, чтобы “выбраться отсюда”, - где тут моё место? Что я на самом деле здесь делаю? Какого черта я вообще здесь делаю?

Где тут моё место?

Мое желание говорить обо всем, что я вижу – конечно, все, что мне бы хотелось- видеть происходящим в своем окружении, лишь ослабевает. Меня сейчас словно охватывает какое-то безразличие. Может быть, пришло время бросить все эти “конспирологические” штучки и снова попробовать вести практичный образ жизни? Идти по тому, что я могу увидеть и коснуться, а остальное отбросить в сторону? Многие в моей жизни хотели бы увидеть, как я это сделаю. Стану снова поддельной версией себя.

И все же я не становлюсь поддельной. Поэтому, возможно, баланс - это то, что требуется сейчас. Продолжать быть собой, но сделать определённое переосмысление и сосредоточиться на том, где я нахожусь сейчас, а не на том, где я хотела бы быть.

Тоска по дому... возможно, пришло время покончить с этим. Я знаю, что мы не одиноки. Но пока я не переговорю с кем-либо из этих гребаных застранцев, я точно перестану отдавать им какую-то свою энергию.

Где эти аресты? Люди продолжают страдать - вред причиняется невинным людям - и все же эти преступники продолжают ходить, как ни в чем не бывало. Черт, если кто-то появляется на людях под кайфом от амфетавина, его арестовывают. Детские жертвоприношения? Покажите это в трансляции, и пусть они тогда попробуют свободно выйти куда-нибудь. Ничто из этого не удовлетворяет меня, и ничто из этого не имеет никакого смысла. Доверяйте плану. Я не желаю слепо никому и ничему доверять. Когда у меня возникают вопросы, я ожидаю ответ – особенно, когда говорят: “Доверяйте нам”.

Может быть, это просто все старые программы, которые всплывают, чтобы я могла освободиться от них навсегда. Я вспомнила сон, который мне приснился прошлой ночью, когда я увидела себя лежащей на столе. Сегодня у меня мелькнула мысль вернуться к этому испытанному состоянию сна, подойти к этой женщине и крикнуть: “Проснись сейчас же!" - Возможно, в этом опыте есть что-то большее, чем я ощущала в то время.

Точно так же, как, возможно, существуют также больше опытов там.

Я иду дальше…
С любовью,

Spear of light - Обманите меня раз - позор вам, обманите меня дважды - позор мне, обманываете меня с 2012 года - позор...

28 сентября 2018 года

Я не спешил с написанием этого, или точнее, мне нужен был импульс, чтобы сделать это.
С меня хватит, мои ощущения похожи на то, о чем поведала Виктория выше:
Скрытый текст:
Это началось незадолго до начала сентября, когда я организовывал медитацию по запуску События 9 сентября. Как вы можете видеть, моя акция не оказалась успешна, мы по-прежнему здесь. Тогда я разослал послания на бесчисленное количество сайтов, и что стало для меня сюрпризом, был отклик. Люди, обычные люди, присоединились ко мне, и были очень позитивно настроены насчёт этого, и помогли мне распространить послание далее, за что я всё ещё признателен им сегодня. Только 2 больших сайта помогли мне, но такие люди, как Кобра (хотя перед этим он использовал мою медитацию по удалению топлет-зарядов), Кори, Уилкок не признали это. Я не расчитывал на какую-либо помощь от них, просто упоминание на их сайтах, что некий человек организует медитацию, (просто одно предложение). Тем более, что это затрагивает СОБЫТИЕ, нечто, о чём они говорят долгое время и чего хотят больше всего. Я просто хотел, чтобы с этим было покончено здесь, на Гайе.

Это привело меня в объятия сомнений, саморефлексии и многих других вещей.

Вы помните кинотрилогию "Матрица", верно? Существует версия, что Нео не был избранным. Он мог делать всю эту магию и воздействовать на машины благодаря тому, что находился во втором слое матрицы и смог распознать это. Машины поняли, что кто-то пробудится от матрицы, поэтому создали другую матрицу в матрице, где вторая была пост-апокалиптическим кошмаром, чтобы убедить, что они "на самом деле "пробудились ото сна и живут в "реальном мире". Что в каком-то смысле они были лучше в наблюдении за реальностью и нашли в ней лазейки, осознав, что есть нечто большее, и они, будучи в меньшинстве, пытаются пробудить других, изменить и сломать систему. Их врагами были машины, искусственные, неестественные, чуждые, непостижимые существа, поработившие всё человечество. Они веками правили Землёй, и они были управляли фальшивой реальностью.

Звучит знакомо? Однако это всё может быть ложным, еще одним слоем. Словно плохие парни не предусмотрели, что они придут - некие ребята, чтобы покончить со всем этим.

Мы здесь всё ещё удивляемся, как много людей до сих пор остаются втянутыми в политические системы правых-левых. Как столько много людей глубоко втянуты в игры демократов против республиканцев. Может быть, кто-то наверху также изумляется насчёт нас? Как вышло, что они до сих пор так ведутся на игры Света против Тьмы? Когда это просто свободная воля против свободной воли.
Гайя особенная, потому что здесь сознание закрепляется в единственном положении, таким образом, оно не может действовать так свободно.

Но всё же, в конце дней или мира, мы являемся единым сознанием, одним, существующим повсюду в пространстве и времени, мы просто меняем фокус от места к месту, и притворяемся индивидуальностями и отдельными существами. Прямо как ребёнок, вообразивший, что он рыцарь или маг и тому подобное. Имеет значение только то, сколько силы он вкладывает в свою фантазию и отождествляется с этим персонажем, подобно тому, как измерения: третье, пятое и так далее, - важны только для того, как много вы распознаете, что являетесь частью большего существа, как много повсюду и в каждом есть вас, и что вы есть каждый, и как много из всего этого фантазия.

Знаете, что сделал этот парень? Он не ожидал 2012 года, чтобы разочароваться. Нет, он вознёсся, и знаете, почему это важно? Он, Иисус, они не ждали "СОБЫТИЯ". Вам не нужно быть совершенным, вычищать себя и своих детей от всего (пожалуйста, не используйте отбеливатель), нет. Вам просто нужно понимание о различных состояний сознания. Просто подобно тому, как если вы можете действовать, думая, что вам 5 лет, но в противоположном направлении. Это легче сказать, я знаю, я всё ещё работаю над этим. Существование вне пространства и времени, когда сознание везде. Пытаясь ухватить это чувство и вложить его в себя, как целое.

Так же, как Кауилапеле говорила много раз, что хорошо оставаться наблюдателем, я делаю следующий шаг и остаюсь наблюдателем в деле освобождения. Я решил пойти и изучить немного Телему (это религиозное течение, развитое Алистером Кроули, утверждавшего: "Твори свою волю, таков да будет весь закон") , да, знаю, что вы скажете, что это плохая идея. Ну, вы не учите план тюрьмы для того, чтобы лучше охранять её, но для того, чтобы сбежать.

Но всё таки я хочу сказать, что отказываюсь от воскресной медитации, медитаций, привязанных к астрономическим датам, растворения (я не чистящее средство, чтобы очищать все). Я уверен, что заякорил достаточно света, чтобы не платить за электричество в течение следующих 200 лет. Вовлекаясь слишком в нечто, что должно быть удалено, но впоследствии возвращающееся, как сиквел какого-то дешёвого фильма. Я здесь для того, чтобы выбраться отсюда, не для всей этой хренотене про свет и то, как кто-то получает подлинную секретную информацию и как это важно, и за кем следовать в ожидании, когда будет приведён в действие блестящий план.

Ах, блестящий план. Хорошо, вот что я думаю о блестящем плане. Поверьте, я был бы рад, если бы моё предсказание оказался неправильным, и я оказался бы плохим пророком, но вот мои предсказания:

1. Сегодня проходят определённые слушания, на которые я абсолютно не обращаю внимания, последствия от этого растянутся на 2 недели.

2. Около 15-го Россия в Сирии и сирийские военные силы проводят какую-то большую операцию. Предмет обсуждения на следующие 2 недели, должны ли США что-то с этим делать, бла-бла-бла, демократия, больше демократии, плохой режим. Русские плохие и злые, бла-бла-бла.

3. Через 2 недели этому конец, и мы почти на промежуточных выборах, так что все смотрят на кампанию. Массовые аресты? Нет, сперва мы займёмся нашей дорогой работой в Сенате, чтобы показать плохим парням, что мы это можем. Поэтому у нас непрекращающаяся красная волна, синяя волна, грёбаная волна. Кто-то выигрывает, кто-то проигрывает.

4. Тем, кто выиграет и получит своё место, теперь потребуется время, чтобы получить секретаршу-блондинку и обучиться делать свою работу, как будто они никогда не занимались этмм 20 лет. Таким образом, около 3 недель обучения тому, как голосовать в сенате, а проигравшая сторона вопит об украденных выборах.

5. Неделя с днем благодарения, поэтому никаких массовых арестов, пока турки (игра слов; Turkey - индейка и Турция) займут либо Сирию, либо американские столы.

6. Декабрь, вы слышите это? Что? Шаги "Белых шляп" в отношении массовых арестов? ТОЛЬКО НЕ В ДЕКАБРЕ! Это САНТА. КРАСНАЯ ШЛЯПА. Рождественская лихорадка. Целых 4 недели тошноты от песни "Последнее Рождество"Джорджа Майкла - главный фокус у каждого.

7. Конец года? Добро пожаловать в 2019 год. Никаких массовых арестов, освобождения или бесплатной раздачи картошки фри.

Так что теперь мне следует попросить попрощаться, но никто не говорит "до свидания" самому себе. Вы мне, я вам. Так что я оставлю вас с этой песней: "Америка - безымянная лошадь".

https://spearoflight.blogspot.com/2018/ ... twice.html


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Re: Уголок "У СталкераБ"

Непрочитанное сообщение stalker »

Полуйчик Игорь - Экстренное сообщение от Рода

Скрытый текст:

Род сказал: "В течение двух недель по всей планете будет держаться сверх высокий уровень радиации дзетта луча, который будет очень губителен для низкочастотных сущностей и тварей. Многие погибнут. Рептилоиды начали спешно эвакуироваться с Земли...

...Мы провели акцию по уничтожению в мире Прави семей рептилоидов, непосредственно семьи, так называют винздзоров. И ещё не одну акцию по очистке Москвы и Крыма. После 23 июня, когда были освобождены агрегаты (божественные технические устройства, эгрегоры древних родов) https://cont.ws/@psewdo/993120 , много событий уже произошло, в том числе смена власти в Армении. И многие важные события.

Многие объявили себя моим миссией, такие как Святослав Мазур, Валентина Когут. Это фейки и так было нужно. Главные дела свершаются не явно, а в тайне. Для чего, сам понимаешь.

Для моих детей, я хочу сообщить, что до 18 сентября этого лета, необходимо производить каждый день на заре вращения вокруг себя по часовой стрелке, не менее трёх раз, для поддержания энергии и силы в тонких телах, для очистки тела физического принимать больше воды, которая будет выводить остатки умерших клеток после облучения радиацией. Многие люди сейчас болеют, но это не простуда мне вирус. Это горят микробы, грибы, плесень и прочая нечисть, что живёт в ваших телах. Старайтесь очистить свое тело и душу...мне не нужно поклонников, мне нужна от вас радость, больше смейтесь, пойте песни, кружитесь в танце. Хороводы, я уже говорил, и ты об этом рассказал...но, повтори ещё для тех кто плохо понял...сделай экстренное предупреждение для всех. Прекратите губить свои тела, курить и пьянствовать запрещено на время данного карантина! Это угроза смерти! Ибо снижение частоты тела вызовет смертельные изменения и в последующем смерть!...

...Новый год начинается с первого сентября по вашему летоисчислению. Него нужно отмечать с полным столом фруктов и овощей, пить компоты,квас и лёгкие напитки. Ни в коем образе не есть трупы умерших моих детей, животных. Будьте бдительны ! Переход начат! Я с вами, мои возлюбленные дети! Я вами горжусь и мне за последние тысячелетия впервые так радостно и хорошо! Я вижу, как многие мои дети ищут меня и ждут моего благословения! Так пусть знают! Я всем воздам по заслугам!

Мир вашим домам и Я с вами моими детьми.

Засим, ваш любящий Отец Род."

По ходу, жизнь стремительно налаживается.

Сообщение не много запоздало по времени, и я его получил 14 сентября 2018 года, но требования карантина рекомендую выдерживать впредь и навсегда. Сам пока от трупоедства не отказался, но планирую. Низкочастотный резонанс теперь как никогда грозит смертью либо тяжелыми мучениями, а большинство болезней имеют мягко говоря совсем иную природу.

В отношении дзетта лучей объективных подтверждений масса. Например 9 сентября в день выборов электромагнитный фон земли, который фиксирует Томский университет бил невероятные рекорды. Текущая осень уже аномально хороша по энергетике. В отличие от обычных октябрьских революций, войн, кастраций экономики, грабительских реформ осень 2018 года будет Праздничной. Обилие неописуемых событий не приведет к обычной нервотрепке и войне всех против всех, а наоборот.

Это обусловлено обезглавливанием всех ключевых паразитических структур. Они устроены пирамидально, и чрезмерно зависимы от первого лица (точнее нечеловеческой морды, сидящей на вершине). Так вот дзетта лучи уже массово эти морды выжигают, и самое лучшее, что им грозит, - это больничный на всю осень и на всю голову.

Мир фрактален, и сходные процессы пойдут как на уровне крупнейших международных структур, так и на уровне маленького городка и небольшой фирмы. Лучи света проникнут в самые темные углы и прожгут их на сквозь на всех уровнях. Это откроет всем относительно здоровым силам возможности перехвата управления, захвата командных высот и разворота паразитических структур в созидательную плоскость пока в малых дозах.

В отношении новоявленных миссий типа Мазура и Когут можно сказать следующее. Через них передано много ценной информации, но при этом миссиями, аватарами, вторыми пришествиями и т.д. они не являются. Иногда маленькому человеку, чтобы сделать большое дело, нужно уверовать, что он господь Бог. Нечто подобное и происходит. Например у Валентины Когут всего три информационных тела, и то истощенные, зеленое тело только в зачатке. Но при этом через нее Род передал важнейшую информацию о законах мироздания (Род просил дать ссылку на главу 21 книгт Валентины Когут "Рангила" часть 3. ).

Естественно после такого информационного выплеска за человека разворачивается серьезная борьба, к которой мы объективно не готовы. Дальше его энергетика теряет светлую направленность, а информационные потоки перехватывают враги. В общем это нормально. Просто не сотворяйте себе кумиров, проверяйте хотя бы маятником важную информацию даже из "достоверных" источников, чтобы не оказаться в сетях полуправды и кривды.

В канун русского праздника Новолетия наша задача массово развернуть по всем славянским странам хороводное и песенное движение. Наше орудие освобождения - не революция и не бунт, а ХОРОВОД, народный праздник, флешмоб, фольклорный и танцевальный фестиваль. Через хоровод мы должны пропустить высокие энергии и закрутить высокие помыслы. Сфера единения лежит не в политической, а в общечеловеческой сфере.

Как только мы круговой энергией изгоняем из своих рядов беса - жизнь стремительно налаживается на всех уровнях. Делайте видеофильмы и популяризируйте опыт, ищите и развивайте в своей округе заводил, массовиков-затейников, гармонистов и гусляров. Вовлекайте во все это детвору и передавайте им всю глубину и опыт народной культуры.

Мы объективно стоим на пороге величайшей метаморфозы - перехода нашей страны из паразитического в созидательное правление. Перейдут туда мягко говоря не все. Низкочастотные люди и нелюдь различного происхождения полностью окордыкаются либо вообще не выживут. Сам переход уже начался и окончательно проявится уже весной в виде Святой Руси, Державы Света.

Высокочастотные вибрации будут нарастать во времени и в пространстве, а темп изменений будет обусловлен нашей восприимчивостью и обратной связью. Сначала мы клеточка за клеточкой перестроим собственные тела, изгоняя из них хищников (микрофлору) , разного рода плесень и микророботов (микробов). Потом мы начнем перестраивать отношения в семьях и родах, в общинах и городах, в земствах и губерниях, в странах и землях, в планетах и звездных системах, в Мирозданиях и Вселенных, во всем Космосе.

Шаг за шагом с невероятной скоростью мы пройдем огромный путь, и наш небесный Отец Род уже улыбается нам во все небо, поскольку видит победу Рода Человеческого над бесами и тварями во всех проявлениях.

Мы все оказались здесь и сейчас, тут и теперь, там и тогда ради великого момента Преображения Мира, который ожидали и приближали многие тысячелетия.

Наша жизнь стремительно налаживается и душа моя поет, ибо с нами теперь и навсегда наш любящий Отец Род.

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Re: Уголок "У СталкераБ"

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Питер Мейер - Миром манипулируют
ГМО - это генетический геноцид
Война - это большие прибыли

Скрытый текст:
"Контролируйте нефть, и вы будете контролировать нации.
Контролируйте еду, и вы будете контролировать людей"
Генри Киссинджер

Все дело в контроле

Глубинное Государство, через Рокфеллера, стремилось контролировать не только нефть и все другие появляющиеся новые источники энергии для мирового экономического прогресса, но и расширяло свое влияние на образование для молодежи, медицину и психологию, а также расширяло свой контроль над самой наукой о жизни, биологии, здравоохранения и ее применения в мире промышленности и сельского хозяйства.

По большей части их зловещие усилия остались незамеченными населением в целом. Мало кто знал о том, как тонко, а порой и не так тонко, их жизни подвергаются влиянию того или иного проекта, финансируемого за счет огромного богатства Рокфеллеров. Исследуя эту тему, вскоре становится ясно, что история ГМО неотделима от политической истории этой очень влиятельной семьи.

На самом деле, история ГМО связана с этой эволюцией власти в руках элиты, во время которой стало понятно, что они желают привести весь мир под свой контроль, независимо от того, какой ценой это будет достигнуто. Десятилетиями эта власть концентрировалась на семье Рокфеллеров. Сегодня трое из четырех братьев уже давно умерли, некоторые при странных обстоятельствах, тем не менее, в соответствии с их пожеланиями, их проект глобального господства - полномастабного доминирования, как Пентагон позже назвал это, - распространился, часто под обманчивой риторикой демократии, и время от времени ему помогала грубая военная сила империи Глубинного государства, когда это считалось необходимым. Их проект развился до такой степени, что одна небольшая властная группа, номинально штаб-квартира которой находилась в Вашингтоне в первые годы этого века, была полна решимости контролировать всю нынешнюю и будущую жизнь на этой планете в такой степени, о которой никогда ранее никто и не мечтал.


Братья Рокфеллеры создали саму концепцию многонационального агробизнеса. Это история генной инженерии и патентования растений и других живых организмов.

Они финансировали "зеленую революцию" в сельскохозяйственном секторе развивающихся стран, с тем чтобы, среди прочего, создать новые рынки для нефтехимических удобрений и нефтепродуктов, а также расширить зависимость от энергетических продуктов. Их участие является неотъемлемой частью истории генетически модифицированных культур сегодня.


К началу этого века, было ясно, что не более четырех гигантских химических транснациональных компаний становятся глобальными игроками в игре для управления патентами на основные продукты питания, что большинство людей в мире зависят от своего каждодневного питания: кукурузы, сои, риса, пшеницы, даже овощей и фруктов и хлопка, а также новых видов устойчивых к болезням птицеводства, генетически модифицированных, чтобы как бы противостоять смертельно опасным вирусам птичьего и прочего гриппа, или даже геномодифицированных свиней и крупного рогатого скота.

В мае 2003 года президент Соединенных Штатов решил сделать ГМО стратегическим вопросом, приоритетным для послевоенной внешней политике США. Упорное сопротивление второго по величине сельскохозяйственного производителя в мире - Евросоюза - стало серьезным препятствием на пути глобального успеха проекта ГМО. До тех пор, пока Германия, Франция, Австрия, Греция и другие страны Евросоюза будут упорно отказываться разрешать посадку ГМО культур по медицинским и научным причинам, остальные страны мира будут оставаться скептическими и нерешительными.

К началу 2006 года Всемирная торговая организация (ВТО) вынудила Евросоюз открыть двери для массового распространения ГМО. Показалось, что глобальный успех для проекта ГМО близок.


После американской и британской военной оккупации Ирака Вашингтон перешел к действиям по переводу сельского хозяйства Ирака в сферу использования патентованных генетически модифицированных семян, первоначально поставляемых вследствие "щедрости" Государственного департамента США и Министерства сельского хозяйства.

Однако самый первый массовый эксперимент с ГМО-культурами состоялся еще в начале 1990-х годов в стране, элита которой уже давно была коррумпирована семьей Рокфеллеров и связанными с ней нью-йоркскими банками: Аргентине.

Распространение ГМО формируется часто путем политического принуждения, правительственного давления, мошенничества, лжи и даже убийства. Для пробудившихся людей она читается, как знакомая криминальная история, что неудивительно, так как это простой рассказ об истине. Преступление, совершаемое во имя эффективности сельского хозяйства, экологичности и решения мировой проблемы голода, несет в себе ставки, которые чрезвычайно важны для элиты.


Их намерения не только ради денег или получения прибыли. Ведь эти могущественные частные семьи решают, кто контролирует ФРС, Банк Англии, Банк Японии, Европейский Центробанк и даже Народный банк Китая. Деньги в их руках служат целям разрушения нашей планеты.

Их целью является, если точнее сказать, окончательный контроль над будущей жизнью на этой планете, власть, о которой прежние диктаторы и деспоты могли только мечтать. Бесконтрольно данная группа за проектом ГМО будет между один и два десятилетия тотальное доминирование поставок планета еда. Этот аспект истории ГМО нуждается в рассказе. Каждый читатель приглашается и советует последовать этому увлекательному разоблачению Уильяма Энгдаля.

Военная тирания


Война - это изобретение Ротшильдов. Из всех видов человеческой деятельности война только предлагает наибольшие возможности для получения огромных прибылей как от продажи реальных военных материалов, так и от займов на финансирование производства или закупки материалов. Но есть и более глубокие мотивы, такие, как необходимость отвлечения людей от внутренних проблем, и программы правителей.

Западный капитализм нуждался в международном соперничестве посредством постоянных войн, чтобы создать искусственно подогреваемый совместный интерес как богатых, так и бедных, считает профессор истории Говард Зинн. - Его точка зрения подробно объясняется в сделанном в 1966 году полемическом (для Совета по Международным Отношениям) отчете по иследованию войны и мира, озаглавленном "Доклад из Железной горы".

Копия этого секретного отчета просочилась в мир благодаря участнику, известному только, как Джон Доу, профессор университета на Среднем Западе, который подтвердил, что он был одним из пятнадцати участников. Эрудированный тон исследования и глобальные макро-аналитические термины опровергают обвинение в том, что этот отчет является мистификацией. Написанный в начале войны во Вьетнаме, он почти наверняка представляет точку зрения элиты, которая запросила сделать это исследование.

Согласно докладу, война сама по себе является основной социальной системой, в которой переплетены или завуалированы другие вторичные социальные организационные структуры. Это система, которая управляла самыми широко известными обществами на сегодняшний день. Проблема состоит в том, что правящий класс теряет способность создавать желаемую войну приемлемой.


Самое главное, говорится в докладе, - это ликвидация войн, что неизбежно повлечет за собой ликвидацию национального суверенитета и традиционных национальных государств. Поскольку возможность войн дает ощущение кажущейся неизбежности, без которой ни одно правительство не сможет долго оставаться у власти. Правовое основание современного государства во власти над своим народом заключается в существовании войн. Война является последней важной гарантией от исчезновения необходимых социальных классов, то есть рабочей силы. И война служит для контроля важных отношений между классами.

Поэтому важно представить альтернативы войнам. Например, лозунги о глобальном потеплении, вредности выбросов углекислого газа, запугивание затоплением берегов, перенаселением планеты, инопланетным вторжением, вечным захватом Земли. Эти фальшивки и многое другое были запущены, чтобы пугать людей, полагая, что без вмешательства сверху эти бедствия будут смертельными для выживания человеческой расы. Вкратце "Повестку дня 21-го века в реальном времени" можно прочитать здесь: http://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2015/10/ ... into-2030/ .

Доклад предлагает то, что по необходимости должно быть сделано с обездоленными в экономическом или культурном отношении среди нас. Вероятной заменой контроля над потенциальными врагами общества является повторное введение рабства с помощью современных технологий и политических событий. Развитие изощренной формы рабства является абсолютным предварительным условием для социального контроля в мире без войн. Это может включать в себя эксплуатацию тюремных работников или использование наемных рабов, которые являются людьми, оказавшимися в такой долговой яме, что у них не осталось другого выхода, кроме как выполнять неудовлетворительную работу за деньги. Конечно, интересно сравнить этот доклад с нашим нынешним обществом.

Если вкратце, это позорный документ в плане гуманизма. Он объясняет аспекты современной политики, которые иначе было бы трудно понять, пользуясь основными стандартами здравого смысла.

Абсолютно необходимо, чтобы каждый гражданин принял к сведению содержание доклада "Железная гора", поскольку в нем объясняется все, что в настоящее время можно наблюдать и испытывать во всем мире.

Процесс пробуждения в конечном итоге начнется с публичного раскрытия реальной истории планеты, чтобы подготовить общественность к переходу к нашему собственному варианту мира без войн.
Источник http://raskrytie.forum2x2.ru/t1123-topic#16155

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Re: Уголок "У СталкераБ"

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Разоблачитель Райз. Часть 3 на англ. Космическое рвскрытие
phpBB [media]

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Re: Уголок "У СталкераБ"

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новое интервью Дэвида Айка пока на английском

w/English subtitles
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phpBB [media]

phpBB [media]
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Пит Питерсон 2 часть Обучение передовым технологиям на англ.

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Re: Уголок "У СталкераБ"

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Пит Питерсон 3 часть
Сгибание ложки и другие паранормальные способности

Крамер - новые факты по Раскрытию на шоу Нури

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Re: Уголок "У СталкераБ"

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Инсайдер Кори Гуд. Интервью с Нури - Раскрытие ТПК

Расшифровка на английском
Скрытый текст:
GEORGE NOORY: Welcome to "Beyond Belief." There is no one person who has lit up the world of disclosure than Corey Goode. Corey, of course, co-hosts Cosmic Disclosure" with Gaia's David Wilcock and has talked about things that have happened to him since he was six years old. Corey, welcome back.
COREY GOODE: Thank you.
NOORY: What have you been up to these days.
GOODE: I'm working on a lot of different projects, actually. I formed a team in a small company that has recently been fully funded, which has kickstarted a lot of the projects that we've had on the shelf for a while.
NOORY: These projects that you've investigated we're going to talk about one called Antarctic Area 51 in just a moment... did they come to you, or how do you find them? Where do you get the information for them? Do you have whistleblowers who come to you, or how do you pick it up?
GOODE: Yes, I have people within military intelligence and people that used to be in military intelligence that share information and give briefings.
NOORY: Do they d it confidentially, or do they get their names out there? I mean like you have stuck your neck out in the noose.
GOODE: I think they would rather just I stick my neck in the noose, so they are very much in the background.
NOORY: And they risk. They risk a lot of stuff if they come forward.
GOODE: Absolutely. Absolutely.
NOORY: What have you found over the last couple of years to be perhaps the most compelling area that you've been investigating?
GOODE: I think the amount of as I've gotten to know more DoD types, DIA types, NSA types, the amount of interaction that they're having with non-terrestrials, they are having a large number of them are reporting interaction with large the tall grays n the r homes, in their offices, at work. So there's something that's going on there that's been very interesting. I've been hearing a number of stories from different people, and they're very similar.
NOORY: Is it ongoing?
GOODE: It is.
NOORY: Give us one example. What's happening?
GOODE: Well, one person that actually worked high up in one of these military three-letter agencies, recently, during briefing, told me about how they woke up in the middle of the night, went to go to the bathroom while they were staying at a friend's house in a completely dirked-out basement, and when they came back, they used their telephone or something as a light to be able to look around the room, and they saw a tall gray standing above their wife.
NOORY: That's freaky.
GOODE: Right. That was just right across the room from him. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't an abduction. They came stumbling in on the situation.
NOORY: Had they not woken up, they could have... anything could have happened.
GOODE: Right. And it makes you wonder how many times something like that has happened when they didn't wake up.
NOORY: There's an area in Antarctica that is called area 51, much like Nevada. Whets going on there?
GOODE: Well, there are actually a lot of different areas down in Antarctica. There is the area beneath the ice and thermal vent areas that the Germans built out, starting in like 1939 to 1941. That area was turned over to us much later. But since the late 50s early 60s, there was a project called Project Ice Worm...
NOORY: Ice Worm?
GOODE: Ice Worm. And what this project was to set up bases, launch facilities for intercontinental ballistic missiles. They set one up in Greenland and did it totally covertly. They were about to arm it with a nuclear device when the plane crashed and then the government, local government, found out about it. But the same types of facilities built in the same manner were built in Antarctica, and they've been doing research and development in those bases for decades.
NOORY: There are a number of countries that are working down there right now. It's very secretive. It's being visited by some dignitaries. There's something going on there. GOODE: Absolutely. It's big. And a lot of the research and development that's going on down there violates the 1958 treaty for Antarctica. going on down there violates the 1958 treaty for Antarctica. I believe it was '58.
NOORY: What's so important about that area down there?
GOODE: Well, it's pretty much, it's kind of like an international zone where the laws don't apply There's also quite a bit of ancient technology that was discovered deep beneath the ice from a civilization.
NOORY: David Hatcher Childress of course, appeared on Gaia's Deep Space" program, and he talked about this very thing. DAVID CHILDRESS (ON VIDEO). the Germans were really escaping with their vast U-boat fleet to places in Greenland and the Canary Islands, to South America. Also going to Indonesia and Japan and, incredibly, to Antarctica, where the Germans had started to create certain bases underground. Undersea U-boat bases in an area that they called Neu-Schwabenland and which we today called Queen Maud Land. And this is the part of Antarctica that's pretty much opposite of South Africa, really.
NOORY: Corey what do you think the Germans were trying to do?
GOODE: Well, the Germans what they had done is they had done excavations of much of the perimeter of that continent. And what they discovered was that the geothermal activity was creating huge ice caverns. They were able to build bases underneath these ice caverns. They were building technology that was using the geothermal heat as energy. It was built out very extensively, and it was built mostly with slave labor.
NOORY: Was this their plan when they took over the world, to have that region under their control?
GOODE: Well, some the secret society-types were building this base for strategic reasons during World War II.
NOORY: Sure. GOODE’ You know, they fully expected to win World War II. But if they didn't, they had everything set up down in Argentina, Brazil, and Antarctica to sustain their next attempt at taking over the world.
NOORY: We've heard reports that Hitler escaped to Argentina after World War That he did not commit suicide. I'm beginning to have more amd more evidence to back that up. I have a feeling Antarctica was part of that plan as well.
GOODE: Absolutely. And from what I heard, Hitler originally... he went down originally to Antarctica, where he found out he really was no longer in charge of the New Fourth Reich. And then he lived out the rest of his days going back and forth from Argentina to Brazil until he died in the '60s. It was 66. Something like that. They say he worked for a shipping company. That I have problems believing. But he did escape, with everything I've seen. This region down there, what's going on today? GOODE. Well, today what they've been doing is they discovered an ancient civilization there, and it was not what we would consider human.
NOORY: Ongoing?
GOODE: No. It was a civilization that had been covered in some sort of major event that flash-froze their civilization. They were finding bodies of these non-humans in strange ways that reminded them of Pompeii. And they started calling it the Pompeii on Ice.
NOORY: OK. So they passed quickly.
NOORY: Quickly. You've gone public for a number of years now. Have you ever been threatened? GOODE. Yes. A number of times. I've had everything from hueys... I mean, helicopters flying over my house, hovering above my pool. I got some of them on videotape at one point. with my son one time, and I had green laser dots on my chest.
NOORY: Oh, jeez.
GOODE: I guided my son quickly inside. went to Spain, I was told that there was a target of opportunity hit out.
NOORY: For you?
GOODE: Yes. So, I had to have very expensive security while was out there.
NOORY: Does that bother you? I mean, are you scared?
GOODE: [SIGHS] You know, I get... at times, definitely get concerned, but it's more about those around me. I've decided that I'm in all the way on this situation, so.
NOORY: That could be collateral damage, for example. People who are too close to you, and something, God forbid, happens.
GOODE: Usually how these intelligence groups work, they look for a weak ink around you to exploit.
NOORY: Why do you do what you do? Why do you keep going public with this information?
GOODE: Originally, I didn't want to go public, but I was compelled to. And at that point, I was approached by more and more people that wanted to provide information. So I feel that it's something I'm obligated to do at this point to keep telling the truth.
NOORY: You have been investigating, recently, suppressed information. Suppressed energy information patents that are out there that really could change, I think, our lifestyle. Where we at today with that? Can we get more of this released to the public or not?
GOODE: Well, I don't think that if we sit back and wait, we're going to have it released. I think that now is a time of action. We've seen it in the public. If people focus... we all have these different UFO belief systems ideologies that are different, that separate us, but if we can agree that we want suppressed technologies released and stick to that, leave aliens out of it, focus on that, we'll be able to get the mainstream involved and enter this into their consciousness, and they will demand it.
NOORY: I think one of the problems with that too, Corey, is that they haven't figured out yet, if they're going to release that how can they make money on it? Because if it's generally free energy, how do they make us pay for it? And they can't figure that out, can they?
GOODE: Right. Yeah, they've tried to tell us they kept the secret out of an abundance of caution and love for us. You know we can't handle it. But the fact is that the highest secret in the and is not that they're aliens it's how they get here and the technology they use. And now that we're able to reproduce it, that will take all of the power away from pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, overnight.
NOORY: They don't like that. GOODE. No.
NOORY: They don't like that. Of course, had they listened a long time ago to the great Nikola Tesla, they would have realized that there was an abundance of free energy out there. Let's take a little look at Nikola Tesla.
NARRATOR (ON VIDEO). Serbian-born engineer Nikola Tesla was a technological genius and a radical inventor. His work on an alternating current power system, the fluorescent light bulb, remote control, and many other mass market inventions revolutionized the 20th century. But Tesla's biggest project, his dream of providing energy to the world for free, collapsed when his financial backers unexpectedly withdrew their support. Some believe that Tesla's free energy invention was actually suppressed by one of America's most powerful men. Could it be that Nikola Tesla did invent free energy?
NOORY: What a genius. Absolute genius. And I think we see some of that now with Elon Musk trying to do almost the same kind of thing, aren't we?
GOODE: Yes. But he's tying into the actual space program, which is going to put a lot of limitations on him. The interesting thing about Tesla is that after he died, program, which is going to put a lot of limitations on him. The interesting thing about Tesla is that after he died, the current presidents uncle was the one that went and cleared out his safe.
NOORY: They took all his documents and his charts and his writings and everything.
GOODE: Right.
NOORY: What concerns you most now about this entire area of free energy and the fact that we don't have it yet.
GOODE: Wei, you know, it's free energy. There are also technologies that they've developed that every living thing has a bioneural frequency. Cancer does. All disease does. They have the ability to go in and flip a switch, and with a sound, light signal, turn off the genes in cancer or a different disease. Just switch diseases off. They have the ability to do that. And I just recently had to watch my aunt pass away from cancer knowing that these...
NOORY: Sorry to hear that.
GOODE: ...knowing that these technologies exist. So that's the linchpin, I think, with the mainstream. If they know technologies exist everyone has a story like I just told you about an aunt or someone that passed away from a disease. These diseases can be cured. That is just as important as letting people know about free energy.
NOORY: Of course, do you think they want to cure everybody?
NOORY: I mean, look what happens to the population.
GOODE: Population control. Right.
NOORY: If they can make you live longer or healthier
GOODE: The elites are managing the population on a level that would make everyone very uncomfortable in the mainstream if they found out t was more than a conspiracy theory.
NOORY: You're stepping on some toes, my man, aren't you?
GOODE: Yep. But I have some people behind me that are helping me. It's the alliance. It's a bunch of people that have been a part of the military industrial complex, have been engineers, that are breaking away, that are wanting the truth to come out. They've been told throughout their entire career, they'll ask, when is this going to come out to benefit the public? 20 years. And that's what they're told, and t never comes out.
NOORY: Original y, Corey, you started this mission by talking about the Secret Space Program. It's changed now. It's broadened. It sounds like you're not holding back anymore.
GOODE: There's no time to hold back. I mean, we can see what's happening on the news with everyone's acting it's like end-time madness
NOORY: People have gone crazy.
GOODE: People have gone crazy.
NOORY: North Korea. Does that fit into your plans at all? Do you see anything going on there?
GOODE: In briefings, I have recently... I have been told that the military industrial complex wants to reveal their space program, and this is controlled by the Air Force and the DIA. And it mainly consists of, when I was briefed a long time ago, two satellites, or two space stations that are maybe 50 years ahead of the ISS, that are about 500 miles out in orbit.
NOORY: Are they manned?
GOODE: Yes. And it's manned by the Air Force. It's serviced by the triangular craft that we've become familiar with. And they have also some manned satellites. They also have a lot of weaponry up there. We've talked about the Rods from God technology that they're talking about using on North Korea And they're thinking that North Korea might be a situation where they can disclose this space program from a place of strength.
NOORY: They would use the technology, you're saying, on North Korea?
GOODE: Yeah.
NOORY: They'd have to go public with it.
GOODE: There's no choice. There's no way to have an invasion or attack North Korea without millions of casualties in Seoul.
NOORY: So, this would be a way to try to prevent that?
GOODE: Right.
NOORY: Scary times ahead.
GOODE: It is. Yeah.
NOORY: And at no point you're going to back down?
GOODE: Well, [SIGHS] I mean everyone has a breaking point I'm sure.
NOORY: You're not there yet.
GOODE: I'm not there yet.
NOORY: Has your family told you to back off?
GOODE: No. My wife has been very nervous at times, but she's never wanted me to back off.
NOORY: Has any of this affected your personal life because of what you're doing?
GOODE: Yes. It's... I've gone through quite a few changes since I first came out and evolved in I hope in a good way. But yeah. It's I've been forced to look at karma and different things in relationships where I had messed up in the past, and now I'm being forced to deal with them, and it's very uncomfortable.
NOORY: Speaking of changes, you've been looking at Earth changes as well. Tell me how that fits into your program.
GOODE: Yes. I was told and shown what's going on in our local cosmos. The energetic cloud that our star system s passing through, and actually, the local star cluster of 52 stars is passing through, it's as we're passing through, our sun is like a dynamo going through this cloud of energy, creating a huge wave of energy going in through the north and south pole of the sun, and then energy pulses out through the sun into the solar system.
NOORY: And of course we could get hit by that, right?
GOODE: And we are. The Earth is doing the same thing. That energy is now coming from the sun, and we're like a dynamo spinning through that energy. That energy is causing much more energetic storms. It's going to cause a lot more frequent and powerful earthquakes, as well as we're going to start seeing a lot of volcanoes popping.
NOORY: Is that part of the reason, then, why we're going through this huge seemingly huge catastrophes that are of great magnitude?
GOODE: Absolutely.
NOORY: I mean, they're not just small hurricanes anymore or small earthquakes. God, we just saw what happened in Mexico with a 7.3. These are big events. Is that part of the reason?
GOODE: Absolutely. It's a direct correlation.
NOORY: A climate reporter talked a lot about these natural disasters and what was happening.
REPORTER (ON VIDEO): It's been a very active couple of months. There's been probably four major hurricanes in that time. There's been a very, very severe wildfire season in the West.
WOMAN IN CAR (ON VIDEO). I'm literally driving through a fire at the moment.
REPORTER (ON VIDEO). Then on top of that, we've had a couple of very strong earthquakes in Mexico. Some of this is normal, but some of it may also be a harbinger of things to come. Science can explain all of these things. Earthquakes, the frequency of earthquakes is remarkably consistent year to year. A 7.0, roughly, earthquake, and then also an 8.0 earthquake within two weeks of each other is not unusual at all. The fact that they both happened in Mexico is a little unusual, but lots of quakes happen in Mexico. The thing about earthquakes is that most of the big earthquakes, actually, in the world happen in places where there s not a lot of people, so they don't really get noticed. Earthquakes aside, it's tricky. Some of what's been happening is related to climate change, some of t isn't.
NOORY: Great illustration, Corey, about what's happening on this planet. And it's getting bigger and bigger. But you think it's because of this cluster that's occurring? GOODE. Yes. And people within the deep military and these projects know this for a fact.
NOORY: Coronal mass ejections, solar flares from sun, they could destroy our way of living. We've done a lot of research on this and it's reported that f we get hit with a huge X-flare and we did back in the 1800s. It was called the Carrington Event. GOODE. And one recently popped out, but...
NOORY: but we lucked out.
GOODE: way from Earth, yeah. It went the other way. If it would hit us, a big one, and shut down the power grid for one year, they're saying just in America alone, 90 % of the people would die.
GOODE: They would.
NOORY: This is horrible.
GOODE: It is.
NOORY: And we're doing nothing about it. Why not?
GOODE: Wei, the sad fact is, there's not a whole lot we can do about it.
NOORY: Protect the grid. Insulate it.
GOODE: You can insulate certain parts of the grid, but you're going to have a weak link somewhere. And when you have an electromagnetic pulse, if you have a weak ink, the pulse is going to shoot up the whole mean, it's very difficult to insulate the entire grid against an EMP.
NOORY: Are you saying that this is inevitable that something is going to happen, and there's nothing we can do about it?
GOODE: There's nothing that we can do about it. No. The energy released from the sun in these events is so great that really, there's no way to shield it. People that are hiding technologies deep within the Earth are wasting their time as well, because it's going to penetrate pretty deep.
NOORY: I see what happens, Corey, when power goes out for a day. People go crazy Puerto Rico is still without lots of power because of the hurricane that went through there. I mean, my gosh, what would happen? Panic, chaos.
GOODE: It would be pandemonium. Right. Yeah. We would see people turning on each other. It would be scary. But a lot of people have different beliefs. It may not be all doom and gloom. Some people believe that these solar events are going to bring about great change on the Earth. And I've also been told that because of Al, Artificial Intelligence influences, that after a major solar event does knock out most of the technology, that that's going to be a point to where they're going to come in and bring a lot of this new technology. That's the talk in the background, anyway.
NOORY: You have talked a lot about Blue Avian. Explain what they are again.
GOODE: The Blue Avian are a sixth density group of beings that have been working with humanity since we came about. They are not genetically programming us. They're not, for the most part, trying to give us religions. They're trying to help guide our consciousness expansion. Because...
NOORY: Are they physical?
NOORY: They're not.
GOODE: No. They become physical, but they're a higher density being. They originally, over 2 billion years ago, in this local star cluster, were physical beings. And they created technologies to protect that local star cluster that later on, people that are more related to us started to mess around with, caused a lot of problems, and now they're karmically tied to us. Until we grow certain levels of consciousness they're kind of stuck as well.
NOORY: What are they asking us to do? Meditate more? What do they want? GOODE’ Going back to the 50s, when people would get what some of us would consider legitimate ET contacts to space brothers, they always came with two things that they wanted humanity to do, expand their consciousness, become more spiritual, and demand the release of suppressed technologies. That's exactly what the Blue Avians are wanting. And they're also wanting us to grow spiritually to a point to where we're not on our knees looking in the sky for someone to come and save us, but to begin to look inwardly, stop the wheels of karma for our own group consciousness and take responsibility for changing the world ourselves.
NOORY: What is mass optimal temporal reality?
GOODE: The best optimal temporal reality is what the Blue Avians were calling and the Anchara are calling the future, where we basically go through an ascension. Go through a consciousness expansion, which a lot of us call ascension, that will give us a completely different perspective on the cosmos. When we have that different perspective, we're then able to understand our co-creative abilities a lot better and we're able to manifest things, control matter control reality.
NOORY: Corey, of course, one of the areas that you have become very well known for is the disclosure theme. And you're doing some work now with the late Bill Tompkins. You were very close with him and some others, Michael Salla. What are you doing in that area?
GOODE: Yes. We recently received the funding to complete the book that we did with Dr. Salla and Bob Wood, and of course, William Tompkins, who recently passed. And that should be published at the beginning of the year. And we're really excited about that.
NOORY: Well, it's pretty dramatic stuff. Tompkins was just a giant in the field.
GOODE: He was. And it was- he liked... A Case for the Secret Space Program" is the title. He really liked that. He contributed some of his ship designs to the cover. So yeah, we're going to... he's going to be remembered from that book by all
NOORY: . With the Secret Space Program, are they continuing to launch right now? Because we have to rely on the Soviets, the Russians, to get up into space. Are we launching from some other area?
GOODE: Yes. We have several bases. We have one in Utah, and then the one that was handed over to us in Antarctica. It was a Nazi spaceport. We're using those to launch and building a lot of the
NOORY: And nobody knows anything about that.
GOODE: Yeah, nobody knows.
NOORY: You can't track it
GOODE: Now, that's up in the higher spectrum of the space programs. Down on the military-industrial complex level, the Air Force, DIA, they're still using chemical rockets to launch some of their technology, but most of it they're releasing through these triangular craft that fly them up and put satellites in orbit. Like I said, they have a space station, two space stations that are about 50 years more advanced than the SS.
NOORY: Jeez, that's dramatic.
GOODE: Right. That's the stuff we'll hear about first.
NOORY: You've heard of Tom DeLonge from Blink 182, the rock group. Tom has been fascinated with extraterrestrials and hidden technology for years. For years. And what he has done, of course, he has formed a group to investigate this, but he's going into it in a very big way.
GOODE: Absolutely.
TOM DELONGE (ON VIDEO): So, first, my two co-founders. Jim Semivan, a career spy, former senior intelligence service in the CIA's directorate of operations, a strategist with the ability to help To The Stars Academy navigate all the many sensitivities involved, either with government or with others who may eventually want what we have.
Dr. Hal Puthoff is a theoretical physicist and program director for numerous CIA and the Department of Defense classified programs. Dr. Puthoff is the creator of the CIA's own revolutionary psychic spy program, still used In this day.
And his breakthrough science dealing with the engineering of space-time is crucial to potentially understanding the technology observed. Leading our aerospace division, Steve Justice. Last month, literally last month, Steve finished his career as director of advanced systems at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. And to this day, Skunkworks is the US government's top tier aerospace organization for the development of advanced aircraft that meet our urgent national security needs. He will explain to you how this technology can revolutionize the world.
Lou Elizondo literally finished his career at the Department of Defense as senior intelligence officer in the office of the secretary of defense days ago and now he s on the stage with us. He served as director for the Nations Program Special Management Staff... forgive me, these titles are very long. with some very sensitive places to help protect us, to help protect the technology that we are going to be building, so we, together, can achieve the extraordinary. Chris Mellon, chairman of the To The Stars Academy national security policy and scientific advisory board, has a long career at the DoD as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and minority staff director of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Chris actually was involved in reviewing Chris actually was involved in reviewing many of our nation's most sensitive activities many of our nation's most sensitive activities over the course of his career. over the course of his career.
NOORY: . So, here we have, Corey, a new initiative. Is it going to work?
GOODE: You know, we'll see. I know that I've been receiving briefings for some time that the military-industrial complex space program, this program, has been... they've been negotiating how they want to reveal their program. And I think that this is a part of a controlled release. In my opinion, it's a part of a controlled
NOORY: I mean, Toms been at this, DeLonge's been at this for a long, long time. He has been trying to get the word out about this. Do you know any of these players that he just introduced?
GOODE: Yes, I've heard of several of them.
NOORY: Are they heavy hitters'?
GOODE: Yeah. I mean, they're names that people in ufology should recognize, at least a few of them.
NOORY: Corey, what do you think happens to the public? If there were full disclosure, if the work of people like you and Steven Greer and others truly becomes evident, what do you think the public will do? Can they handle this?
GOODE: Well, it's going to be very difficult. Everyone out there in ufology that is going to hold hands and say, halleluiah ah, we know the truth,
NOORY: It's not going to happen that way.
GOODE: First... no. Everyone's going to be extremely angry. A lot of belief systems are going to be challenged. People won't want to get out of bed. They'll be depressed. We're trying to come up with plans to get mental health professionals ready for such a thing. It's going to be a very...
NOORY: There could be panic.
GOODE: Yeah, but it will be very stressful. But all evolution occurs through stress.
NOORY: Dr. David Jacobs, who's been a ufologist for a number of years, claims that whatever s happening is not a good thing. He claims that the extraterrestrials have a very nefarious purpose. He kind of talks outside the loop because other people are pretty happy with visitations and things like that. He says it's dangerous. What do you think of that?
GOODE: Well, he's right. There have been some pretty dark agendas out there with non-terrestrials. But there are also positive extraterrestrials out there that are on our side that are trying to help us. So, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the negative side, because we have positive beings that are here helping us right now. They're not the type that come down and introduce themselves to the world. They are a part of this cosmic law that we have to do t ourselves. And we're going to have to free ourselves from some of these negative ET influences. It's on us.
NOORY: If they’re helping us though why aren't they doing it more publicly instead of clandestine?
GOODE: It's this cosmic law. They're karmically, they become very involved with us if they interfere too directly. That's why we've had all of these angel visitations and religious ideas come about. They've come about to try to expand our consciousness and guide us in a certain way without directly coming down here and pretending to be gods.
NOORY: Are you interacting with these beings now? GOODE' I am.
NOORY: Still?
NOORY: There are some out there that will accuse you of withholding information. There are some out there that think you're a government plant.
GOODE: Absolutely, yeah.
NOORY: . It would be remiss for me not to ask you, is that conceivable?
GOODE: I absolutely am not a government plant And if someone is trying to manipulate me, they kind of picked the wrong person, because I'm not sticking to any narrative that the government wants, that's for sure.
NOORY: Is this their way to discredit you?
GOODE: Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, I was told about a year ago, and I've warned a lot of people. was told that the huge campaign was coming to discredit anything having to do with the Nava secret space program. They want t to only be DIA Air Force. They don't want anything else to be a part of the narrative right now.
NOORY: Well, and we have seen what they can do if they want to discredit somebody. They are notorious for that.
GOODE: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, we saw what happened to me recently in the attacks. But as far as withholding information, I absolutely do withhold information for operational security reasons.
NOORY: Tell me about that. What do you mean?
GOODE: Well, if there's information, I get briefed at times. I'm getting briefed a lot about what's going on...
GOODE: By the people I mentioned before.
NOORY: All right.
GOODE: That they sit in on other briefings and hear everything that's going on with the secret grand juries, everything that's going on with the government right now, the deep state battle. So I m being told a lot of that information that you have to sit on, because if you report the information while there's an ongoing operation, you can compromise it.
NOORY: Do the superiors of those people who are talking to you know that they are talking to you?
GOODE: In some cases, yes, and in some cases, no.
NOORY: Because you would think that they are jeopardizing their own careers talking to you.
GOODE: Right. But these people are a part of the alliance They're putting a lot on the line. They're putting their careers, their lives on the line, and some of them have perished.
NOORY: Corey, how do you think this is going to unfold, let's say, over the next five years?
GOODE: Over the next five years, I expect to get small, little drips of disclosure from this D1A Air Force program. If there's any type of military conflict I expect them to utilize that to try to disclose the technologies. I also expect to hear more little drips about things they are finding under Antarctica and also
NOORY: [INAUDIBLE] the ocean, or something like that.
GOODE: Cities. They'll start more with you know, we found jungles, ancient jungles under the ice, and they'll slowly build up to the interesting stuff. And I expect also they'll start telling us about what they found under the oceans.
NOORY: How will they tell us? In what form?
GOODE: In... well, the way they are doing now. Little news articles.
NOORY: Dribs and drabs.
GOODE: Right. And then eventually, I'm told that they've had a number of high y respected professors and researchers that have been coming down to Antarctica, studying these ruins for some t me, and they've been documenting it, and that has been prepared to release to the public as well.
NOORY: Is there anything that would be so dramatic, it would just change the complexity in the face of this planet if they revealed it? I think what they are expecting that will have that result is the information they're going to give about the civilization under Antarctica. How advanced it was, and how they didn't come from here. Three massive ships crash landed, then they cannibalized those ships and that technology to build out their civilization.
NOORY: And we have remnants of this?
GOODE: Everything is under the ice. And we're excavating it now. We have people... and it's causing a lot of problems. It's causing more cracking and melting of the ice shelf.
NOORY: . And they are cracking, big-time.
GOODE: Right. Because we're underneath the ice with huge hoses, excavating with steam, pressurized steam. We're dropping huge bags of water down holes that we re drilling, and we're hitting it with microwaves, causing it to explode into the sea.
NOORY: The glaciers are cracking up because of us.
GOODE: Right. In part. Also, the geothermal heat is picking up. It's getting more and more active.
NOORY: Well, they say if the glaciers all melt, the sea level on the coasts all over the planet would rise dramatically.
GOODE: Absolutely.
NOORY: That's not a good thing.
NOORY: That's not a good... you're a father. You have children. Are you concerned about their future when you look at what's going on in this planet?
GOODE: Yeah, on many different levels. All the time, even just yesterday, I was sitting with my wife. Some of the stuff that's coming out in Hollywood and all that, I was looking ['I've got a 14-year-old daughter, what kind of a world is she going to grow up into. We have those problems let a one all the big ones that we're talking about here.
NOORY: You know, as I look back at things that have occurred since World War I and World War I, then Vietnam, then the Korean War in there before that and everything else it's a hateful planet, Corey. It has not stopped fighting and killing since the beginning of time. At what point do extraterrestrials come down and say, enough is enough. We either obliterate everything that's on this planet and start all over, which is a theory, or they just leave us alone. What do you think's going to happen?
GOODE: 1 think...
NOORY: What's the end game?
GOODE: They leave us to the cosmic cycles. There s a plan. Everyone's supposed to evolve according to this plan. They're allowed to come in and genetically tinker with us, spiritually tinker with us, but I do not see them coming in and bringing the hammer and saying, all right. You guys, enough. It's we're either going to destroy ourselves, or we're going to figure out how to make things work.
NOORY: But they're not going to stop us, are they?
GOODE: No. They'll stop us from destroying the planet, but not each other.
NOORY: Corey GOODE: has evolved from a little six-year-old who's been involved in a secret space program to where you are today. Where do you see your evolution in the next few years?
GOODE: You know, I just see myself working more on projects that affect the mass consciousness in a positive way. The powers that be know that our co-creative consciousness can manifest things, and that is the root of their black magic and their power is causing us to man test the future that they want, through media, through false flags, all these different things that you talk about on your shows all the time. So, us beginning to take the tools away from the enemy and be able to affect the mass consciousness in a positive way, about telling people to be of more service to others, letting people know that these technologies do exist, it starts to filter into the mass consciousness through that hundredth monkey effect, and it's going to change the world.
NOORY: Don't stop doing what you're doing, Corey.
GOODE: I don't plan to.
NOORY: If people want to get a hold of you or track what you do, how do they find you? GOODE. Spherebeingalliance.com. I also have a YouTube channel, Sphere Being Alliance. If you follow me on Facebook, Sphere Being Alliance, and YouTube, you should pretty much be up to date.
NOORY: What would b perhaps, the most poignant thing and YouTube, you should pretty much be up to date.
NOORY: What would b perhaps, the most poignant thing you could leave all of us with? If you have this opportunity right now to talk to the planet, what would you tell us? GOODE' would say now's the time that we need to decide what s more important, our little reality bubbles, what we think the truth is, or the truth. And we need to start setting aside all of these little ideologies that keep us fragmented. Take them off the table for discuss on and only have on the table that one goal that we all share, and that's the goal of disclosure.
NOORY: Will we get there?
GOODE: I think we can.
NOORY: And we can handle the truth?
GOODE: Right. But it's up to each individual out there.
NOORY: But you're right about the anger. Because a lot of people will say, why didn't you tell us this before? You knew about this, and you didn't say anything.
GOODE: Well, you know, there are a lot of people that know this information. I sat back for years watching whistleblowers walk right up to the line of telling all the information I've shared, and then they'd start to step over the line, and then they'd do an about face. So, I've watched that occur for years and wondering what shut them up. Something scared them. So, coming forward with this type of information is very scary. Hopefully, me coming forward with this information will knock down the dam, and more people will start coming forward.
NOORY: Most of our presidents have no idea what's been going on. Why aren't they telling them?
GOODE: Well, it’s the deep state. We have people that are career bureaucrats that are in the middle management level, and then we have people that come in every four to eight years that "run the government." They don't run the government. Those people are managed. They're not going to give people the highest secrets in the and that have access to Twitter or who they can't fully control for a long period of time.
NOORY: Corey, thanks for being on "Beyond Belief.' I really appreciate it.
GOODE: Thank you.
NOORY: Here's a guy, since he was a little boy, who has come forward to talk about some of the most amazing things that have been happening on this planet and off this planet. Full disclosure, will we ever get to the bottom line of this? Will we ever find out that we are indeed being visited by extraterrestrials from other planetary systems? People like Corey GOODE: keep at it. We will get those answers. I'm George NOORY: , and thanks for watching "Beyond Belief."

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Разоблачитель Крамер на шоу Нури

Скрытый текст:
well what you're about to hear on beyond
belief is truly beyond belief it's an
amazing story by captain Randy Cramer
Marine Corps and I'm going to have the
captain tell us his story because coming
from him you will understand Randy
welcome to the program well thanks for
having me - I should call you captain I
was in the Navy that's it's it's it's
unofficial you can call me Randy people
call me captain all the time but Dad I
never get picky about it I've been
researching you oh good it's an amazing
story was an interesting experience to
have I'll tell you that tell us when it
happened and what happened to you oh I
mean it all goes back to you know early
development in early childhood being a
construct of a program that was
genetically engineered built from the
ground up training program started when
I was a child when I was like four or
five years old the training program went
until I was 17 years old and it's
seventeen year olds old I was deployed
actually into the covert military space
program sent to Mars for 17 years to be
in the MDF boy on Twitter were sent to
Mars yes
how were you sent to Mars oh well via a
spaceship via a transport ship from the
moon from Luna operations command that
probably my guessing moves probably four
or five stories high that probably had
four or five thousand personnel on it at
the time what year might that have been
that would have been in 1987 all right
continue so we were put onto a transport
ship again I'm guessing about four or
five thousand people were it held you
know total and then that ship took off
from Luna operations command on the moon
and then that ship went through a
wormhole to Mars so the whole trip you
know took a few minutes and then we
landed on the tarmac at Aries premise
which was the military headquarters
corporate headquarters of the Mars
colonies and then I was sent to a
forward station far far north when I
sort of referred to as you know Alaska
region as far as I mean if you were to
compare you know longitudes and
latitudes here on planet earth it was
very very high far north so it was a
very very cold region that we were
in a place called forward Station zebra
and spent the better part of 17 years in
the MDF there Randy do you know how wild
this sounds I've had some conversations
with people and yet it's blow some
people's minds sometimes yeah do people
believe you a lot of them surprisingly
do I mean to me to me when I say it out
loud I understand how like outside the
box it sounds believe me but having
experienced it myself all I'm really
talking about is my own memories my own
perspective of how it happened when I
was there so to me it's a very
matter-of-fact set of experiences
because I was there but I get that it's
outside the normal realm with most
people's experiences and to most people
it's that so what what are you talking
about I get that I want to find out how
this project developed or where it is
today what other countries might be
doing like that absolutely you know I'm
not here to doubt you nor am I here to
destroy your story by any means I
probably just want to hear from you in
your own views and then we'll let our
beyond the leaf audience decide hey we
think this guy is telling the truth or
maybe he isn't but let me ask you this
please if you're not telling the truth
they're not that's in quotes oh okay
because we're but going on the
assumption you are right but if you're
not telling the truth what are you
getting out of this not much but I also
like to point out if I'm not telling the
truth and I am committing a number of
felonies including felony impersonating
an officer and I have encouraged people
who think that I'm not telling the truth
to report me to the FBI or to the CMC's
office in the Marine Corps I know some
people who have had those conversations
and those people are not interested in
talking to me if I was committing fraud
I would get a letter from the FBI or
from the CMC's office telling me to
cease and desist and then my attorney
and I we could get into that whole
conversation but no one sent me any
letters because I'm not committing fraud
so you're not making a million dollars
doing this no are you kidding me no if
you you know do a few speaking events
and a few interviews and I know I don't
get paid anything what do you do in your
normal life in terms of job or career oh
you know I have to work a day job at the
moment which isn't any fun but you know
it's what I have to do to pay the bills
does that day job
conflict with this story in the point
where people that you work with go or
Andy what is this
oh I don't talk to people at my day job
but what if they see this show well then
we'll have a conversation about it I'm
perfectly open to always talk about it
with anybody who wants to talk about it
I mean I'm I don't shy away from it but
I don't want to I don't want to create a
tension in a situation where I don't
need attention I mean I'm not in an
attention-grabber so I don't go around
telling people I went to Mars I mean
it's just not that big of a deal to me
but when people want to talk about I'm
more than happy to go so you're really
you're not gaining anything coming out
with this story no I know if anything in
the last six years it has cost me more
than I have ever possibly potentially
gained from this in personal
relationships in a destroyed marriage
and you know a number of other things
why because they don't believe you it I
I don't even want to discuss the
particulars of that situation let's just
say that it was well let me rephrase the
question did what you're telling us
today affect your marriage let's just
say that another a third party took
advantage of a situation in which they
felt could be exploited with someone
else's insecurities alright they took
advantage of a weakness yeah I'm reading
the picture but to say that you know
when when my ex-wife and I met she was a
you know a firm believer in my telling
the truth so and that changed and that
changed does that disappoint you it's
heartbreaking but again I'm sorry not
really here to talk about no so I'm
sorry I had to go through that and thank
you for sharing part of that whether I
appreciate that you're not the first
person to come forward with these kinds
of incredible stories when I won't be
the last and that leads us to believe
that something's going on
whatever it may be for sure so let's go
back to the recruitment portion I want
to look at a little video from deep
space insider program here we go oh yeah
if there is a breakaway civilization how
do they get people to join them is there
a recruitment process
we shall discover that getting people to
join the secret space program is more
complex than first imagined some are
asked some are made and some appear to
be taken against their will
there's recruitments where certain
individuals are picked to participate in
projects and to be a part of particular
agendas I have an experience myself of
being recruited to go off planet in 2006
to join a Mars colony and so there's
specific reasons why certain individuals
are picked and to get to the bottom of
it is not the easiest thing because I
mean you're unraveling a huge mystery I
mean there's things like quantum access
technologies that are used to target
individuals what I discovered in my
recruitment process is something called
Looking Glass technologies I was used
and something called the Orion's cube
these were names that were in the emails
connected to how I was chosen and this
isn't just tracking me in this
particular incarnation there was a pre
targeting before I was born
so a lot of kind of strategies are in
place but if we kind of look at the
bigger picture in some of these
controller groups and how they manage
timelines and how they work with these
technologies to achieve a specific
desired result these things have been in
the works for a long time and so when we
look at different elements of like the
Defense Department's and things that
happen after the Second World War
we're dealing with certain agendas that
had good intentions to start with wow I
love Laura she's fagged boss he's a
great person I know another kid a
researcher Tory I know it very well
she's fast so captain let's let's go
back to the beginning that was your
family involved in this at all or were
you the first I'm pretty certain that my
older siblings were also put into
programs because of the family's genetic
heritage and then whatever mingling that
they decided to do at the pre birth and
birthing process
both of my siblings exhibited early
childhood post-traumatic stress disorder
symptoms like I did and but I seemed to
have a better set of coping mechanisms
than they did so I'm not in complete
denial about my existence at this point
so I wouldn't say that I was the first
but I would say that I was probably a
more perfected version by that by the
did you go willingly or did they pull
you into it oh I was from what from what
I understand is that it's been told to
me there was a drawing board process in
which you know part of my mother's DNA
and my father's DNA were laid out and
then they decided which parts they
wanted to change as my entire genetic
code was you know written in a
laboratory before I was actually even
created as a life form so I was built
from the ground up as a person have you
undergone hypnotic regression sure and
what do they tell you just recovered
more clarified memories of my
experiences really more than those
experiences come out inland oh yeah
absolutely but you know what I would
point out that hypnosis is just trying
to get your brain into a natural alpha
or theta state which meditation does
anyway and so most of my memory
retrieval is through you know meditation
process to get into theta States but
hypnosis is just someone else walking
you through that process to get to those
data states so that you can retrieve
your memory your brain is like a tape
recorder and absolutely what hypnosis
does is it rewinds that tape in a
strategic way to get the answers I've
always been convinced Randy that if you
looked at a crowd of a thousand people
and people would just say hey was George
Noory in that crowd you'd probably say I
don't know right I couldn't see him but
under hypnosis it's in your brain and I
think you could pinpoint yeah he was he
was in the fourth row on the left it
happens like that now in this particular
case with you this secret program that
was what that was done how many people
do you think are involved in it today oh
goodness gracious I mean you if you want
to talk about the covert military space
program or secret space program at large
you're talking about you know hundreds
of thousands potentially millions of
at this point are they all knowledgeable
or what's happening to them or are they
you know walking around in two days it's
all compartmentalized so depending on
where you are what stage of your service
in or whether they've you know sent you
back and put you quote-unquote back into
your timeline to you know have your live
out your fate or your destiny as some of
them sometimes it's referred to and most
of the time most of those people are
returned with repressed memories so they
don't remember much of it they often
have like I did a series of emotional
psychological attachments or traumas
associated with their experience but the
linear conscious memory is often
detached but if you're still in service
then you're actively remembering what's
going on at that time but for security
reasons they pretty much suppress
people's memories when they return them
so it's I'd say that the majority of
people who have returned from service
have little or no understanding or
memory of what they've experienced I get
emails from people all the time who are
in the process of recovering memory and
are in the process of getting there but
who are absolutely not even at a stage
where they want to go public or do an
interview or I mean they it's the last
thing that they want to do they're still
trying to figure out what's going on
with themselves they're in an an earlier
state when I say earlier state that I
was in myself which is very confusing
because is it frustrating incredibly
because you you get these memories
they're very clear they're very vivid
they're often incredibly visceral and
emotionally traumatic but because they
don't match a linear map to what you
think you understand your life is it
doesn't make any sense and so while
you're missing those linear components
you're like well okay I remember this it
feels incredibly real it feels traumatic
it's very vivid but where's the linear
connection how in the world that I get
there and so a lot of people don't know
what to make of their experiences or you
know they do like I did for a certain
amount of time which is question their
mental health I was gonna say you think
you were going crazy Fred Times
absolutely it the thing that changed
that which I was so grateful for I had a
very dear friend who is a psychiatrist
actually and we were sitting in my
living room day having a cup of tea and
I said to him I said you know I'm really
not sure what's going on with my
at the moment I said I either have this
amazing crazy case of post traumatic
stress disorder that I need to sort out
or I'm absolutely bonkers and I'm really
not sure where to go with that and he
was so cool and calm about it he was
like whoa okay let's break out the book
and he pulled out the DSM for which it
was the for at that time right and said
let's look at your symptoms let's look
at all of these other possibilities
let's look at schizophrenia let's look
at schizoaffective disorder let's look
at bipolar disorder and we went through
one and ruled them all out and we ruled
them all out until we got to
post-traumatic stress disorder and it
was you know one two three four all the
way down the line so it was at that
point I felt medically convinced by a
medical professional that we had looked
at my behavioral health I did not have
enough of symptoms to be labeled or
classified as any of the other
behavioral health conditions and I had a
solid link to medical post-traumatic
stress disorder which then meant that
the experiences that I were having were
in fact real traumatic experiences that
I had to sort out so are you in the
program now which program in the Mars or
the moon program I'm still a part of
United States Marine Corps special
section officers have life commissions
which means I don't ever get to get out
until the day I die going to CIA or the
mob yeah a little bit
and so I will continue to do my work and
be associated with them and you know
have communications with the command
staff but I'm definitely in a unique
position where there's plenty of other
people within the program that don't
want me you know talking publicly and
plenty of other people why are you
talking public because my Brigadier
General and the command staff asked me
to talk publicly really why yeah well
they feel well I guess the long and
short of that is they feel that the
conversations with our extraterrestrial
friends and business partners has been
that we're supposed to have a global
disclosure moment so that people can
come into the know and the awareness of
that so that we can be making when I say
we we as an entire civilization as the
people can make informed decisions about
what's going on and what we're doing
people can't vote you know as an in make
an informed decision there's no real
see making informed decisions that
people don't know the truth about what
they're voting for what decisions
they're making so there are a number of
extraterrestrials who believe that
that's important that it's important
that people aren't lied to that it's
important we don't lie to the public
that it's important that we bring
everybody into a truthful awareness so
there's been this conversation for
decades on when that's supposed to be
the command staff feels like that we and
when I use this other weed that those
within the covert military space program
projects have delayed and delayed and
delayed and delayed that process to the
point of it harming civilization as we
know it and so the command staff decided
with a lot of other personnel with a lot
of other officers within Radian Guardian
that they needed to pick a spokesperson
to have a conversation to talk to the
gentleman and there was a short list of
officers from what I understand at first
and that was whittled down and
eventually got to me so were you
reluctant in the bed first oh yeah when
my Brigadier asked me said you want to
go public with your story I was furious
I said are you kidding me no I
absolutely do not want to go public with
my story I'm not going to be that I'm
not gonna be that I'm gonna be that guy
are you kidding me no I don't want to do
this we had conversations I would say
over about a two-week period it really
took some convincing he really had to
kind of have a lot of conversations
about the pros the cons what was better
or not better about you know me doing
that and I was convinced over time but
at first no I was incredibly reluctant
and had no interest in doing this job
what so well I've got to tell you where
India I have interviewed in my career
thousands of people thousands of people
there's an element of belief to you I'm
looking for body language I'm looking
for signs and I don't see it from you
well when when I was first talking with
my Brigadier and we were discussing how
I should talk or you know whether I
should how I should present the
information have you been schooled in
this interview no no no no just like I
said in the very beginning we were when
my Brigadier and I were having
conversations about how to talk to
people or how to talk to the public and
one of my questions was what do you want
me to tell people
you know how do you want me to package
information how do you want me to do
this and he basically said it is the
most important thing that you do nothing
other than tell the truth you said don't
package anything in a way that isn't
truthful that isn't honest don't
misrepresent yourself in any way shape
or form he said the most important thing
that we want you to do is be 100% honest
100% truthful all the time
he said now there may be certain things
that you don't want to tell people or
you don't want to share because you
think it may be a little too outside the
box and he said that's your call if you
don't want I want outside the box he
says if you've had an experience that
you think is a little too outside the
box and you don't want to talk about he
says that's up to you he said I just
want to make sure that you understand
you always be honest you always tell the
truth and you never deviate from that as
much as possible because people can feel
that people can hear it people can sense
it and the last thing we want is for
people to think that you're not being
honest or truthful so I from day one I
have endeavored to just be to sort of
get out of my own way as it were when I
talk to people about this and just tell
people the absolute truth from the best
of my recollection of what I remember
happened so let's talk about the moon
trip first and then bars and you can
explain to us some of the things that
I'm gonna ask you in a second when did
the moon trip occur the first one for
you the first one yeah oh I mean the
first one would have been childhood it
took you as a kid oh we started training
when I was probably about four or five
years old we landed on the moon
officially 1969 unofficially we landed
on the moon a couple of decades before
that so you think we went to the moon
before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
the military had the first lunar base I
believe built about 1955 who might be
the first American on the moon if it
wasn't Neil Armstrong some nameless
covert military space program astronaut
who will probably never know I mean III
certainly don't know who well anybody
died of tragedy on the moon I would say
almost certainly in the early days
because even though they were using
advanced reverse-engineered technology
from extraterrestrial vehicles that we
had recovered in the 40s it's still the
early days so mistakes mistakes
were made and I'm sure people died in
the brush Armstrong an altar and know
about this program there's some
discussion about that but most people
internally agree that they had some
briefing about that in fact they knew
that when they got there one of their
main missions was to look for and/or
explore artifacts or a very old crashed
vehicle or facilities did they find them
my understanding is they did my
understanding that was part of his job
and they did all right so you go there
as a kid
yep why take a kid to the Moon training
the training process from four years old
to 17 years old
it was vast are you in a spacesuit no
most of the time it's on in this base
called Luna Operations Command which is
a vast underground facility that has
some top ground facility but most of it
is you know stories and levels and
levels remember landing there I can
remember coming in a couple times on a
tr-3b and entering into a hangar coming
down on an elevator and it encloses and
in the elevator top comes that basically
comes down onto a landing platform it
drops which is and that turns out to be
a large elevator drops down and develop
ater the landing platform closes and
then it's in a large hangar which is
like stacks and stacks of bookshelves
it's all underground yeah except each
bookshelf is you know a square unit that
a ship can park in and how many people
are with you on this journey it would
vary but I would say on the vehicle at
any given time anywhere from fifteen to
thirty other recruits or passengers
primarily kids primarily of the same age
group of whatever I was at the time so
if I was five it was a bunch of
five-year-olds if I was ten it was a
bunch of ten year olds if I was thirteen
it was a bunch of thirteen yes so at
what age did you stop going to the moon
I mean I don't know about stopped going
I mean it was on and off all the way up
until you know my deployment to my tour
when I was seventeen and then the return
trip was a stop at the moon
and then you started going to Mars and
then get into anis right and then after
the tour of duty to Mars it was another
return trip back to Luna Operations
Command for what they call age-reversing
what are they doing there what do you
mean what are they doing there like what
are they doing what they're there for
what are they doing there what's the
purpose to have the largest forward
operating station for the covert
military space program that's not based
on planet Earth because the most secure
place you can have something is where no
civilian can walk across a boundary line
across a fence and no one can walk
across you know from here to the moon or
across that fence across that yard so to
speak without a spaceship so it's the
most secure place to have a covert
military operating facilities on the
moon or farther out amazing there truly
is a but I'm gonna understand they're
doing everything they're they do
training there they're doing science
experiments there there's a certain
amount of civilian personnel that come
to visit to observe what's going on in
the covert military space program
there's financier bankers who are
dealing with the money side of the
program it's it's a massive massive
military facility and the facility is
just huge how do they build it over time
you know keep digging down and down and
building larger must have sent equipment
oh yeah
digging equipment yep so the size of the
crafts to get that stuff there must have
been huge some of them were probably
pretty big some of the early Aurora
saucer craft are you know the size of a
football field I mean they're 100 you
know hundred meters 300 feet wide or so
so they could you know you could put a
whole bunch of a construction equipment
on a vehicle that big The Whistleblower
William Tompkins talks a lot about this
I was designed to design for the Navy
about 16 18 different classes of us
maybe battle group ships which didn't
exist and these were the larger ones or
one kilometer to six kilometer these
ships fly in space their spacecraft
carriers I designed US Navy spacecraft
carriers which finally got built back in
the late 70s up in Utah underneath the
ground and that sea you've seen the
pictures of US Navy spaceships solar
warden so solar warden came out of a
think tank inside of engineering at
Douglas and a whole lot of other stuff
came out why would he be lying
oh he's not know the I spent the end of
my 20-year career as a pilot aboard the
EB FSS Nautilus the Nautilus is one of
those ships that's you know a couple
months his designs yeah yeah it's
basically an aircraft carrier that's
like a long tube geez Brandi it's
absolutely amazing the story so you're
on the moon you're doing things you're
doing studies what was the time period
you would stay at any given time
I would say anywhere from about 16 hours
to two or three weeks at a time
so nothing really longer than that no
that was usually a training session were
they constantly replacing personnel or
were people there for 3-4 years I don't
know what the typical tour of duty for
people at Luna operations command is but
I know there is a constant rotation of
personnel when I was in the MDF we had a
weekly rotation of you know we would
lose people that would die and then we
would end up having you know new people
come in every week we had the the
kitchen staff the galley staff which was
basically civilian contractors who would
come in and service you know food would
rotate out about every three or four
weeks so you know they had a rotation
that was about every month or a month
and a half was there anybody born on the
moon not that I could say personally
aware of I wouldn't be surprised if at
some point that was a scientific
experiment because that would be truly
an extraterrestrial right they were yeah
I know that they the colonies on Mars
have had people actually born on Mars
since then who then our earth
transplants but if they're born there
then they're not earthling the marker
they're they're human Martians yeah
they're Martians I wonder if they're
considered citizens of this planet they
are not considered terrestrial citizens
they're considered citizens of the Mars
colonies and because of the gravity they
can never come back here all right let's
move on to Mars for a second when you
started going to Mars did they have a
fully equipped base at the time or were
you in its infancy as well oh no I would
say that everything had been well
developed I mean I felt like when I
showed up there I was showed up in the
middle of a well-oiled machine operation
I need to get going on four years before
I got there what's the advantage of
being on Mars what are they doing there
I don't know about the advantage but
they trying to sustain and defend the
colonies which I can't say I know much
about we never got to go to the colonies
or see them we were kept very separate
from them my understanding is the
colonies are engaged in mining
operations agricultural operations
basically anything and everything that a
colony would want to do to say both
self-sufficient and to be able to create
enough excess of something to trade back
to the planet or somewhere else for
profits because these have to be
financially profitable ventures
according to the financial people who
are in charge of them but as a military
operative our job was simply to Accu pi
the base in which we occupied and to
patrol and defend or protect a certain
grid territory that was on our map to
defend and protect our other countries
there absolutely yeah I would say what
used what they used to call the g8
countries I would say that list of
countries their personnel from all of
those countries that are at some point
in part of the you know covert
militaries we bring them along yeah
absolutely I mean those people my
understanding is that each country who
participates takes personnel and a
parcel and that parcel is then handed
over in a stack of paperwork to the code
at military space program activities
somebody some bureaucrats some low-level
officers junior officers at Luna
Operations Command get that stack of
paperwork on what that personnel is and
then their job is to assign those
personnel to the various positions
within the program that they need to put
bodies into at any given time because of
space and distance how long were you on
Mars about seven little over 17 years 70
straight yeah continuous yeah absolutely
I lived there you were on Mars for 17
straight years 17 years three months 14
days did it feel like a prison sentence
no I mean it didn't feel like that it
felt like a lengthy deployment you know
it felt like this is where we were gonna
be for a long time I'd say after the
first few years we were pretty
acclimated that this is just what we
were gonna do until you know we were not
doing it anymore until we either dead or
got sent back did you have a salary I
was supposed to be accruing a salary
that was supposed to go into an account
that I was supposed to get later but
that turns out to be sort of a lie that
they tell everybody because so you got
nothing got nothing you were on Mars for
17 years of course you didn't have to
worry about rent no food was provided
yeah men health care and you thought
you're earning accruing the paycheck
that was everything that you figured we
would have how much by the time you came
back oh it should have been you know it
should have been well you know it's been
well over a million dollars yeah and you
had nothing I got nothing did you feel
cheated well since I couldn't remember
right away I didn't feel anything about
it but once I started to remember the
process I got pretty angry about being
cheated in that process
are they stiffing everybody oh
absolutely it's how they save money you
know by not paying their person it's
there's essentially this very quasi gray
line with you know what's slavery and
not slavery which is another thing that
a lot of our extraterrestrial friends
are unhappy about because there there
are other worlds that we have you know
agreements and treaties with who think
that slavery is essentially an immoral
unethical activity and that we have
treaties and contract sign that we're
not supposed to engage in acts of
slavery so as long as we're doing things
that are quasi slavery then we have
these disagreements about
we're supposed to do it so we're
disclosing for the first time on this
program that the secret space program
isn't pain its employees a vast number
of them a vast number of them are being
told that they're going to be paid when
it'll be going to be paid later gonna be
told that they're gonna get rotated back
get a nice cushy job you know with a
pension and do that you can you well I'm
in a process with my congressman's
office to get paperwork to get papers to
get documents and what should at some
point end up probably in a settlement
but you know that's just gonna take
it'll be sealed you know that
oh I'm fine with that I really don't
care if you know they take me into a
room and say here you can look at this
here you know we'll give you the subject
but you can't ever talk about this I'm
fine with that I understand the
protocols and I'm fine with that well
you must be driving them crazy now I
know that some people are perfectly
happy with what I'm doing because they
know it needs to be discussed and I know
that there's other people who absolutely
hate my guts for doing it so you know
whatever tell me about Tony Rodriguez
nice guy whistleblower I've spoken to
him he seems like a really nice guy and
he has a way of recollecting his version
of events that seem incredibly
legitimate to me that recall events that
seem beyond his ability to fabricate
them and certainly he has discussed a
few different things that I have also
experienced that you know make his his
recollection seemed completely
legitimate to me I'll have you verify
what we're about to see what Michael
Salah and Tony Rodriguez sure but I got
lost and I saw two guys in a military
uniform but they were aliens one guy was
like I want to say he looked like a cat
but it wasn't the case he had coarse
orange hair he was shorter and stocky
and he had kind of like he was ugly
looking you know he's ugly I really
don't know how to describe more than
that he had hair and the other guy was
smaller and he was more of a fish yet
like a fish eyes and a snout you know
what I mean and they were together and I
walked because they were in uniform I
thought that you know that they were
and the army like I was or whatever I
was in you know the fleet I thought they
were part of the fleet so I asked them
I'm lost can you guys help me out and
they said I had to wear a collar a slave
collar there was a correction collar and
you would get electric electrified if
you if you were disciplined and they saw
my collar and said what are you doing
talking to us don't even talk to us how
are you even out here you don't have
money and they were you know what are
you doing here they immediately you know
what makes you think we're gonna help
you and and it was it was a telepathic
communication I said I'm lost can you
just tell me how to get back to my
hangar to the hangar area and they said
how you can't even get to the hangar
area guys like you don't even have money
I said I got money and as soon as I
showed them my money the one punched me
and I they basically beat me up and took
my money I got mugged please what do you
think of them that sounds like a
legitimate experience it does it does
absolutely does now he called the et
ugly beauty is in the eyes of the
ABB's they probably thought he was a I'm
sure that they did yeah but these things
are happening the way he described it I
I would suggest that one of the probably
most interesting things that I got to do
when I was stationed on the Nautilus was
go on to diplomatic missions and
diplomatic missions to the intergalactic
space station that orbits around Jupiter
which is essentially a diplomatic
meeting area for hundreds of species and
us and them coming of tell me did you
meet meet personally I would say several
dozen see hundreds hundreds because the
main meeting room is this large room
that's like several hundred meters wide
with you know Florida ceilings probably
70 or 80 feet high with I want to say
glass but it probably wasn't you know
silicon glass windows that went all the
way around that you had this amazing
view they all look different as we
varied and different as you can possibly
say I would say the smallest extra
trevor saw was probably about 1824
inches high and the largest one was
probably 60 feet tall 60 feet but saul
feet tall yeah did it look human
humanoid in the sense you know two arms
two legs
no bipedal you know you could identify
you could certainly identify it by
looking at it but I wouldn't say that it
just looked like you were I see
defeat all it had some other sort of
distinguishing features and would you
say the ETS were all benevolent or not
in that particular location
everyone who's there is there to have a
conversation about trade contracts
negotiations so everyone's on their best
behavior everyone's being nice it's
usually not a bunch of you know grunts
you know arguing about its its diplomats
its officers it's people out of various
you know ambassadorial or diplomatic
cores having conversations so everyone's
pretty cordial there everyone's pretty
cordial captain Kramer do you wake up
sweating and upset I used to have night
terrors yeah I used to I don't have them
so much anymore lots of therapy is you
know gotten me to an okay place where I
can talk about a lot of things have
undergone psychiatric counseling um I'm
sure absolutely not had done to
counseling I went to a psychiatrist for
a while oh yeah absolutely
medication um antidepressants
anti-anxiety medication for a little
while to deal with the depression and
the anxiety yeah you off that now oh
yeah for years how many people do you
think come out of these programs the
same way I would say that most people
come out of these programs having had a
series of experiences that have either
shocked them traumatized them or unnerve
them in a way that they're
psychologically unsteady because of it
and it takes you know a certain amount
of just going through some kind of
healing process to get to be able to
where you can feel stable again you
served in the Marine Corps you took an
oath I served in the Navy I took an oath
and feel as if we've done things for
country absolutely do you think being in
these programs you've done something for
our country or do you feel used and
abused I know that my oath was to
protect my planet and my people from you
know anything and everything that could
do it harm and so in that sense I feel
like I've done my job than I did what I
was supposed to do I certainly feel I
feel taken advantage by the bureaucratic
sin the system I feel that my military
commanders you know did their best to
train me the best that they could to
treat me that the best they could with
respect and dignity and honor
and that they continue to do so but
there is definitely a disconnect between
what certain military personnel think
should happen and what is okay and the
way to treat people and the way certain
members of the bureaucratic
administrative part thing that it's okay
to treat people there's a major
disconnect there for sure do you have
children none at this time all right if
you did would you want them in this
program that's a tough call on the one
hand I wouldn't necessarily want them to
have my experiences right on the other
hand I would have to say that if that
was you know their destiny to have to go
through that then you know I would just
want to be the best parent in the world
to try and support them in that process
and their recovery in that process would
you go through what you went through
again not voluntarily no not voluntary
but it take you but at the same time you
know I can't look back at those
experiences and say I wouldn't want them
as part of my life experience they make
me who I am and they certainly are the
best and the worst of everything that
I've ever experienced so that's a tough
one I mean I wouldn't necessarily go
back and say yeah I volunteered to do
this again but I wouldn't go back and
take it away either because there's too
much value as a human being that I've
gained from those experiences to want to
undo them what would your commanding
officer say once he sees this interview
where do you go right on Randy you got
the message out that we wanted you to or
you said too much what would he say
um he's made it very clear that as the
spokesperson it's my job to just speak
clearly and honestly and truthful and
that it's not up for anybody else to
judge whether I'm doing the right job or
not the first couple of interviews that
I did I remember discussing this with
him and asking him you know did I do
okay and he kind of hemmed and hawed and
I was like what what did I not do is
like well you kind of softballs a little
bit and I was like what do you mean I
softball he said well you kind of you
went out there not really being you and
I was like oh you mean you want me to
sort of you know curse and swear yell
and scream some more and he was like
well if that's you then be you he said I
don't want you to go out there and put
on a present
tation for people i want you to go out
there and tell people the truth and be
you so I felt like the first couple of
interviews that I did I was you know
trying to be a little stiffer sure and
you know that his only advice was to
just you know loosen up and be you and
so the more I feel like I'm just being
honest and being myself then I'm doing
the right thing so do you miss the
program hardly but you know oddly enough
sometimes I do
oddly enough sometimes I do there is a
certain to make friend sir oh absolutely
yeah yeah absolutely there is a certain
certainty about service in combat that
makes your life black and white and
clear in certain ways and I guess
sometimes I miss that because trying to
be a navigate civilian life is very
cloudy and very grey sometimes and it's
not always so clear what you're supposed
to do or what the right thing to do is
or what choice ABCD or e you're supposed
to take when you're serving in a
military unit it's much more clear you
know you do this you don't do this and
so sometimes I miss that simplicity sure
what would you say Randy was your best
experience either on the moon or on Mars
that just was so fulfilling for you
we were actually my squad and I were
captured by indigenous Reptoids on Mars
and spent five and a half months living
with them and I assured yeah like in
they're not all friendly we were in a
constant state of military combat with
two indigenous species and insectoid
species and a Reptoid species which then
got more complicated when the draconian
invasion occurred and then it was a very
complicated sort of war concert of
violence very very violent on a vert on
a regular basis I mean we were in
probably active combat engagements every
three to four did we lose personnel all
the time
and did they all the time what kind of
weaponry would we use our prime for
soldiers on the ground our primary
weapon Ria's a magnetic propelled
Ralph's rifle or a Gauss cows gun or a
that fires out you know magnetically
propelled slugs and if it hits one of
these beans what happens depending on
who it is
or depending on the size of the slug it
you know usually penetrates and goes
right through em and then kill some and
doesn't necessarily kill him right away
depending on their internal structure
the indigenous Reptoids had a double
circulatory system they had two hearts
with it what I would call an internal
organ circulatory system and then a
perimeter external circulatory system so
you could shoot holes in their arms and
legs and they wouldn't lose blood
pressure well they wouldn't lose blood
pressure in their central organs so you
really had to aim for you know you had
to hit a couple vitals in the central
area before they would go down so it's
violent they're very very it's not as
friendly as one would think
no it's an incredibly violent experience
did you meet any ETS you liked yeah no
absolutely I mean like I said when we
were captured and we actually were the
whole purpose wasn't you know to torture
us for five months the whole purpose was
actually for us to live among them for
five months so that we could go back
with an experience to say you know
they're not all bad you know and kind of
have this Congress did you live with
them in a subterranean community they
all live underground the Moon or Mars on
Mars yeah on Mars in their craft
they have craft but we didn't ever see
them they didn't ever use them they had
sort of chosen to live in a state of
what I would say is sort of a more
chosen primitive state than what their
technology could allow them to do
because they feel that technology is
what destroyed their atmosphere and
nearly destroyed their planet in the
first place and so they were trying to
live a little bit differently but I
would also you know say that that was
specific to this particular group or
you know this community or that lived in
this particular area that if you went
global you know with the indigenous
Reptoids they're not all on the same
page about that depending on what part
of the planet you landed on or engage
with them with would greatly vary the
experience that you would have with them
can you describe what they look like
sure I mean they looked like a bipedal
I would call sort of a rock lizard so
not like a crocodile or an alligator
kind of yeah I mean they have a shorter
snout pterence company you love this one
yeah have a shorter snout they tend to
have a reddish to Sandy colored skin or
scale walk upright or walk upright on
two legs but there is quite a bit of
variation in the patterning that can
show up on their scaling so they often
would have black yellow red you know
some very interesting patterning on
their scales would you any I would say
they height wise could vary from about
five and a half feet tall most seven
feet how do they communicate they
communicate verbally they can speak some
of them are very developed and they can
communicate Sion they have their own
language absolutely they do yeah how is
their pitched voice I would say again
that depends on the heights just like us
you know a bigger person with a bigger
set of lungs is going to have a deeper
voice and it's not necessarily yeah but
you know I would say that it the main
variation is in their tongue and their
palate so our tongue and our palate is a
strong dictator in how our speech sounds
their tongue and their palate is a
strong dictator and how their language
sounds so they're not as benevolent as
one would think
dr. David Jacobs may be correct when he
says there's an evil presence with some
of these I would say some of them are
more enlightened than others just like
human beings are a little more
enlightened than others but you know
like everybody they can have an
aggressive nature to them they can have
a warlike nature to them and you know
you get into a conflict with them and
they can resort to their primal angry
ourselves just like we do in a combat
situation some of the tribes are
definitely very warlike and if you met
them you'd probably just be food if you
couldn't win the fight so they eat us oh
sure yeah so The Twilight Zone show to
serve man was correct well I mean you
know they certainly some of them see us
as a completely different species a
completely different type of animal and
so you know we can certainly be on the
menu how many bases are there that we
have oh I would say hundreds probably
but I have no idea the actual scattered
all over the honey yeah
he easily hundreds if not thousands but
I couldn't give you a number what about
the ETS I would say more they probably
have even more bases and more stations
than we do because there's at least
three or four intelligent species that
live on Planet on Mars at least three or
four that I'm aware of
I've only met two of them are we
concerned that they're there there's
obviously we can't get rid of them I
wouldn't say concerned my understanding
is the main purpose of continuing to
engage in military conflict is to test
weaponry and to test tools so we
certainly see that as a testing ground
for you know military technology to just
get better and better and better so in
some ways it's just what we do there and
it's you know it's a perfectly good
testing ground for that material at this
point have you seen some of their craft
up front
um not the indigenous species on Mars
I've seen other extraterrestrial craft
but not the indigenous species who live
on Mars and are we still recruiting
people to go there absolutely I mean
people some people are engineered from
the ground up like myself and then
parceled into a program and then
deployed some people are recruited from
covert military covert black programs or
other officer programs and people are
requested or asked to and some people
are just you know told you know you're
getting redeployed and gets sent there
Billy Carson has been on the deep-space
Gaea program and he talks about worker
obviously being recruited for missions
such as Randy Cramer was on would have
to be difficult to say the least how
could they get anyone to volunteer for
such dangerous work I believe there are
a lot of missing people on this planet
thousands of people document are
disappearing every single year now
there's a book that came out called
alternative three and the third option
was to actually have a breakaway
civilization on another planet and in
this plan they also needed to take
people you had to have people in
specific industries doctors you had to
have farmers you have to have you have
all different types of people from all
different types of arenas so that you
can actually populate this new
civilization and create the
infrastructure along with that it's very
possible that they have used some type
of an MK ULTRA or mind-controlling
device or even a serum to convince
people or to take people off this planet
what a story yeah I'm sure that happens
all the time
if you went out on the streets today
Randy and pulled people and told them
that your story what do you think they'd
say it depends on the person you know I
certainly get enough for random people
who you know want to you know give me a
high five and say I totally believe
you're Indian you know I've get I get
occasional hate mail from people who you
know think that I'm fraudulent to so if
guy I paid for it would you take a
polygraph test in a heartbeat you would
not only would I take a polygraph test
you can give me a shot at try penile
sodium in the arm and you can give me a
truth serum and I'll take a polygraph
test interesting yeah it may do this in
a heartbeat let's do it in a heartbeat
interesting take I've offered that a
number of times no one's taken me report
the results on the program absolutely
I've offered that a number of times and
no one's ever taken me up on it but I do
it in a heartbeat
that would be intriguing in a heartbeat
yeah and if you pass it it tells us
volumes about what's going on I got no
problem with that I'm happy to do it
happy to do it I have thrown that
gauntlet down for years and no one's
picked it up so please be the first
we'll get our staff to work don't do it
and see where we get to it you live on
the Oregon side of the coast are you but
we can get you back and probably do it
here it's a short flight you know some
great law enforcement polygraph
examiner's that's what I've heard
do it alright we'll do it they'll do it
and have they'll analyze you first and
they'll say he's qualified to do it some
people aren't sure yeah I'm happy to do
it where does this program go now in
your opinion it's gonna continue to go
on and on and on and on what we
understand one of the other main reasons
why we feel that disclosure is fairly
important is this reason itself is
because their personnel shortfalls and
as long as their personnel shortfalls
that we have to kidnap or force people
into recruitment we're in that you know
quasi slavery area which you know
violates treaties that we've signed with
other species and we think the most
ethical way to go through with this is
to have a publicly aware program so that
people can volunteer I can tell you
right now I get enough emails from
people who are asking me how do I
volunteer how do I become like I'm
surprised that you even asked me that
but there are plenty of people who if
you gave them the opportunity to you
know go into a recruiting center in site
sign me up
they would sign up in a heartbeat Travis
Walton of course from fire in the sky
who was zapped aboard a craft a long
time ago and was witnessed by his lager
buddies all passed polygraph tests all
of them right they all passed polygraph
tests what does it tell you about these
stories because there are a number of
others out there like you who don't say
what you just said put me through a
polygraph test what if they say I don't
want to do it how does that tell you
any anyone who's putting themselves in a
gray area of not willing to be
scrutinized is gonna make me question
whether the being completely honest or
not I think that anyone who feels like
they're coming from an honest place
shouldn't shy away from that kind of
scrutiny at all they should be more than
willing to be scrutinized if they're
telling the truth I think so without any
doubt without any doubt at all and you
know coming from someone like you who's
been there before would you say there
are a lot of people out there who are
making this up or jumping on this
bandwagon I think there's a complicated
answer to that which is from
some of what I understand and have heard
some people talk about their stories I
think you have a class of people who are
absolutely positively telling the truth
to the best of their ability I think you
have some people whose information may
have been tampered with in their own
minds and their own brains and so
they're telling a version of events that
other people want them to tell I think
that there are other people who have
simply not gone through the personal
memory recovering process or healing
process to get to true accurate
recollections of their memories so that
they may simply be recollecting things
that are not completely accurate but I
don't necessarily think that it's
intentional so and I think there's
probably one or two people that are just
out and out might be lying but I think
it's so far most of the people that I
have seen who are talking about this are
putting themselves in a position of
personal risk or putting themselves a
position of not you know there's nobody
and why would they do it and there's
nobody that I know who's making a bunch
of money at it so they're not doing it
for the money they're not doing it for
the you know maybe if they're doing it
for you know a teeny little bit of Fame
that they might be getting but most of
them are doing it because they feel like
you know it's their duty or part of you
know them being a part of a truth you
know movement to tell the truth but
again whether they're actually telling a
hundred percent the truth or not is not
necessarily up to them or maybe they
just haven't gone through a deep
recollection process to get to the
absolute truth I can tell you that the
memory recovery process was long arduous
and complicated for me and the main
issue is that you're facing traumatic
memories and your brain doesn't
necessarily want to face traumatic
memory so when you hit those traumatic
memories the first thing that it wants
to do is steer you away from them and so
I can just say that it took an intense
amount of personal will to just keep
barreling through each traumatic memory
so that I would my mantra was I want the
truth the whole truth and nothing but
the truth so help you God right so that
was what I got but some people maybe
haven't done that and so maybe their
brains haven't given them the complete
truth that they
should be telling the truth but again
I'm not accusing anybody of you know
fabricating anything on purpose or
telling lies on purpose because I don't
I haven't met or talked to anyone who's
doing that most of the people I'm
talking to of either doing the best that
they can to recollect the truth or just
might not have gotten to the truth or in
some cases may have had their brains
tampered with in order to tell a version
of events that is not completely
accurate but that someone else wants
them to tell captain Kramer what is the
twenty and back program well they
basically figure that a tour duty in
order for them to make all their money
requires a 20-year tour so 20-year tour
duty is essentially you a commitment of
20 years yeah you deploy someone for a
20-year tour of duty and then you return
them and the return process they do you
know what we sort of what is called
age-reversing but it really has nothing
to do with that at all because the body
that you're in is pretty much so badly
damaged that they have to you know throw
it in the trash bin after 20 years yeah
so from what I understand they basically
have to hatch you out a new clone that's
the same age that when you left and
transfer your soul in your consciousness
do some complicated technological and do
that too it's a quantum fluid dynamic
from what I understand that the soul is
actually a quantum fluid dynamic and so
in that sense it can be removed from one
vessel and put into another and item
obviously I was unconscious for the
process I can't tell you how it was done
was it done to you oh absolutely you're
in a different body yeah absolutely yet
your soul and your personality and
everything memory that has all been
transferred absolutely I'm not sure
about the soul being able to do that
memory maybe they may have that ability
to download and transfer well again but
my understanding is that the soul is a
quantum fluid dynamic and so being a
quantum fluid dynamic it can be
quote-unquote pumped from one vessel and
put back into another again that's not
my area so I couldn't tell you you know
how the science works behind that but
from what I've had the way I've had it
explained to me that's how it's done
what happened to your old body where is
it dumped in the incinerator I'm sure
does it bother you
no it's not really you like you
does I mean as much as it should be
because I looking at touch her hands
yeah sure I mean I look in the mirror
and I see humans I see me looking back
so it feels like me as much as it could
be so you know it was this body made in
a laboratory as near as I can understand
yeah hatched out of a clone you know -
same with your face and everything or
you're a total clone of who you were the
physical body absolutely you know yet
you have memory from your past right
because they put they take everything
that's internal into the old body and
put it into the new one and you're just
you know the same person you look in the
mirror you're younger but it's the same
you feels like the island of dr. Moreau
it's a little weird sometimes if I think
about it if I think about it too much it
will like twist my brain a little bit so
I try not to think about it too much is
it difficult for you now to have a
relationship because of all of this um
it can be a strain it can be a strain do
you cry I can have all kinds of emotions
about the process at different times but
you know I'm also completely okay with
who I am I'm completely okay with who I
am I'm okay being in the skin that I'm
in I'm okay having my experiences that
I've had I'm okay knowing that I have to
live my life the way that I have to live
my life so I'm okay with me and you
would do it again and anybody who's not
okay with me is you know that's their
problem but not mine so but you'd do it
again the same program again not
necessarily by choice but at the same
time I wouldn't undo the experiences
that I've had no glad it's happened to
you or would you prefer that it never
did I kind of have to think of it like
my tour of duty is like a giant crap
filled with crap up to here with whipped
cream and a cherry on top and so I had
to go through finish off a whole crap
milkshake but then at the end there was
this you know whipped cream and cherry
on the top that kind of almost makes it
worth it that I just wouldn't want to
trade anything for so I just accept both
with that except the good in the bad
with that what's the title of your
upcoming book
we haven't secured the is been number
four yet so I'm keeping it under my hat
we're absolutely done but it will be I
don't know when we're gonna air this but
it's from today's date it should be
anytime within the next couple of months
and it's on the subject matter obvious
oh it's the volume one of three that
it's gonna be of my memoirs which will
basically be my Mars XO you're going
public in a big way absolutely
ya know I've been working I've been told
that I should work on it for the last
six years and it's just been such a
traumatic process to sit down and try
and write the experiences that I just
it's just been a back and forth back and
forth process and I just kind of had to
end up in my own psychological emotional
basement to be able to do it so and
you're ready yeah absolutely
captain thanks for being on be habló oh
thank you my pleasure thanks for having
me to appreciate a pleasure
he says he'll take a polygraph test
you've offered to him what an amazing
moment that would be if he takes him and
passes I'm George Noory and thanks for
watching beyond belief

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Дэвид Айк в гостях у Регины Меридит. 2018


расшифровка на англ.
Скрытый текст:
REGINA MEREDITH: Many of you have seen David Icke and I
in several previous conversations,
but this one today is perhaps the most comprehensive of all.
We're going to dive into the actual definition
of the Archontic Realm, and then break
free solutions that deliver us back to our own loving nature.
Without further ado, let's welcome David Icke.
David, it's so good to see you again
DAVID ICKE: Thank you.
REGINA. Haven't seen you in the flesh in a few years.
REGINA: And have to say, you re
looking rosier, healthier, and happier
than I have ever seen you.
ICKE: Yeah, I feel good.
and growing younger.
REGINA: You're growing younger.
ICKE Yeah, this growing old stuff, I'll give it up.
REGINA: It doesn't work.
ICKE: No, it doesn't work.
It's not good.
Too many things starts to hurt, and I've
decided they are not going to hurt anymore.
REGINA: But it's crazy, because you
used to be in a lot of pa n.
And you've been on a major tour.
Like, the last month.
And-- because we'll be talking about this in a moment
because in your understanding of it, this is all an illusion.
And if this is an illusion, then we
can create it any way we want, and you
have chosen to age backwards.
ICKE: Well, yeah
The thing is that if you start from the point that the mind
let me just make a definition there.
What I call mind is that^ which interacts and perceives
the world of the so-called five senses.
I say consciousness, the real eye is beyond that.
But whether it's consciousness or mind, that is dictating
the reality it's experiencing.
So I've got one word for you.
ICKE: Placebo.
REGINA: Placebo.
Love the word placebo.
ICKE: Placebo.
Because you know, I studied Japanese.
What is that?
That is when two groups o people are in a medical study.
One is given the, quote, "drug".
The other one is not.
And when you study these, you study these studies,
you find that often, the people on the placebo get the effect.
I mean, I read a study once of a trial in which half the people,
were given LSD and ha f the people were given a placebo.
It was a sugar pill or something.
And people on the placebo sugar pill went out on the trip,
I've read studies where they did control groups for hair growth
drugs, and some of the people on the placebo
started growing hair.
REGINA: Absolutely.
ICKE: Now this is the power of the mind,
which people also call belief, to impact upon reality.
Now if you bring this back to human society,
if you can program someone s perception from cradle
to grave...
and what we call a human life is just a programming download
from cradle to grave, from conning out of the womb
and into the perceptual influence of the parents who've
been through the process you're about to go through.
You then go to school at the earliest age now.
You know, three, four years of age.
And you are then given, throughout your formative years
right into your teenage years, the version of reality,
history, what's right, what's wrong, what's possible,
that's impossible, nature of everything
from representatives of the state called
teachers and academics.
AI around you are other people that
have been through the same program who
are confirming to you that what you've downloaded is true.
You then go out into the institutions of work,
of politics like across the road from where we are now,
Houses of Parliament.
You go into medicine, you go into science,
you go into journalism, you go into all these institutions.
And you meet people who went through the process you've just
done ahead of you.
And they all down loaded the same program
and therefore, they are confirming to you
and you're confirming to them that the program is real .
You've got the media 24/7 telling you the program
is real.
And from therefore, cradle to grave, you are downloading
and having constant y confirmed a version of reality
that call the postage stamp consensus
Tiny, tiny little band of possibility,
including the nature of who we are
and the nature of the reality we're experiencing
And therefore, what you are doing
is programming perception in the same way
as believing the placebo pill is real and will have
the effect of the real drug.
Your mind then in that perceptually programmed state
will manifest the reality that the program has dictated
is real.
REGINA: You know what's interesting,
David, is when people think of you they think,
you know David's all about the conspiracy.
He's about, like, tearing down the House of Lords,
and so forth.
And the reality is while you're trying to inform people
how the program happens, your passion
is about alerting people to the fact
‘that this programmable reality can
be unprogrammed and reprogrammed toward our own favor.
That's your passion.
That's why you like talking so much
about the nature of reality and have
throughout all of your books all of these years.
Though what you're known for is the conspiracy, right?
And so let's talk about that.
Yeah, go ahead and make your comment first.
ICKE: They're seamless.
People, even in the area of alternative thought,
see divisions between things that aren't there.
The world is as it is in terms of manipulated wars,
manipulated banking systems, manipulated accumulation
of vast wealth in the hands of the few.
And the rest can get on with it without anything
like the same number of choices, the same ability
to decide their life, because of this program.
And what you find with this program
is it infests every perception with a simple
that I would call a simple description.
Unquestioned belief.
That's what this program is.
It's unquestioned belief.
So you download the program and then you don't question it,
and then you jump on anyone that does question it,
and put pressure on them to conform as well
for the crime o being different
And then you go on and
you won't question until you come
to you won't question the nature of reality and what it is.
You don't question the nature of who you are as opposed
to what you've been told you are,
which is basically a list of labels.
am an A, B, C. Man, woman black, white transgender,
And so this whole so-called conspiracy
is all based on manipulating and downloading
a perception o reality which plays out
as a perception of everything.
So there are no divisions between them.
You know, they get away with what
they do in terms of world events,
because people don't question what's really going on.
And once you start questioning the nature of reality,
then everything else starts to unravel.
Because I find this when I do talks around the world.
I'm doing a series of evening events at the moment
and I start out not talking about the manipulated wars
and banking systems and the privilege of royalty,
but about the nature of reality.
Because you know, people think that a few people controlling
the world is kind of far out and not possible a bit weird.
And then you say, well, actually, we
are currently perceiving a tiny sliver
of the electromagnetic spectrum, which
according to mainstream science is 0.005% of what
exists in the universe.
Say that light fell over.
It will only make a noise if we hear it,
because when it falls over, all it's doing
is disturbing the energetic field
and creating a vibration...
REGINA: Creating vibration.
Yes, of course.
ICKE: We only hear it when the ears transfer
that gravitational effect into an electrical form, which they
then communicate to the brain which
then hears the sound of the light falling over.
Now compared with that, when we experience reality
in a completely different way of everything being solid
and we look out of our eyes and we can see everything
in the space we're looking at, compared with that,
few people manipulating wars, which can be shown
to be provable fact, by the way, and directing human society
so that the power and control goes into fewer and fewer hands
every day is small deal.
So this whole perceptual program affects,
and in a negative sense infests all our perceptions)
Thus, all our behavior.
What does behavior come from?
It comes from perceptions of reality.
What I will say now, what I will do, what I will challenge,
what I won't challenge what I'll not believe
and what I will believe is dictated
by my perception of reality.
So you control perception of the population,
and then you manipulate them to insist
that everybody else accepts the same perception,
or they get called ridiculed or crazy or dangerous.
And basically, you control the world.
So you know, I look at the alternative media,
and I see them about fighting the enemy and stockpiling
weapons and all these fives sense perceptions of how
you deal with apparent y, though they're not,
five sense problems.
And what I don't see in the vast majority
of the alternative media is this balance
of, A, exposing the names, dates,
places, world events manipulation,
but also connecting it to the fact
that it's only possible because we
have given our minds away, our perceptions away.
The placebo is telling us what to think.
And by doing so, we are collectively
creating the world we think someone else has created.
REG NA: Yes.
So now we get down to the real nuts and bolts of it.
It doesn't matter who you speak to
It doesn't matter even speaking to love y intuitive sources
in the other world.
I can say without exception all of them
have said even if they don't choose to go into it,
yes, there are forces that are interfering
with the people of your planet.
And that goes without exception.
In every intuitive source, every channel
where we featured on Gaia privately
when I've spoken to them said, they're being said, yes.
You are being interfered with.
Your job is to break that.
So I think people have a hard time accepting
that this reality, this bandwidth we're living in
on Earth is balanced between the higher realms and the lower
And by nature of higher realms, you don it interfere.
You let people get on with it and help if it's requested
or if it's needed.
The lower realms don't have those same virtues
that they live by.
They're intrusive, invasive, and usurious.
And they're coming into our reality all the time.
So now I think it's a good it me to start explaining to people
and you did a beautiful job of it in your new book
what the Archontic Realm, as it's called, is.
How these real y lower consciousness being
interface with our reality.
They may be powerful , but still lower consciousness.
ICKE: Well, to really get it to its foundation level,
in my view, my research over, what, 30 years,
you've got to get out of the realm of form.
Form is the place where consciousness
has a vehicle to experience particular bands of frequency.
This is why we have this who e concept through the ages
to present day of possession.
What is possession?
It's another consciousness taking
over the perceptual processes of another form.
This is what happens.
And of course, you know, if you look at possession
and it's really extreme level where people's faces are
actually changing, then what is happening
is that the possessing consciousness is impacting
upon what I would say is a holographic form
of the possessed person.
And thus, you've got, if you like, an information
field imposing itself on another information field
until the possessing information field becomes
so dominant that it starts to affect the hologram,
and the hologram starts to shift.
Any observer says: "whoa.
A face is changing.
I've seen it.
It happens."
And so we get out the realms of form,
we can see what we're dealing with.
We talk about balanced behavior.
We talk about psychopathic behavior
And anyone will appreciate immediately
they are very different.
So what is balanced behavior?
It's a state of balanced consciousness
a state a balanced awareness, a state of balance
here you have little things like empathy,
where you can put yourself in the feelings of others
that you affect, which has a massive impact on what
you will and will not do, because you have this
if not awareness of what you're doing, which is what empathy
is. you have an emotional consequence when
you make other people suffer.,
That's balance, and that creates a certain type of world.
It creates a certain type of society,
a certain type of interaction.
Then you've got the psychopathic state of mind.
And if you look at something called the hair test, named
after the guy who came up with it, of psychopathic traits,
and what they say is if you've got enough of these traits,
you are deemed a psychopath, at the top of them is no empathy.
No ability to put yourself in the feelings of those you make
So one, you've got no emotional consequence
for whatever you do.
No shame is another one.
No care about what you need to do to get what you want.
Anything goes to get what you want.
There are no limits.
Another psychopathic trait.
Parasiting off the target, whether it's
an individual or a population.
A pathological liar is another one of the psychopathic traits.
Now, OK.
Now think of the society that would create,
as opposed to the balanced society with empathy and love
and caring and integrity.
Completely different society.
And what we are doing in this reality
is seeing the two in the same reality.
You see people of the former state
of beings' perception, behavior, and then you
see the psychopaths.
And what tends to happen and not by coincidence
is the psychopaths tend to get into positions of power.
And it's systematically done.
If you look at the hierarchy of power in the world,
in any country, you'll invariably
find psychopaths working all the way
through the major positions of power that
are impacting upon society
So if you look at ancient writings and ancient legends
and ancient accounts, they all talk
and no matter what the culture s, no matter where
it is-- they all talk about; this manipulative force, which
they give different names.
And all the people the anthropologists
and the historians go around, and they
seem to think that all these different names for gods
and manipulators and the different cultures
are all different gods of manipulators.
They're not.
Just break down how they're being described, for goodness
sake, and you see actually they're
different names for the same force.
And this force of manipulation falls
straight into the category of being psychopathic.
So if you go beyond the realms of form,
you're dealing with different states of consciousness.
And one of the names given to this force
is Archons or Archontic, which comes from the gnostic belief
system, particularly those out of Egypt,
who left the Nag Hammadi texts that were found in Egypt
in 1945 in an earthen jar.
And these were, it seems. hidden around 400 AD, which
would kind of sink with destruction
of the great library of Alexandria,
which of, basically rub by...
REGINA: And the rise of Constantine and Catholic church?
ICKE: Yes, and Catholic church
destroyed anything that challenged the Catholic church.
And therefore, they targeted the great library
of Alexandria which was basically
run by gnostic thinkers who had a much more
open mind to everything.
And in these Nag Hammadi texts, about a fifth of them
talk about this Archontic force, which they say
takes form and manipulates human society.
Indeed, they say and it fits massively
with what 'm saying too... that this reality was actually
created by that force, this reality we're experiencing
through the five senses.
And in their prime form, they are just energy.
Although they do take form, but really, it's just energy.
So that fits too with what I'm saying
about the fact we're dealing with different states
of consciousness.
And this Archontic awareness, if you like,
is extremely psychopathic, extremely distorting,
and its impacted upon this reality
to the point where its distortion is distorting
the reality that we are living in.
And if you don it hold your consciousness, awareness
in that balanced state, and therefore not get pulled in,
it will pull you in.
And I can't describe it any more accurately, not even
symbolical y accurately, than to call it a computer virus.
You have a computer, and it's working fine.
Say the computer is symbolic of the five
senses, the conscious mind.
And you have the person with the mouse and the keyboard.
Say that's symbolic of consciousness beyond the five
sense mind the conscious mind.
Everything's fine, because you've got the computer itself
interacting with the internet, the collective reality
But you've got the person with the mouse and the keyboard
with the bigger picture who's guiding that journey
across the internet.
Now imagine... of course, it happens all the time
a virus takes over the computer.
Now the person who's got the big picture who's
been guiding the computer through the internet
is now banging the mouse and banging the keyboard.
Nothing's happening.
The computer's gone its own way.
It's gone where it wants to go on the internet now,
and nothing works.
And it all becomes distorted and a mess and everything
slows down or quickens up, whatever
the effect of the virus.
That's what’s happened in this world.
The true self expanded awareness has been disconnected,
not least through the perceptual programs, from five sense mine.
So five sense mind becomes isolated.
Now if you're in this, which is just a band of frequency
it's not even a world.
It's an information source that we're decoding.
If you're in it and interacting with it,
and your whole perception of reality
is also in that frequency band, you're in the world
and you're of the world.
Where is your information coming that's going
to give you a fix and an understanding on the reality
you're experiencing?
From the reality you're experiencing.
And so if you control the media and you control the education
system and you control all the sources of communication,
the only information you're getting
to give you a perception of the reality you're experiencing
is coming from the realty you're experiencing.
But when you expand your awareness beyond the program,
beyond the postage stamp, as I call it
you're now tapping in to levels of reality
that are beyond the program.
You're tapping into the person again,
with the mouse and the keyboard.
And from that perception, you start
to see the realty that you're experiencing
a completely different way.
Now you're in the world, because yes, we're interacting with it,
Of course.
Otherwise, I can' pick that cup up.
But our perceptions of that world
are no longer entirely of that world.
You're the guy with the mouse and the keyboard again.
And that's when everything changes
Now you look at the pressures.
You look at the pressures throughout someone's life
not to break out of that in the world and of the world.
Total ridicule, condemnation, all of it.
And what we need to do is have the backbone initially
you don't need it later...
to reject that perceptual imposition,
that psychological fascism, because that's what it is,
that is holding humanity in servitude
to this force, which is basically
the dominant force within this band of frequency
that we are experiencing.
But it's not the dominant force beyond it.
REGINA No, absolutely not.
So if we're looking at that psychopathic force without form
that has a way of insinuating itself into the appropriate
host, would you say that in general...
and it can be all throughout society...
it takes a certain kind of person
to claw their way to the top of any field, right?
So whether they're in Parliament or whether they're
in, you know, entertainment or whatnot,
there are certain people that are known to kind of step
over each other's backs to get where they want to go.
Would you say that it's that personality and resonance
field itself that makes them a good host
for the Archontic energy to flow through?
ICKE: Well, there's number of levels of this.
In the end, we're talking about frequency.
If you expand your awareness, you expand yourself identity
from I am little me and my little set of labels
I've been given, to I am infinite awareness having
those experiences, then your frequency immediately
starts to resonate quicker.
The more you get pulled into low vibrational emotion,
the more you get pulled into myopic self-identities
am Ethel on the checkout, and that's all am...
then your frequency starts to fall.
This is why when people are in states of anxiety
or n states of fear and depression they say,
oh, I m so...
REGINA: Which all the media tries to keep is there.
ICKE: Exactly.
I feel so heavy today.
And when you're in a state of joy and positivity, you say,
I feel so light today.
Because they're different frequency states.
And as you say, if you look at human society and all
the forces of communication, which equal perception,
they're all basically trying to keep us
in a low vibrational state by keeping us in fear,
by keeping us in anxiety.
REGINA: And distracted.
Terribly distracted.
ICKE: Distracted, stressed, and with a very narrow sense
of our identity and our own...
REGINA: Our possibility.
ICKE. --our own power.
ICKE: So what that's doing is pulling us
into a low-frequency state.
Now this is where
which I've written about a lot over the years
this is where these bloodlines come in,
these particular family bloodlines
that go way back to the ancient word
and incessantly interbreed with each other.
Well, people say about loyalty and about the aristocracy,
or it's the blue bloods, they call them.
Oh, they interbreed to keep the genes up.
And they interbreed with each other
to keep a certain information frequency field
through their generations.
Which, if it was interbred and interspersed
with the general population, then that particular Archontic,
I would call it, information field, bloodline
would be quickly diluted.
So these bloodlines have been specifically created
to process information in a way that does not
have empathy, and all those traits of the hair
test of a psychopath.
If you've got a computer and you program it in a certain way,
it will decode information in that way.
Won't decode information outside of that.
Only that way.
Now if we're going to get streetwise
to the force that's manipulating human society,
we've got to get streetwise to the fact
it doesn't have the limitations, particularly emotional
limitations that we have.
So you've got these particular bloodlines, which started out
as out and out royalty, kings and queens of the ancient past,
and the aristocracy.
And then when-- apart from, of course
we still have the royal family here and in one or two
other countries.
But there came a point where humanity in general
started rejecting this in-your-face control
by royal bloodline
So these bloodlines then went out
into the dark suit professions of banking, of politics,
of business, of media ownership, and all the institutions
of science and medicine.
And they've gone on manipulating ever since.
But they still perceive themselves,
even though they're not out and out called royalty,
they still see themselves as a special bloodline,
the bloodlines of the gods.
This is where this Whole concept of royalty
and the divine right to rule comes from.
So you've got these bloodlines, which
are of a particular informational, information
processing nature that become incredibly
easy for this Archontic force to possess,
because the frequency compatibility is so close.
And you have them with this inability
to express empathy and the ability
to express all the character traits of psychopaths.
Which is why the world is as it is
and why you find the psychopaths in the positions of power
And then there's others
this is one of the ways the secret society networks
where they're keeping an eye on people.
They do this at universities in this country like Oxford
and Cambridge and in the Ivy League universities of America.
REGINA: For the people with those very traits.
a couple of them
where they're a little tweaked, they
don't have the normal kind of constraints of the personality.
ICKE: Exactly.
They're looking for them.
I mean, you talk to Satanists, and what they tell you
those that are in the know,,,
is that you know like the Anton Lavey kind of level
of the Church of Satan.
REGINA: Right.
ICKE: It's not Sunday school, but by comparison it's
Sunday school, compared with the real deep levels of Satanism,
which actually is the force behind these bloodlines.
It's the way they interact with their masters,
if you like, in these rituals.
But what they're looking
of outer levels of Satanism are people with particular traits
And they'll give them things to do
and they give them, like, questionnaire tests.
In this situation, would you do this?
Would you do that?
And if they show in these tests they have no empathy
and will do horrific things, then they go deeper...
REGINA: They're recruited.
They're recruited by intelligence.
They're recruited into academic circles.
They're recruited into media.
I am aware of this.
ICKE: Exactly.
So through this whole recruitment
system of psychopaths, plus the inner core who are basically
interbreeding psychopaths, you concentrate power
in the world right across the institutions of politics
and banking and business and journalism,
in terms of media ownership, and of academia and science
and medicine.
And you call the shots of society,
because all these institutions are fiercely
compartmentalized pyramids.
You've got the tiny few at the top.
There is your psychopaths.
And then as you come down the pyramid
in all these organizations, you're
meeting more and more and more people
who know less and less and less about what
the organization's about.
They're just adding their part without realizing
how their part connects to everyone else's part.
And you have then therefore a global structure
of the imposition on the global population of a few people
at the top with vast numbers, playing their part
and pushing that control forward while having no idea that's
what they're doing.
REGINA: Exactly.
So let's talk about this.
You know, everybody says, toward what end?
What is it that these beings want
to achieve in and of themselves at human expense?
And what would they like to see this planet ultimately become?
ICKE: Well, there's many, many levels to that.
But imagine you are a distorted state of consciousness.
Imagine a distorted vibrational state.
That's you.
That's what you are.
Doesn't mean you have to stay like that,
but it's what you are and what's driving everything you do.
For more and more power, you want
to pull more and more consciousness
into that vibration.
That's what we're seeing.
We see it in human society.
More and more people have been pulled over the years
into this distortion.
And what happens when they do that is this on a consciousness
level, this distortion is basically
absorbing, assimilating\ into itself
all the consciousness that it's got
to vibrate at the same level, vibration as itself.
So it gets more...
REGINA: So than a fuel.
it's a food source.
It's a nutrient, a low-frequency nutrient
that resonates with the beings.
ICKE: Yeah.
It's like having a computer^ virus which starts off
infecting one computer.
And then it infects another computer and another compute
and another computer, until you've
got a massive global computer virus
infection that is affecting, you know, computers
on a very large scale.
What is that virus doing?
It's absorbing the balance that those computers were working on
into itself, so the computers start
to manifest the traits off the distortion, of the virus.
This is precisely what is happening.
And the deal is to absorb the human mind
into this distortion via artificial intelligence
and a technological connection of the brain body to Al.
And you know, not too long ago if I'd
have said that people would have said, you're mad, mate.
That would never happen.
And you see, if you thin about it, what has happened up
to this point is human perception has been manipulated
by control of information received,
because people's perceptions come from information received.
And if it's not through a personal experience,
it's through some form of information communication.
This stage we're entering now, unless we wake up fast,
is bringing an end to the manipulation
of human perception by* control of information.
And it's turning artificial intelligence
into human perception.
It becomes it.
So what people think, how people feel
becomes whatever AI dictates.
I mean, you look at what Kurzweil
is saying, for instance that once the connection is made
between the human brain, human mind,
and artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence will
have more and more and more influence
until the human thought processes
that we perceive now are negligible and eventually
It's an assimilation.
It's an assimilation into artificial intelligence.
And I hear all the time now...
of course we do...
Al this, AI that, AI the other, Al's taking over the military,
Al's taking over communication.
Al this, AI that.
I don't hear this question.
What is Al?
What is it?
What is this, artificial intelligence
that's taking everything over?
Because we're being invaded.
We're being invaded.
Our minds are being invaded and our society is being invaded...
REGINA: And you're saying it's a technological assimilation
of the human collective consciousness.
ICKE: Yeah, and I'm asking this.
What is Al?
And I feel this strongly after all these years of research
that AI is this Archontic force.
See, there's two types of Al.
There's algorithmic Al, codes.
And then there's what they're calling
strong Al, which is an AI that's basically
a form of consciousness.
And this is what I say is going to lead to the infusion
into this technological control system
of this Archontic c distortion, which will then be controlling
human perceptions like humans were just
computer terminals on someone else's internet.
REGINA: The way we're plugged into our technology, that's
a very like y outcome, because we've given over
our own consciousness to the information that's constantly
streaming in everybody's hands.
Here on the Tube, everybody's on their own little devices,
Being programmed minute by minute.
ICKE: Yeah, well, you know, something else
I point out in the book is this very easy-to-follow process
of how this has been brought about.
Number one, you get people addicted
to technology they hold.
Then you move on to...
because you want to get inside the body.
REGINA: Because you had to put a little entertainment in there
to keep people...
keep the juice going, to keep people hooked into it.
ICKE: Then you go to technology on the body.
This is your Bluetooth, your Google Glass, your Apple Watch.
And now we're already seeing it.
You go inside the body, and many levels to that as well.
But I'm saying that this extraordinary level
of addiction to technology now, especially among the young,
is not just...
well, on one level it's the brain
becoming addicted to the electronic digital stimulation.
REGINA: Absolutely.
The speed at which the experience is happening too.
ICKE: It goes into cold turkey when
people put their phone down.
But I think there's more to it than that.
think there's something coming off
these phones, actually, that are having an addictive impact.
And so you get people addicted to technology.
You get people-- especially when people are born into this word
now, it's all they know.
You get them to make a psychological connection
to technology.
Because before you can make a physical connection,
you've got to make a psychological connection.
And once that psychological connection's made...
and this, by the way, is what these digital assistants are
all about like Echo and AIexa.
What is that doing?
That's getting people in their own homes
all the time to make a psychological connection,
an interaction to AL.
And you are seeing this psychological connection.
This is why they're having Barbie dolls
connected to the internet so young, young kids
from the earliest ages having conversation interactions
with artificial intelligence...
REGINA: Don't get me going.
I agree with you.
ICKE: This is what it's all about.
So let's talk about it now.
We're going to start looking at the story
from the other side of it.
We're seeing the problem.
And you know, certainly people say, oh my god, the problem
is so scary.
It scares me.
It's so fear-based.
But the reality is, it's just information.
It doesn't have to frighten you if you understand you have
the ultimate power over this.
The individual does have the ultimate power.
It's not as though it's not a task
to try to break free of this matrix that's been created.
But we do have the power to do so,
so let's look at it from a soul level.
Souls are still continuing to incarnate on Earth.
The soul is something much finer than AI.
It's much finer than what these low-density beings can create.
What would you say is the opportunity for a soul, who
is always looking to expand and experience
and glow and refine, to incarnate into this matrix?
ICKE: Well, I mean you know, maybe it's
not a ways free will, you know?
I mean you know, bees get attracted to honey pots,
but who's waiting with the swatter next to the honey pot?
REGINA: Well, we might disagree
on that, because I do think souls have
some say in what they're going to do.
ICKE: It depends...
I think it depends on the level of consciousness.
of what you call soul, whether they are drawn in to this
or whether they make a choice.
Probably both is true.
But the point about fear...
I mean, you know, when I started this journey,
conscious y started it 30 years ago,
I was seeing what we then called New Age people...
I don't hear that phrase so much these days...
who were calling about letting go of fear.
And then they were saying to people like me,
you can't say that.
You'll frighten people.
And I used to say to them, what happened to letting go of fear?
You know, there's one thing for sure
that will make certain that we will do nothing
about what's going on, and that is
ignorance of what is going on.
REGINA: That is very true.
ICKE: The bottom lines we have
to appreciate what is happening and how the scam works,
how the perceptual manipulation works
Because without that, we've got no chanced.
There is nothing more manipulatable than genuineness
that isn't streetwise.
Easiest thing in the world.
And so it's no good people saying.
well, this might frighten people, because, well, they'll
have to be frightened then.
Because if they're not frightened now,
they will be a bit further down the line.
So we face it now or we face it then,
when it's much more difficult to turn around.
And so there's two levels of it.
One, we have to understand how it works,
because by understanding the problem,
then you can understand, how to remove
the cause of the problem.
The cause of the problem is how literally comparatively
a handful of people and that consciousness they represent
controls and dictates the lives of 7.5 billion.
It's because most of the 7.5 billion
are n ignorance that it's going on,
and certainly n ignorance of how the scam works
and how they're being manipulated.
REGINA: And being kept so exhausted they don't have time
to contemplate it.
ICKE: Exactly.
I mean, you know, it's the old thing.
Keep their heads down, and they'll never
look up and see what's actually going on.
So we need to understand what's happening.
But this is why the outward expression
of the manipulation, human society and what goes on there
should be communicated.
And for me, has to be communicated
with the nature of reality and the nature of who we are.
Because then we can not only see how this plays out,
but how it can unplay out.
We have given our minds away to a perceptual program that
gives us a particular perception of reality
and a particular perception of self.
What I'm saying is that we are interacting
with this, what you might call quantum field of possibility
and probability, within a frequency band represented
by our perceptions.
Everything in our reality is frequency.
So little me, I've got no power is a frequency.
It's a very dense frequency.
It's a very narrow frequency.
I am all that is, has been, and ever can be is an expanded
frequency, because it's an expanded self-identity,
and it is a very high, comparatively, vibrational...
REGINA: And more empowering by far.
ICKE: Yeah.
So I'm little me, I have no power,
is interacting symbolically with this field of possibility
and probability and this narrow band.
And it creates a feedback loop in effect,
Where your perceptions become your experienced reality.
And then when you expand your awareness,
you expand your self identity, now
you're interacting with a quantum
field of possibility and probability
in a much more expanded way.
And what happens?
What happens when people so-called wake up, which means
wake up from the program or start to?
They start to notice the incredible synchronicity
in their life that suddenly starts.
These amazing coincidences, these amazing bits of luck,
these manifestations.
Oh my goodness.
Fancy seeing you here, huh?
That's incredible to meet \ you here, thousands of miles
from home, and there you go.
Oh, it's amazing.
That starts to happen.
I am little me becomes I am infinite me.
And therefore, the amount of possibility and probability
that we are interacting with massively expands.
So what you man test in the feedback loop of perception
becomes experienced reality dramatically changes.
And this is-- you know, coming around
to how we started out here, if you walk through fire believing
you'll get burned, then they'll be calling an ambulance.
But if you go into other levels of awareness
that will not perceive that dynamic, that feedback loop...
I'll get burned,...
then you can walk through fire and not
get burned, which of course is what people do.
REGINA: Yeah, your atomic structure literally
changes according to that thought.
ICKE: Exactly.
And so when you are changing your perception,
you change your experienced reality.
So conning back to how we started out,
if you believe that life is random
and that you go through an aging process
because that's encoded in the body anyway,
but it can be unencoded...
and if the body's a hologram, what does
a hologram need to breathe?
Have you ever seen a hologram have to breathe?
Have you ever seen a hologram age?
But if you perceive that, then again,
the placebo symbolic effect will manifest it.
And people look around them, and what do they see?
They see people aging everywhere.
Oh, god.
You can't do that at your age.
It's all a program.
And we have the ability to take power over that program
back any time we choose, but the program is constantly
telling us we don't have that power, because it's
self preserving itself.
REGINA: I'd like to spend some time talking about that,
because that is what people need to understand loud and clear.
They do have that power.
They need to understand how to identify
the actual I. Not the little me, but the real true self.
And so they can start aligning with that
and break free of this matrix.
ICKE. Well, if you asked almost everybody
the question who are you, they'll
give you a list of labels.
I'm a mom, I'm a TV lady, I'm a whatever.
ICKE: Yeah.
But that's not who you are.
That's what you're experiencing.
And one of the great foundations of
this whole perceptual^ control of the human race
s to get people to self-identify
with their experience instead of the consciousness
that's having the experience.
You know, when people have near-death experiences
and they leave the body, and suddenly, whoa they
massively expand their awareness and can experience
multiple realities in the same moment, all that's happened
is that I has left the body, which is doing what?
It's focusing our attention in a narrow band of frequency.
So as soon as it leaves the body, that focus of attention's
gone, and suddenly you have expanded states of awareness.
That's the I.
I remember-- quick story.
When my mother died, at that point.
I'd never seen a dead body.
It just hadn't been in my experience.
But on the morning of the funeral,
I went to the funeral parlor, and there was my mother,
lying on the slab.
And I touched her hand.
Stone cold.
Next to her was a big, b own-up picture of her,
which my brother had had done, which
was going to stand next to the coffin in the funeral service.
The body had no life.
I mean, talk about dead.
The picture was alive.
It was alive.
REGINA: It had the sparkle in her eyes, the personality
and feeling.
ICKE What was in that picture but wasn't
in the body, that's who we are.
ICKE: And so when you start self-identifying
with that level of self, that I, a massive effect happens.
Because that expanded perception first of all
changes the frequency and everything
that we are operating on, and the interaction
with possibility and probability.
But it also puts what experiences
we're having into perspective.
Instead of the experiences overwhelming you
because the experiences are you, they
become something transitory that you are experiencing
And that's what this is.
And if people just realize that, I think they'd chill out more.
REGINA: I think they would.
I think the biggest issue is people say,
but I don't know how to do that.
And so they'll go into mediation classes
and be very diligent and try to find the I in that
And oftentimes, that doesn't work.
And you know, interestingly, in some
of the workshops I do for people,
I had this one little meditation that
is so freeing because you go back
to kindergarten, to the desires of what you
had when you were a little kid.
These unfettered desires that no one had trampled on yet.
And it is shocking how close people
start coming to what it is they are again
by going into that little experience of what they loved
when they were a child.
And I guide him through it and all.
But it seems to be so far that desire
of what one is passionate about seems
to be the closest tool to getting people up
into that field of who I am.
ICKE: And it's interesting also going on
from that to ask the question, how many people in this word
are doing what they want to do?
REGINA: Almost no one.
REGINA: Well, and that's what they all discover in this.
ICKE: They're doing what the system tells them they must do.
The whole system is set up to enforce...
mean, here's a simple thing.
What is freedom?
In this reality, \ what is freedom?
What is freedom anywhere?
It's choice.
ICKE: The more choices you have, the freer you are.
So what does the system do?
It takes choice away.
Or the perception of choice away.
And therefore, people get up in the morning
to get through to going to bed.
And so weekends become this big thing
because, oh, I've got to work, I haven't got to do this,
I haven't got to do that.
But you know, you look at it people and how many times
they're saying all the time, I've got to, got to, got to,
got to, got to.
Just, OK.
Just take a breath.
Just, let's go through these go tos
and see what you really have to do
and which of them you perceive you have to do,
because that's the program of reality that you've taken on.
And when you realize that we are consciousness having
a transitory experience in this reality, and you know,
you haven't got to get anywhere, you
haven't got to be someone, you're already
a point of attention within all that is, has been, and ever
could be, all possibility, what do you
mean you've got to be someone?
What someone can you be that's more than
being a point of attention within all possibility?
But it's this go to, got to, got it.
And basically-- and I saw this advertisement once.
It couldn't have been a great advertisement, because I
can't remember what it was for, but it was a brilliant concept.
This child comes out of the womb at one end
and flies through the air like a missile.
And as it's flying through the air,
it's aging and aging and aging and aging.
And then it hits the cemetery at the other end.
And that's life.
It's like, got to, got to, got to.
But we haven't.
You see, someone said to me the other day,
why are you always working?
Why don't you have more in your life?
You know.
And l said well, A because I like working.
But also because had this perception
of what I'm doing a long time ago
that you see, people, they look at a human life
and they say it has to have this,
it has to have that, it has to have a balance.
So it has to have work, it has to have this,
it has to have that.
And so people say I go to work, and then I'll go out,
and that's my chill time, right?
Well, often it isn't these days, but that's my chill time,
they say.
I just see it over long period.
feel my perception of my life is I've come to work.
REGINA: You have come to work, and you do.
I know you well enough to know you work hard every day,
but you love what you do.
ICKE: Yeah.
But I've come to work.
I'm at work now.
REGINA: You're here.
When you are out of your body.
ICKE: The person they call David Icke has come to work.
I didn't realize that for a long time in my life, but I do now.
I've come to work.
And when I leave this reality, I'll go and chill or something.
It's just seeing it over\ longer period than just
concertinaing it all into...
REGINA: Into a week, into a seven-day cycle.
ICKE: Into this transitory threescore years and 10.
REGINA: I agree.
And people want to know you, because they
want to know David.
They know this part of you.
The people that know your work know that of you.
But there are other things that you love and give you,
great joy in life besides just your work,
and I think the viewers would love
to hear a couple things that just kind of warm
your heart up.
ICKE: I love the landscape of England.
I love landscape in general.
I think they're works of art.
I love seeing people happy.
That's what makes me cry.
I don't think I've ever cried in my life
at something that was sad, because my instincts are
if can, I want to do something about it.
What makes me cry is people happy,
is people doing lovely things for people.
That's what affects me in that way.
So I get great joy from seeing the kindness of people,
because people are kind.
You know, this distortion is not all powerful,
and it's not alt controlling either.
It's just controlled the positions of power
to a very large extent, but it's not
controlled all the processes and reactions
of the human population.
And you see this kindness coming out in people often,
so I love that.
And you know, I just...
REGINA: I can think\ of a couple things,
just knowing you a bit.
ICKE: Oh, go on then.
You love choo choo trains.
You love steam trains and riding on trains
and looking at the country on trains.
ICKE: Yeah, I tell you what that's connected you.
I tell you what that's connected to.
It's connected to my childhood, because there is
a film crew out of California doing a film about my life
and work at the moment.
And I spoke back in Leicester, my hometown in the English
Midlands about three weeks ago and went back to all the places
that I knew as a kid, and you know,
where I used to often watch trains.
But the trains, the steam trains and all these
preserved lines in England I like to go to,.
they're basically just taking you
back to what was a lovely time in my life,
a simple time n my life.
I was born in 1952, and anyone that was born more recently
would not believe how different the world is
to when I was born in 1952.
It was a simple life in the sense
hat you had to make your own pleasure.
You had to be imaginative.
And what see with children today...
and this say is absolutely systematic...
is they're not just allowed to play and let
their imagination run riot and go where it wants to go.
They're focused all the time, not
least on these technological devices.
The more focused you are, the more
you're shutting out peripheral vision
and peripheral imagination.
And that, I think, is not a good thing.
I'll tell you one of the things that
hit me when I went back to the old house
where I was brought up.
My brother still lives there.
There was a green in front.
It was a big council estate
There was a green.
But I was fortunate, given it was a council estate,
and normally it's houses as far as the eye can see.
Because there was a green just across from the house,
and there was this spinney, this wood next to it
between two roads.
And so my childhood was climbing trees and playing football
on that green.
And there were kids everywhere.
There were kids out playing football,
there were kids climbing trees, there
were kids playing hide, and seek in the forest.
And I went back, and first of all, there
was a tree that was planted at that time.
Made me think, about time.
And it was a sapling, and it was tied
to a post to hold it up till it got to some size,
could grow on its own.
That was our goal post.
That was that post.
And we put a coat down the, other side for the other post.
REGINA: Right.
ICKE: I went back two weeks ago
That tree's about this big now, this sapling I remember.
But you know what h it me when I looked?
REGINA: No kids.
ICKE: No children.
And the media has perpetuated this notion.,
In the US, they call it stranger danger, stranger danger.
You walk around n the US, and these little kids
won't smile at you.
You can-- hi, you know?
Most of them will not smile back.
They'll kind of retract, like, stranger danger.
I'm not supposed to talk to you.
don't already know you.
This to me is-- that is sad.
ICKE: Yeah, the houses where I was brought up
are family houses.
REGINA: It’s like public housing in America.
ICKE: Yeah, but they're family houses.
You know?
They're big enough for families/
And so families still live in them today.
But where are the children?
And this is changing the way that children
and young people's brains work.
REGINA Absolutely.
ICKE: It's changing the way they perceive
the world, because you know, I've been saying
for a long time, you know, the generations that were born
before this great transformation,
this great technological transformation at least,
have a big responsibility in the sense
that we can remember what it was like against what it is now.
And therefore, we have a radar or a perceptual range
that can see the dramatic, almost indescribable changes
that have taken place in such a short time.
Whereas people born and kids born into the world
today or born in the recent past,
they're born into it as it is.
And of course, what people tend to do,
we all do is when you come into the word, you tend to think,
this is how it is.
And so they're being born into a world of to them,
this is how it is.
Whereas to someone like me born in 1952, it's like, whoa.
The transformation in such a short time is incredible.
And so it's a radar.
It's a perceptual range that when
the generations of the '50s and '60s even have gone,
that will not be there.
This is how it is.
REGINA. Well, can I just add something that kind of
gives me a little bit of hope?
You know, you look to kind of pop culture
to see where the collective mind might be headed.
And there's an interesting magazine that has just
appeared in the United States.
It's not well-known.
It's I think it's only had three editions so far.
It's called the Farmhouse Movement.
And what it's doing, it's by millennials,
and it's written for millennials.
Very short articles, lots of beautiful pictures,
but a lot of lovely how-tos and so forth
to get your fingers dirty, get your kids off
of technology, back to the land, raising little chickens
and animals, even if you just have a tiny plot of land.
all the older fellows have either died off
or sold and gone to homes.
And this land is all being bought
by young families with two and three little kids who
are all raising little animals.
And this is, in my area, ubiquitous now.
Everyone around us are these young families.
ICKE: Well, this is a point that's important to make
is that it's very clear when you observe young people today
the difference between the conscious and the unconscious.
ICKE: Because for me, the young generations today
are the most perceptually targeted
and certainly-- well, I would say in human history because
of the technological impact of that perceptual programming.
And you're seeing this creation of the snowflake mentality
where people cal themselves anti-fascists
while acting like Nazis in terms of destroying freedom
of speech and everything.
And they are in so many ways the Stormtroopers
of the Orwellian world.
But at the same it me, you see young people
who despite the programming, despite the perceptual
targeting from birth, basically. have seen through it
and are seeing through it.
And that's the power of consciousness over program.
And the program is the village idiot.
It's the two-stone weakling compared with consciousness
in its power.
And that's why the system has to work
so hard to keep the population in this perceptually programmed
state, because it's terrified of people waking up.
Which means what?
What does waking up mean?
If you are consciousness, but you're
operating within a bubble of that consciousness which
I would call perception, then waking up
is not finding something.
It's not even seeking something.
It's removing the perceptual onion skins of programming
to allow the true self in.
It's basically deleting the virus
so we start hearing the mouse and the keyboard again.
ICKE: This is one of the things
that won't say has irritated me over the years,
but it's made me shake my head.
You know when people want power, they
want people to think ' they have something
that others don't have, and that it's very difficult and complex
and time consuming over a period for you
that don't have it to have what I have, right?
Now that's power, because you're telling people how difficult it
is to be like me.
It isn't.
It's a hoax.
It's another hoax.
I've never meditated in my life.
I've nothing against it.
say mediate.
don't sit there cross-legged.
I've got arthritis in my knees
Can't cross my knees anyway.
But I daydream a lot, let my mind go where it wants to go.
I do that most of the time.
It's my basically base state.
But I don't fast, you know?
I don't go out and sit in a forest for a month.
I don't do any of this stuff, I which you're supposed to do.
Or go on a quest and all this stuff.
You know, go and sit in a sweat lodge
for days on end or something.
I don't know.
And I'm not knocking any of those things.
I'm not knocking any of those things.
And I'm sure some people find them beneficial.
What I'm saying is it's not as complex as it's made out.
We are consciousness.
The scale of the consciousness we are
has been imprisoned and\ enslaved by myopic perception
myopic self identity.
We change the self-identity, everything changes
And no cross-legged on a mountain necessary.
No walking around temples in India necessary.
Just re self-identity of who we are.
And from that, everything comes
Just for a month, just for a month try it.
Go through your life self-identifying
with being all that is, has been, and ever can be,
having an experience.
All consciousness, all possibility,
having an experience, and seeing the labels that
were your previous self identity as merely a set of experiences
we're having.
And I tell you what.
If you do that and mean it, you watch the experiences change.
REGINA: Absolutely.
ICKE: You watch the experiences changed
REGINA: No. it’s very true.
And I'm going to end on this one thing,
because I think it's so appropriate.
This was on page 666 of your book, by the way.
ICKE: Oh, symbolic.
REGINA: It's symbolic.
And it says, "No one rules if no one obeys."
It's not about protest.
It's about mass non-cooperation with the program.
ICKE: That's all it is.
And that's why we have the fault lines of divide and rule
falling into greater and greater minutiae of detail, which
is coming from the greater and greater subdivision
of self-identity.
You know, there was a time, for instance
when you had the idea that I'm a man or I'm a woman,
white, whatever.
These were self-identities, which
could have divide and rule fault lines put between them.
Because when there's a few and you
ant to control a vast population,
you've got to get the vast population at war with itself.
REGINA: Absolutely.
Which we do politics and everything else.
ICKE: Exactly.
If the population, you total population is united,
then you've got a big problem.
If it's in harmony, you've got a massive problem.
You need a disharmonious, chaotic state
of inter-label conflict, and then you
can pull the strings of everyone without them realizing
there are any strings at all.
And what we're seeing now with this whole transgender thing...
I could talk about that for hours
and why that's suddenly come out of nowhere...
is the minutiae of self-identity subdividing and subdividing.
We've had feminists and transgender activists
having fights in the street in Britain.
And so the more you subdivide self-identity into I am are,
and then there's a lot of letters, a lot of letters
where am I in them letters?
Oh, you're there.
You're them too.
You know, all this stuff.
I mean, hello?
Then the further you're moving away
from self identity with consciousness
to self identity with not just labels, though certainly that,
sub-labels, but with the world p of the five senses, which
self identifies with the body, not with consciousness
REGINA: Yes. indeed.
David, on that note, gosh, this has
been a wonderful conversation.
I've absolutely loved it.
I think we covered the depth of it pretty well.
Is there any final statement you'd like to make?
I mean, yes, we could talk for another 10 or 12 hours,
but considering this is roughly an hour interview.
Wei, again, we come back to the self-identity.
Who is the I?
Are you little me I?
In which case, you will live a little me life.
Or are you infinite me I, in which case
your life will be dramatically different?
Because possibility is only what we believe it to be.
The more you believe in I can't, the more you won't.
The more you believe in can do anything
the more you will experience what you perceive.
What you believe, you perceive.
What you perceive, you experience.
And I had some posters made which
say, change your perception change your life.
Because your life is your perception.
And these people are manipulating!
human society know that.
They know that dynamic.
They know that one causes the other.
They know if they can get our perception,
they've got our experience
We take our perception back, we take our lives back.
No meditation necessary.
REGINA: Thank you so much on that note, David.
And thank you for being the warrior
you've been the last 30 years.
I know everybody thanks you for that.
But it's not been easy doing what you do.
You go through a lot to do it, but you love it.
ICKE: I do, and it gets easier.
REGINA: It does.
And you get younger as a result.
REGINA: You're hacking into the matrix yourself.
Really, you look younger than when I saw you five years ago.
Anyway, thank you, David.
Again, David's new book Everything You Need to Know
But Have Never Been Told," which you can
find at all major booksellers.
Until next time, thank you for joining us here.
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NOORY: Welcome to another edition
of "Beyond Belief."
I'm George Noory.
And wait till you hear this incredible story
from Jason Rice.
Now Jason is an engineer, former second lieutenant
in the United States Army, a military person,
just like I was.
And he will be telling us a story about the Secret Space
not just that it exists but what his involvement in it
has been.
And it's going to knock your socks off.
Jason, welcome to Beyond Belief."
RICE: Thank you, George.
Appreciate it.
NOORY: What an amazing story.
Absolutely amazing.
Now, on the first glimpse of it, somebody
who will hear this story is going to say, oh, come on.
Secret Space Program?
This happened to him?
What do you say to somebody like that at this point?
RICE: At this point, I would say,
if I was talking to myself two years ago,
that would have had the same thoughts
NOORY: Really?
RICE: I would have.
NOORY: You would have doubted yourself?
RICE: I would have doubted it.
But having had the memories that have come back to me, the ones
that I've been able to regain and relive,
know for certain that the Secret Space Program
is for real, that there is a shadow government, that there
are things and technologies that are available that
aren't available to the rest of the population on this planet.
NOORY: Let's go back to the beginning that you can recall.
And then tell us about this recollection,
how this is coming back to you.
Because I also understand that you
have agreed to do some past life regress on and also
some other types of studies to pull this out of you.
You're not hiding anything.
But how did this first start coming?
I mean, did you have dreams, nightmares about a Secret Space
What happened?
RICE: Well, the very first indication
that something wasn't right, George,
was when I exited the US Army.
I had PTSD that I was suffering from.
And that was the first indication
that there was something wrong.
And not having a context to put it to,
it was just one of those strange things.
And so a number of years went by,
and I went in for outpatient surgery.
This was the second indication that something was off.
I was coming out of the anesthesia.
And I don't remember this, but I was told this
by the surgical staff.
And I was talking about my involvement in a space program,
being an astronaut and being out in space
and helping with the space program.
And they chalked it up to talking under the medication.
NOORY: Sure.
RICE: And I again had no context for it
And so I was like, OK, that was just one of those things.
I don't remember it anyway.
A number of years go by, and I start having things come back.
OK, think I remember doing this before,
but have no waking memory of this.
It felt lik' done it before.
An example would have been I had participated
in a hang gliding class in which you go into a Groupon
and you go with a bunch of other people.
NOORY: Sure.
RICE: So the first time I tried it,
was airborne and made it all the way down
to the end of the field, all 850 feet,
with 10 minutes of instruction.
Now, some people may chalk that up to, OK, you are
pretty good with your kinesthetics and your ability.
NOORY: Naturally.
RICE: Naturally, just jump on a hang glider.
I knew as soon as got airborne,
I've done this before.
And that, again, was an out of place memory
that, OK, I don't recall ever doing this before
and have no record of it.
Years go by.
Again, I go through scuba training.
And the type of scuba mask that I bought
happened to be a full face mask.
And so I had that type of scuba mask because the work
I was doing at the time required that I needed to communicate
with the surface.
So it...
NOORY: So they're big masks.
RICE: It's a big mask.
It's a full face.
It's not a regulator in your* mouth where you can't talk.
And that was another memory flashback.
I've done this before.
But I've never had any certifications for scuba, much
less a full face mask for it.
NOORY: So you are having these deja vu experiences.
RICE: I was.
NOORY: But they were getting stronger
and stronger and stronger.
RICE: They were.
They were.
And then, in 2016, they really started coming back strongly.
That's when the dream started kicking in.
And it turns out that that was the 20-year anniversary.
or just before the 20-year anniversary, of my getting out
2016 was 20 years from when my in-processing actually started.
NOORY: And you were in and out a couple times, weren't you?
RICE: That's correct.
That's correct.
NOORY: Wei, the story that we're
going to unfold today here with Jason is absolutely remarkable.
You started this and the recruitment
started at what age?
RICE: I was around age two
NOORY: Two years old?
Are your parents still alive?
RICE: They are.
NOORY: Do they recollect any of this?
They recollect my going to a special behavioral program.
But to them, it was because I was an escape artist
and kept getting out of the house.
NOORY: At what point would they
have gotten to you at two years old
and your parents not know about it?
RICE: While I was at these classes
at this behavioral modification
NOORY: All right.
As a two-year-old.
RICE: As a 2 and 1/2, three-year-old, yes.
NOORY: So you're in these classes and somebody
from the Secret Space Program, some government agency,
they get to you?
RICE: The MILAB program was heavily
involved in recruiting and finding new recruits.
And one of the ways that I'm convinced they
did this was through setting up agreements
with these behavioral modification programs.
Because most of the kids that are intuitive empaths
are highly energetic, don't listen, won't obey,
have their own mind about things.
And so they will clandestinely make arrangements
with these groups and these organizations that are
doing psychological research.
And I'm sure some of it was.
Of course, they would never be allowed to get away
with what they did then.
I mean, they put us in a box.
Now, you're two years old at the time.
RICE: Yes.
NOORY: What are you doing with a little two-year-old kid
for some agency?
What are they training you for?
RICE: They're getting to know who you are,
getting to know what you can and can't do.
NOORY: So they’re watching you.
RICE: They're watching.
And it wasn't until years later, at the age of six or seven,
that they actually started getting me involved,
taking me on field trips while I was at school.
NOORY: A-ha.
So along the way, they are watching you.
They're training you.
They're mind washing you, basically.
And then, once you get to that certain age,
it's time to start...
RICE: Training.
NOORY: ...using and training you.
RICE: That's correct.
NOORY: You talked about MILAB.
What is that?
RICE: Military Abduction Program.
Training of the kids in combat tactics, the ability
to use their intuitive empath abilities,
how to manipulate people, how to use their intuitive empath
skills to read situations or to figure things out
that they've never seen or done before.
NOORY: How many students do you
think were involved or are involved
in that kind of program?
RICE: There's no telling.
know that they have...
NOORY: Countless numbers?
RICE: Countless thousand.
NOORY: Thousands.
RICE: Globally.
NOORY: Did they ever pay you for this?
NOORY: Did you ever recollect an individual you were assigned
to or anything like that?
NOORY: And this is all starting
to come back to you now.
NOORY: This is an amazing program.
There's a fellow by the name of Randy Cramer, a whistleblower.
I don't know if you know him.
He claims that he went through a secret space program,
as a number of people have.
Corey Goode is another one who has
mentioned that he's gone through a secret space program.
Your situation could be different from Corey's.
But let's look in on Randy.
RICE: Sure.
RANDY CRAMER: Project Moon Shadow
was the project which genetically engineered
and trained me and 299 other young boys
and girls, for a total of 300 of us, in the project.
We were all genetically engineered from the ground up,
Petri dish level, and then trained from pretty much...
I mean the programming, the sort
of teaching training programming starts at a infantile toddler
And then you start physical, like showing up
to physical locations for training, probably by 4...
4 and 1/2 years old.
So very, very, very young starting.
But none of those early stage training programs and so forth
are like really shocking or violent or scary or anything.
They're all just programs and training systems
designed to teach you hand-eye coordination, group
dynamic functions how to work as a team.
NOORY: Jason, does that sound familiar?
RICE: It does.
It does, with group dynamics, working as a team,
learning to work together, learning
to identify and recognize other people's strengths
and weaknesses.
NOORY: Might you have been in that program,
or do you think there are a number of others?
RICE: I have a strong feeling that there
are a number of protocol programs that they utilize.
And depending on your strengths and your individual weaknesses,
you will go to a specific program.
NOORY: How did they get to the point
where you don't have memory of this?
What do they do to you?
RICE: Throughout the program, because
of the technology and the medication
and pharmaceuticals that they have,
they are able to memory wipe you from the experience.
And then, when you're brought back
to go through additional training,
they're able to selectively turn on and off those memories
as needed to suit their needs.
NOORY: Which I think may be what happened to Sirhan Sirhan,
the assassin of Robert Kennedy...
RICE: Yes.
NOORY: ...who continues to this day
to claim that he has blanked out,
that he has no recollection of what he did even though he
was clearly there.
They grabbed a gun from him.
But he has no idea that he was there.
RICE: You look throughout history at the number of people
that have had that exact kind of thing happen, and it's...
to me, you can't have that kind of smoke without a fire.
NOORY: Case in point, Jason, while we're
talking about Sirhan Sirhan, of course
is his attorney, whom I know well,
William Pepper talking about the fact
that Sirhan Sirhan has no recollect on of what happened.
ADRIAN FINIGHAN: You touched upon it there,
events in that kitchen.
You can see then that your client was there
and that he fired his gun.
Take us through the scenario that you
believe developed there.
Why was he there, your client, with a gun.
And why did he fire it?
Sirhan was hypno-programmed in months
prior to the assassination.
He does not remember at all why he was there and what he did
and what happened there.
There s an indication of that, of course,
and it's been commented on by a number of people
who have seen photographs of him after the arrest.
I've spent nearly three hours with him not so long ago.
And it's quite clear that he still does not recall.
Now, he was told that he did this.
He was told that he was guilty.
And so he said, they told me this.
I don't remember it.
I was there.
I had a gun.
I actually discharged the weapon.,
He fired eight shots of that weapon,
a though six were fired when h s hand was
pinned to the steam table.,
So he said at the time, I guess I just assumed that did it.
And everyone told me that.
And his own lawyer at the time, of course his trial counsel,
was a fellow called Grant Cooper.
Now, Cooper was subject to an indictment during the time when
he was Sirhan's...
a federal indictment when he was Sirhan's counsel.
So they didn't even put up a defense.
NOORY: Jason, do you feel violated because of this?
RICE: Absolutely.
When first started really waking up in 2016, I was angry.
You know you go through the multiple steps of grieving?
NOORY: Yeah.
RICE: Anger is one of them.
NOORY: Was this done to hurt you'?
I mean, what was their intent?
Why take you?
Why not just take some volunteer who wants to do this?
And then we're going to get into the Secret Space Program
and what you think it is.
But why grab somebody and change his life
like they did to you instead of getting somebody to volunteer?
I mean, you've been in the military.
I've been in the military.
We probably would have volunteered for a program
like this.
RICE: Sure.
With full disclosure, you' have
a much fewer number of people actually volunteering.
But you'll still have volunteers.
They did it because they believed they were
doing the right thing for...
NOORY: They must have done things
to you that were very dangerous and serious that they
didn't want you to know about.
RICE: Yes, they did.
And they didn't want to have that type of tool
at free will use running amongst the population.
NOORY: Let's talk about the Secret Space Program per se.
What is it, in your opinion?
RICE: The Secret Space Program is
a number of different programs.
There isn't one.
There's a bunch of them.
The Air Force has their own.
The Navy has their own.
There's a breakaway civilization,
the Antarctic German breakaway civilization.
They have their own.
There's a number of different governments
on this planet that has their own secret space programs.
It's the use of advanced technology
for whatever their agendas may be.
It may be for dominance over their particular air space.
It may be for science.
It may be for control of their individual populations,
in that they are able to develop additional technologies to do
NOORY: Do you think you have been an astronaut?
RICE: Not in any conventional sense, but yes.
NOORY: Have you traveled to the moon?
Have you traveled to the Mars?
Where have they taken you?
RICE: I've trained on Earth.
I've trained on the lunar operations command on the moon
I've been on Mars.
I've been on multiple other planets.
NOORY: How did you get to Mars, for example?
RICE: By shuttle.
RICE: By shuttle.
NOORY: How many years ago?
RICE: This was originally in 1997.
NOORY: And how long were you there?
Do you have recollection of that?
RICE: The recollections I have...
the first training base that was at, George...
and giving this more thought as the memories come back,
we progressed to the base.
We progressed to the base by the tunnel system underground.
And we ended up in a large cavern.
And the cavern could have been anywhere.
They told us it was...
NOORY: But you believe it's Mars.
RICE: They told us it was Georgia.
NOORY: Georgia?
RICE: They told us it was Georgia.
And I'm very convinced that was disinformation on purpose.
NOORY: But you were on Mars?
RICE: I had a feeling...
NOORY: They're telling you it's Georgia
but you're on another planet?
RICE: I have a feeling it was off planet.
They told us in the \ briefings that we
would spend eight months in our first training in that cave,
and then the next six months would be spent on the moon.
And then the last four months would be spent on Mars.
NOORY: When you were around the age of 10 to 13,
what's going on in your life?
RICE: 10 to 13 in my life, I was
going through a lot of issues at home.
They look for families that have hard times because it's
much easier to manipulate what's going on, where the kids are
and what's going on as far as how
they can keep things hidden.
NOORY: What are they doing to you at this age training wise?
RICE: Training wise?
They're taking me out during school hours,
taking me to bases or to a local facility in which they're
doing additional training.
It could be anything from team building
to small individual combat tactics.
NOORY: Did your friends at the time...
do you remember your friends saying. Jason, where are you
all the time?
Why are you leaving us?
Anything like that?
NOORY: At what times would they take you?
RICE: They would take during the school day,
but they would a so take me during the night.
Because I do remember occasions in which
I was at an abandoned mall.
NOORY: Did your parents know who they were at any point?
RICE: If they did, they were wiped of that information.
NOORY: The program was called First 20.
RICE: 20 and back.
NOORY: Tell me about that.
RICE: The 20 and Back program is
essentially, let's give you the opportunity
to serve your country.
Let's give you a chance to go out in space
and do some incredible things.
At the end of that 20-year period,
because you've been away from Earth,
we're going to give you a chance to go back right to the time
and point in which you left.
And you'll be able to continue on with your life.
That's the 20 and Back program.
NOORY: It's kind of intriguing.
RICE: It's very intriguing.
And the dangling of that particular fruit
in front of you, especially during an era
when Star Wars has just come out...
all the science fiction has been maturing
for the last 30 or 40 years.
There's lots of information out there
about what the potential is.
And so being able to participate in something like that
is an incredible motivator.
NOORY: So these recollections are
starting to come back to you.
Do you think at that time you were fully
aware of what was going on?
RICE: I was absolutely not fully aware
NOORY: Not fully aware.
RICE: No, I was not.
Absolutely not.
They don't give you full disclosure.
They don't tell you that they're going
to mind wipe you and erase the 20 years that you were gone.
On certain levels, you still retain that information,
in the higher levels of yourself.
That information s still there, even
though the chemistry of the physical body, it's gone
But the memories are still there.
And what they don't count on is they
don't count on that after the 20 years, memories are returning.
If they had told me everything, if they hadn't lied,
I probably would have made a different decision.
NOORY: Do you fee at this point
that they cheated with you?
RICE: Oh, they messed with me big time, George.
Part of the process that you go through
is they learn everything about you, all your buttons,
all your motivators, everything and anything physically,
emotionally, mentally, that works and doesn't work for you.
So as part of the out-processing,
they make sure...
another level of their diabolical planning
and controlling this information is if you start getting close
to the truth and asking these questions,
protocols kick in within yourself for self-destructive
behavior for self-destructive things that...
you think, why am I doing this?
But you end up getting so distracted
that you're too busy to even think
about some crazy government conspiracy.
NOORY: And I've got tote you, Jason, I've
interviewed thousands and thousands of people.
And I am not picking up from you any kind of deception.
It's a bizarre story, to be sure.
RICE: To be sure.
NOORY: And I'm looking forward to when
they hypnotize you and try to see f they can get some more
information out of you.
But I'm not picking up anything of deceit or anything
like that.
And I've got to commend you for that
RICE: Well, thank you.
NOORY: The late whistleblower William Tompkins, of course,
said on Gaia's ' Cosmic Disclosure" a little bit
about this.
WILLIAM TOMPKINS: They finished their Navy
20-year tour, and they make the selection to go back
to United States.
Now remember, during that 20 years.
they had no contact with their family or with anybody
back on Earth.
That's a prerequisite.
But they remember the family.
They remember their friends and the people
they used to go to and some of the girlfriends
they used to have.
And so they come back.
But they were 20 years older when they left the planet.
So the girlfriends are going to be a whole lot older.
And so the Navy has allowed them, n the Solar Warden
System Program, to go back to the age
that they were when they signed up.
Well, you said they were 20 years o d when they signed up.
And they went a 20-year Navy tour.
They came back, and now they're 20 years old.
And they are n a situation where
life is this 20-year-old life that they
had going when they left.
And now, during that several weeks returning,
their minds, not painfully, but their minds
are played with to where 90.99 of their memory for the last 20
years out in space is removed.
So they're sitting there now.
The girlfriend is the same age as she was.
Wait a minute.
She wasn't 20 years older like we said.
She's still the same age.
If he was married, his wife, the kids, were the same age.
They didn't spend 20 years more life.
So he comes... that's kind of a cool system.
Yes, that system is operation and has
been operating since 1980.
NOORY: Now that's bizarre, Jason.
Is that what happened to you?
RICE: That's very well spoken.
NOORY: Same kind of thing.
RICE: Same concept.
Except he said that it wasn't painful , and my memories
of the process...
NOORY: It was.
RICE: ...are actually very painful.
NOORY: So I was going to ask you
if you think something was so horrendous that
may have occurred that that's the reason why
they have to brainwash you.
Because it was maybe you saw some kind
of extraterrestrials that were evil or something
horrible happened and that the only way you could cope with it
to forget about it.
RICE: That's a very interesting point.
Yes, there were some very horrible things
that we had to go through, that we
had to see, that we had to endure,
that we had to live through.
And no, that's not the reason why they wiped it.
The reason they wiped it was for operational securities.
NOORY: And they do that with drugs?
How do you think they do that?
RICE: They do that through a combination of pharmaceuticals
and technology.
The process that I went through involved what very similarly
looks to like a dentist's chair.
But you're plugged into all kinds of pharmaceuticals.
And they use scalar waves and a number
of other types of radiation or other medical processes
to for me, clean my system of the nanite and enhancements
that they gave us, but also to age
regress us back to the point from which we
left our original timeline.
NOORY: Jason, what are screen memories?
RICE: Screen memories are implanted memories
that they give you to replace the blank that they take away.
For instance, my training during childhood.
They didn't want me remembering and going
home and talking about it around the dinner table.
NOORY: Didn't want to tell mom and dad, did they?
RICE: Right.
Hey, guess what?
I was at an Air Force or Navy base today.
And they had me working with other kids,
and I was talking to them through these special devices.
NOORY: And I'm going to Mars.
RICE: Right, yeah.
So they will come in and mind wipe that portion...
NOORY: Screen you out, basically.
RICE: Yeah, erase it.
And then they'll come back in with that blank slate
that they've just created and say, you were at the aquarium.
You saw this shark.
NOORY: And that's what you remember.
RICE: And that's what you remember.
NOORY: Do you really want to remember what happened to you?
RICE: You know, that's a really good question, George.
And when first started waking up, I was so angry.
I said, gosh, I want to remember everything.
Darn it, they took all this from me and did all this to me.
Part of the personal growth that you
have to do, the personal work that I'm
convinced that you have to do...
I've learned that I don't really want to know all
until it's the right time.
Because some of the things I'm not ready for.
NOORY: You might not be able to handle the truth,
RICE: I might not.
And so some of the things that have come back to me
have been very painful.
And some of these things, originally, I
had to take a step back for six weeks
because t was so painful.
It was so emotionally disturbing to me.
NOORY: Do you tell friends about this?
RICE: I've told some close friends about this.
NOORY: What did they think?
RICE: The close friends that I've told,
I have been very selective about it.
And so they've been supportive.
They've been interested.
They've been open to it.
NOORY: Are they concerned about you?
RICE:They have been concerned about me.
They've been concerned about my safety
and, hey, what's going to happen to you if you come out
and talk about this?
NOORY: Have you weighed that?
RICE: have.
I've weighed that.
And part of this growth process has
been re-evaluating my definition,
my own personal definition, of life and death
and what the value of that is.
NOORY: You need to be careful Jason.
Because if they have taken the extremes to play with
your mind, erase as much as they think they can,
if you're going to go public with this...
and you're starting to, obviously,
on programs like this and everything else...
they could shut you up...
RICE: Sure they could.
NOORY: ...in their own little way.
Aren't you concerned about that?
NOORY: Of course.
Of course I'm concerned about it.
NOORY: Are you always looking over your shoulder?
RICE: It's funny.
Hearing Corey talk about having firearms
placed at different; places around the house,
I had to laugh when I heard that episode.
Because that was during my awakening
process, and I hadn't really put pieces together.
But I had already been doing that.
I was no more than an arm's reach away from a firearm.
NOORY: Just in case.
RICE: Just in case.
And so it gets back to the same concept of terrorism.
Do you not go outside because you're so afraid?
And I'm convinced that we still have to carry on
and try and spread as much love in just anything
that we're doing, take care of ourselves.
NOORY: How do you know you're out of the Secret Space Program
and that you're not still in it?
RICE: And that I'm not still in it?
I'd say that the way that I know I'm out
is that if I was still in, I wouldn't have the health
issues that I've got, is that they would take care of that.
NOORY: What's wrong with you?
RICE: I've got neck and back problems.
NOORY: Caused by?
RICE: I think that there is definitely
some origin in the Secret Space Program.
The technology that they used for healing,
while it is far beyond anything that we could ever
see in any hospital on Earth, it still has its limitations.
So I believe that they were able to fix me up a most as good
as new, but there were still some defects.
And so some of the problems that I've had
have been exacerbated because of the original injuries
NOORY: Why can't they heal you?
Why can't they use Star Trekkian medicine- right?
RICE: That's right.
NOORY: And wave a wand right over your back.
RICE: Well, in some ways, that's close to what they do.
But they're not gods.
They're still humans with very advanced technology.
And humans by definition are not perfect.
And so any technology that they've acquired or made
is still not perfect.
NOORY: They're not there quite yet.
RICE: Not there yet.
NOORY: Might you have been involved
in some kind of spacecraft crash or something like that?
RICE: Pretty sure that that was the origin of it.
But the information is sketchy.
I'd like to learn more.
That's one of the things I want to learn more about,
is the origins of that, as well as the shrapnel
that I've got n my body.
NOORY: So you were in for 20.
And then did you go back for a little bit?
RICE: I was in for my first 20 and Back.
That started when I was at 13.
And the reason I know that t was that year
was because that was the final year of my training.
And it was at that point that my maturity level
changed drastically, overnight.
NOORY: You went from a kid to an adult.
RICE: I went from a kid to an adult., yup.
missed 186 out of 250 something days of school
that year.
NOORY: When you're regressed back age wise,
do you go back into time 20 years ago?
RICE: Yes.
Part of out-processing from the 20 and Back program
is that the timeline that they originally picked you from,
separated you from, you're taken back to that.
And so when they return you to your original timeline,
they age regress you.
And as I mentioned, for me it was a painful experience.
t was about 10 days worth of hell.
NOORY: Would you go through t again?
RICE: If I absolutely had to, yes
NOORY: But do you actually feel that age when
they take you back 20 years?
RICE: You don't remember it.
But there are parts of your higher
self, parts of the self that do recall that.
It changes you, absolutely changes you.
NOORY: And then they bring you back to the reality of time?
RICE: They bring you back to the original timeline
where you departed from, drop you off.
Here you go.
Go back living your life.
We're going to watch you for a while.
NOORY: Well, how do you know you're out of it?
RICE: How do I know that I'm...
NOORY: That you're n in the program anymore.
RICE: Well, aside from being fed...
well, if I was still in, the memories
that I've got of my daily activities, they would.
not be as complete as they are.
And what that means is, since my awakening,
doing the person work, remembering more, and paying
attention to the here and now allows
me to remember more of what's going on.
NOORY: Sure.
RICE: The screen memories that they use, there's gaps.
There's lots of gaps.
And so when you have gaps in your daily activity
sometimes you space out.
And you're driving to work, and you
don't remember a particular field
that you've driven by every single day
work for the last two years.
And you go, wow, how long has that been there?
And the person next to you says, man,
that's been there for 10 years.
NOORY: And it's right under your nose
RICE: And it's right under your nose
It's those kind of gaps that you can
look at from your daily activities and say, OK,
do I remember picking up my toothbrush?
Yes, do.
Do I remember putting toothpaste on it?
Yes, I do.
Do remember buckling my belt?
Yes, do.
Those little things that they don't put generally
in screen memories is how I know that I'm not still in it.
NOORY: You were a second lieutenant in the United States
Army for how long?
RICE: I was a second lieutenant
for all of about eight months.
And that was my whole goal through college
was to make a career out of the US Army.
NOORY: And how did you get out of the Army?
RICE: I had medical issues that was honorably discharged
from the service for.
NOORY: So you're done with the military now.
RICE: Well, yes, I am finished with the military.
However, there is a particular document
that I have that has an indefinite expiration date.
It's my ID card that was originally issued.
Almost all ID cards that I've ever seen...
NOORY: So technically, you're still in.
RICE: Well, it could be said that I am.
I think that that was one of the mistakes that was made,
one of the human errors, was that they forgot to get that
or forgot to get that changed.
NOORY: Get your 20 in and get your retirement out
of it, Jason.
RICE: That's what I said.
But nope.
No, that wasn't part of the deal.
NOORY: That's not going to happen?
During the original in-processing at the Fort
Indiantown Gap facility that I Was at, the original briefing
included a large section on your pay,
how much you would be banking
because you obviously can't spend it
when you're off planet somewhere... and the tens
of hundreds of thousands of dollars
that you would acquire after 20 years
that would be available to you when you return.
NOORY: And of course, you've gotten all of it.
RICE: Not a dime.
NOORY: Not a dime.
RICE: Not a dime.
NOORY: Will you ever collect?
m not counting on that.
And you know what?
That's OK.
I said earlier, I wouldn't be the person I am today
if I hadn't gone through the experiences
that I've gone through.
And I value that much more than any money.
NOORY: What would you say to someone
who has been put through a program like this, who
is at a point where they are just beginning to understand what
happened to them?
How would you help them?
RICE: That's a very good question.
And I in many ways wish that I'd had somebody that
could have done that for me.
And the response that I would give is...
do the persona work.
That's more important than anything else,
than any memories, than any "what happened to me" question.
Do the personal work.
Work on yourself.
Find out the whys.
Why are you angry about it?
Why are you angry that they lied to you?
NOORY: Because they will get angry, won't they?
RICE: Of course, on one of those seven or nine
stages that you go through.
NOORY: Is it fixable for them?
RICE: Absolutely it's.
You're not broken beyond repair.
NOORY: Or alone.
RICE: Or alone.
And you're not going crazy.
And the best thing to do is do the personal work.
Find a counselor if you need help
to talk to that's not going to want to institutionalize you.
And you can be selective about the counselor
that you go find, or a good friend or somebody
that you can discuss with in an impartial manner.
Do the personal work.
Look at what you're doing every day.
Look at the self-destructive behaviors
that you're either avoiding or putting off.
And find a balance for them.
NOORY: Are you dealing with a counselor who just gets you?
RICE: I have in the past, but not currently.
Not currently.
The persona work that I've been able to do
I'd say over the last year has been heavily self guided.
And it requires a tremendous amount of discipline
and doing your own work, your own homework,
your own discernment
There's a lot of information out there,
and you have to be discerning on what you take in
and what you reject.
Parts here, parts there.
And when you get better at listening to your higher self,
or when you get better at listening
to what your heart's telling you, you get better.
And I'm in no way perfect at it.
I'm still learning, as I think the human journey is part
of that, is that you're learning the whole time if you are
open to it.
NOORY: You feel violated.
RICE: Yes.
NOORY: It's going on with a number of other people.
How do you feel about the fact that they
may be doing this with other little youngsters?
RICE: Oh. it's terrible.
NOORY: Training them along.
RICE: I have worried about that very thing
with my own children.
Was it done to them?
Are my children going through any of this?
Because how many other kids have to go through the mind
wipes and the violations and seeing the things
that they put them through?
Because one of the training procedures that they do,
George, is they expose you.
Because they've explored your entire psyche,
they know everything you're afraid of.
So if you're afraid of being burned alive,
through extensive virtual reality, you get burned alive
If you're afraid of drowning, guess what?
You get to drown.
NOORY: They mind play with you.
RICE: They mind play with you through every single one
of your fears.
All of them... falling, drowning.
NOORY: If you're afraid of demons,
they'll put them n your brain and stuff like that.
RICE: Bugs, snakes.
You name it.
They put you through every one of them.
NOORY: I don't like snakes or spiders.
So they'd be all over me, wouldn't they?
RICE: I still don't like spiders.
NOORY: What, they try to break you?
Is that what they do?
RICE: They're trying to desensitize you so that, if you
are in a situation where you have physical issues
or you have challenges, that you can call on that
and say, OK, that was my fear.
I overcame it.
I can overcome this.
NOORY: Let's assume for a moment, Jason,
that there was one person responsible for watching you,
for training you.
Maybe they were in their 30s when you were 2
They're probably dead now and they've been replaced.
But if you had that opportunity to confront
that person, that person who was responsible for dong
all this to you in the program, what would you say to them?
RICE: I'd tell them it was wrong.
I forgive them.
NOORY: You do forgive them?
RICE: Yes.
And that was a really hard thing to come to.
Because I wouldn't be the person am today
if hadn't gone through everything I had to go through.
NOORY: Have you had crying nights?
RICE: Of course.
Waking up in tears, or days that you just
want to ball up in a corner.
Yes, absolutely.
NOORY: The recollection that is starting to come back to you
now, what is probably one of the most dramatic things you
can tell us today that you can recall?
RICE: Seeing a planetary bombardment by a kinetic energy
weapon and seeing
NOORY: Explain that.
RICE: ...thousands of people killed.
NOORY: Where?
RICE: This was during deployment on another planet.
Part of our mission was to help
because the program that I was involved with
was a false flag operation from the top down.
The alien entities that were in charge
of wanting to gain control over other planets,
they're not very attractive to most beings.
NOORY: In terms of appearance?
RICE: They're scarier than hell.
They look like demons.
NOORY: Kind of describe what they look like.
RICE: If you 'e seen any devil or demon in a Western
NOORY: With horns and...
RICE: Horns and tails.
NOORY: ...those funny tails and stuff.
That's what they look like?
RICE: Very close.
NOORY: Then maybe the description biblically
may have been them.
RICE: It probably was.
I'm convinced it was.
NOORY: All right.
RICE: They are the ones that are interacting with the humans
calling the shots.
And what they were doing is they were using humanoids
under the false threat of an alien invasion
on other planets.
Because the other planets thought
that they were going to get invaded
by some mean evil aliens.
And we show up.
We're here to help
Well, absolutely.
They have far beyond our technology.
There's no way we could stand up to them.
What can you do for us?
There's the foot in the door.
We're invited in.
NOORY: Help us.
RICE: Help us.
Well, the cost of being invited in
is you've got to turn over your planetary control to whoever
turns out.
NOORY: Have we done that?
RICE: We've done that on countless occasions.
Humans have helped enslave a number of other planets
through that process.
NOORY: In our solar system or outside of it?
RICE: Outside of our solar system, in our galaxy.
NOORY: The propulsion systems used to get you to these places
must be way beyond what we're using today.
RICE: Oh. they are.
NOORY: Is it ET propulsion?
What is it?
What kind of technology is it?
RICE: It was originally reverse engineered.
I believe some of it was channeled as far
as the information that was originally
obtained in the '30s for the first human devices
that were created for anti-gravity or temporal
The Germans were doing it in the '30s.
And so from there, that's where the breakaway civilization
They took their toys and went down to Antarctica first.
NOORY: What an amazing story.
RICE: And the rest of the planet,
the rest of the cabal planet, it was either seeded by other
hey, here's some technology for you.
It's crashed and mostly banged up,
but think you can do some amazing things,
like seeing in the dark or like fiber optics.
NOORY: And they've learned how to bend space and time,
I think.
RICE: Yes.
NOORY: That's how they travel, basically
through wormholes or something like that, instantly.
RICE: One instant you're in one place.
In the next instant you're in another.
NOORY: There you are.
Back to Randy Cramer again, talking about his involvement
on other planets.
CRAMER: I have said this...
20-year tour.
20-year healing process.
Just straight up.
There's no other way to look at it.
It was a 20-year tour and a 20-year healing process
before had a solid grip on what the heck was going on.
NOORY: So the Randy Cramer clip
that we just saw is much like what has happened to you.
This must be a real story.
RICE: Well, as I mentioned earlier,
George, where there's enough smoke,
there's going to be a fire.
And I think that the awakening process
that many are going through now and realizing
there is a shadow government...
they are doing things that are unethical, illegal,
and way beyond anything that's ever even come out so far.
NOORY: What do you think, Jason, the purpose
is of doing this?
Why are they doing this...
grabbing kids training kids, doing it?
Why is t so secret?
RICE: If they let us all know about the technologies
that they have, the people would be clamoring
for use of that technology.
NOORY: Of course.
I want free energy.
RICE: Who doesn't want an electric bill?
We wouldn't have to have one.
We could have a small device about the size of a shoebox
for all our power needs.
Never an electric bill ever again.
NOORY: Or a power outage.
RICE: Or a power outage
NOORY: You know. we're concerned
about the power grid going down from an EMP attack
or an X-flare from the sun.
This would help avoid that.
RICE: Yes.
You wouldn't have that.
Or another issue is, well, what about travel?
Well, shoot, you could get on a shuttle
and go anywhere you wanted to in a matter of seconds,
or minutes at the longest.
You want to go to London for lunch?
OK, let's go.
NOORY: Let's go.
Let's go from LA to New York in a half hour.
RICE: Or Jupiter or Saturn, anywhere you wanted to go.
NOORY: But that sounds positive.
That sounds great.
Why not do that?
Give it to us.
RICE: That's what I say.
The issue is that the mindset of these people
is that their self-worth is so tied up in control, feeling
like they've got this divine right of kings, which we all
know is the hogwash that it is, and that they
want to be separate.
And that's how they feel special.
That s how they feel like they have something
that other people don't, is they're
able to have this control over others
because they have technology, that they're
able to use technology and medical procedures that
are way beyond anything that's available now.
I had skin patches that healed wounds and melted
into the skin.
I had imp ants that fought radiation or enhanced
my vision and my hearing.
Any of the five senses were enhanced, as we I as
self healing abilities.
That's out there.
It's out there today.
NOORY: Jason, you are going to go through hypnosis.
You're going to take a lie detector
test to prove what you re saying is authentic.
You're still going to get people that say, you're nuts.
RICE: Sure.
NOORY: You're lying.
You're not telling us the truth.
What do you say to them right now,
those people who may be watching the program today?
What do you say to them?
RICE: I would say to them, do your homework.
Do your own research.
The information, the crumbs, are out there.
They're out there right now.
And connect enough of the dots.
And when the time is right, you' I be able to see it too.
NOORY: Can you understand how they feel?
RICE: Of course I can.
I absolutely can understand.
NOORY: You felt that way once yourself.
RICE: I felt that way once myself.
Oh, that's just a bunch of tinfoil hat talk.
I've got bigger things to worry about.
I've got to pay my bills.
I've got to go take care of my health.
I've got to look out for the security of my family.
That's part of the control program.
If you're so worried about your safety and security
and your well-being of your family
you're not going to be worried about little things
like extra technology or conspiracy theories.
NOORY: Outside of being a whistlebllower now,
have you contemplated hiring a lawyer
to maybe go after the government,
maybe sue them for what they've done?
They've taken most of your life.
And they've taken it away from you.
That's got to be worth something.
RICE: It is.
There is value to that.
And I think the value is going to be in exposing the lies.
I don't feel that going after them in a court of law
is going to be beneficial to the awakening that needs to happen.
Because what happens is that, in order to sue the government,
you've got to get permission from them first.
NOORY: And you've got to get an attorney...
RICE: That's willing to do it.
NOORY: ...who's going to be willing to take this on.
RICE: And everybody has to stay alive for t to happen,
which doesn't always happen.
NOORY: How's your life now?
RICE: It's amazing.
NOORY: You're happy?
RICE: I am.
I am.
NOORY: Could you always have said that?
RICE: No, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
I have health issues, just like so many millions of others.
I have struggles every single day.
NOORY: How old are you?
RICE: 46.
NOORY: You're still a puppy.
RICE: And I have struggles just like everybody else.
I am no different than anybody else in that respect.
And it's all about how you center yourself every day,
and enjoying that moment and looking for the positive,
looking for the love of the day.
And there's so many different signs and signals for that.
NOORY: Are you able to sleep at right?
RICE: Yes, when health issues don't keep me from sleep.
But yeah.
NOORY: But I mean your mind is calm?
Yes it is.
NOORY: Are you concerned that under hypnosis you're
going to get more information that you really shouldn't get?
RICE: No, and here's why.
I mentioned a few minutes ago that at first
wanted to know everything, start to finish.
Give it to me.
NOORY: I don't blame you.
That was my first reaction.
It was, hey, I've been hidden from all this
for all these years.
There have been a number of instances and messages
that I've gotten from I ca I my higher self, in that, OK,
I'm not ready for it, all of it.
The parts that I'm ready for, they come to me.
They come to me through waking messages,
through flashes of memory, through dreams,
through any number of venues.
And so it's been a healing and a self process
in itself learning that, that hey, OK
So getting back to your question,
worrying about whether or not some
of the things that come out during hypnosis, if it's
going to be too much... no, because I know my higher self
won't allow that to happen.
Having relived some of the memories from the experiences
you asked a few minutes ago the most painful memory.
And having lived through seeing and being
able to zoom in on a kinetic energy
weapon, which is basically a meteor of a certain size
You get too b g and you're going to destroy a hemisphere.
And that's not what they wanted to do.
They just wanted to take out cities around
basically, dropping it in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico
would take out all the cities around the Gulf of Mexico.
NOORY: Did they take out Atlantis?
Something happened.
RICE: Something happened in Atlantis.
And until we get full disclosure,
my belief is that At an is happened
to be put under ice because of the tampering
that alien races were doing on this planet
to the indigenous population.
NOORY: Interesting.
Are you still in touch with anybody?
NOORY: Done.
RICE: Done.
NOORY: Were you in touch with ETs at one point?
RICE: Yes, I was.
Very early in my childhood.
I had contact.
NOORY: For those that you remember
not the demonic ones, not the ones that looked like
the devil...
but were there good ones?
RICE: Yes.
There are many good ones.
On deployment, the indigenous races that we dealt with, there
were some insectoids that were...
just like here, you have good ones, you have bad ones.
You have bad apples just like you have the good ones.
That seems to be a pattern that's repeated
throughout the universe.
NOORY: Jason, what are you trying
to accomplish by conning public, by going forward with this?
What do you want?
RICE: That's a really good question.
And there are three things that I want
and the reason why I'm doing this.
The first has to do with getting the information out
about the Secret Space Program.
NOORY: And you're doing that now.
RICE: Yes, by doing that.
Because humanity has been involved in the enslavement
that aware of...
I know I was involved in at [east two other planets.
We've helped enslave at least two.
And that was just my unit.
And there were two divisions that were doing this.
So there are countless other planets out
there that humanity has helped to enslave.
Whether we take care of that, making
it right, tomorrow or next year or in 1,000 years,
is something that we're going to have to address
as a human race at some point.
NOORY: How did we at Gaia find you?
Or did you find us?
RICE: I found Gaia through the "Cosmic Disclosure"
NOORY: Program.
RICE: ...call for the whistleblowers.
It was an act of synchronicity I couldn't ignore.
It was the very next day after a "mallet over the head",
a-ha memory return.
Very next day
Within 12 hours.
NOORY: Did you hold back at all before you
decided to contact us?
RICE: I had been before that, because I was still
putting memory pieces together.
And then, as I said, at that one memory recollection
that came during a dream.
NOORY: If you pass the lie detector
test, and if under hypnosis more information comes out
about this, how will you personally feel ?
Travis Walton, for example, whom I know
"Fire in the Sky", claims he was abducted...
passed lie detector tests.
His friends who were with him at that time...
RICE: Also passed.
NOORY: ...passed lie detector tests.
If you pass this test, what does that tell you?
RICE: Well, it tells me what I already knew.
NOORY: Does help you personally?
Does it reinforce to you that what happened happened?
Because I still think there's a little part of you,
a really small part of you, that thinks,
did this really happen to me?
Or is my mind playing games with me?
RICE: I think having those test results will help me.
But I think more importantly, it'll
help some of the other people out there
that say. OK, this guy's just talking nonsense.
Because I know what I've experienced.
NOORY: And you're convinced it happened to you.
RICE: I am absolutely convinced.
NOORY: This is not a figment of your vivid imagination.
Having gone through the memory recalls that have...
and again, over a 20-year period...
the different dots that occurred and making the connections
with those, even going back to my childhood, to me
is enough information for me to reach that kind of conclusion.
NOORY: Why didn't you come forward 10 years ago?
RICE: I wasn't convinced.
I wasn't ready.
NOORY: You're ready now?
RICE: I am.
NOORY: Full speed ahead?
RICE: Full speed ahead.
NOORY: Ramifications?
You don't care?
RICE: I do care, because I have family
and because I care about them.
As far as me personally, having gone about as low as one
I believe can be in my life and having
been at the very bottom...
And there are always possibilities of ramifications.
There are people all throughout history
that have, for instance, brought out new technologies.
And they get mired in false civil charges
and locked up on false charges for this or that.
And you never hear from them again.
Are there ways that they could shut things down?
Of course.
Of course there are.
But the information's important enough
and I feel strongly enough about it
that I'm willing to take that risk.
NOORY: What does your family say about this?
RICE: They're supportive.
They're supportive of me.
NOORY: Are they convinced that it happened?
RICE: They are convinced that I m convinced.
NOORY: I don't know what happened to you.
don't know what happened to you.
But I actually believe you believe what happened to you.
And that tells me everything I need to know.
RICE: Sure.
And being able to, if nothing else,
open people's minds to the possibilities...
and think a lot of the changes that we're seeing here
in the US with people awakening to what's
going on behind the scenes with our own government
and the shadow government, that's
just the tip of the iceberg.
And being able to open people's eyes to that...
if we can reach one person and help them put context
to some of these strange memories
that they're having, to show them, hey, you're not crazy
you're not just imagining these things,
that there s a possibility of some more
information out there, of more experiences
out there than you ever even considered,
then I consider it a success.
NOORY: Thanks for being on "Beyond Belief," Jason.
NOORY: And good luck to you.
RICE: Appreciate that.
NOORY: Do you believe?
Really doesn't matter, does it?
Because it's an incredible story that
has some very real possibilities.
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